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Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox

A multi-talented, hot and successful star, Cox currently stars on NBC's "Las Vegas". A native of Los Angeles, Cox expressed an interest in show business at an early age, making her debut dancing in the feature film “Mac and Me.” She continued her dance career and went on to perform with the Los Angeles Music Center Ballet, in the Joffrey Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet” and in music videos with such performers as Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul. Making her first television appearance at the age of ten on “Mama’s Family,” Cox’ breakthrough on the small screen came when she starred as Tiffany Malloy on “Unhappily Ever After.” Her other television credits include guest starring roles “The Drew Carey Show,” “Norm,” “General Hospital,” recurring roles on “Baywatch,” “Pearl,” “California Dreams,” as well as guest-star appearances on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Night Court,” “Murphy Brown” and “Boy Meets World.” Cox also starred on WB's comedy series "Nikki". Cox’ other credits include the television movies “Freshman Fall,” “The Ryan White Story” and the sci-fi thriller “The Island.” She also appeared on the big screen in the feature films “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” “The Glimmer Man,” the indie flick “Run Ronnie Run” and in “The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps” with Eddie Murphy and Janet Jackson. Cox was born on June 2, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. She resides with her fiancée, comedian, Bob Goldthwait in Southern California.

Recently joining the slew of WB babes, such as Katherine Heigl, Katie Holmes, Keri Russell, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nikki was cast in her own television show on the coveted network. On Nikki, the actress stars as a Vegas showgirl, which gives her the opportunity to indulge in both of her passions, singing and dancing. No stranger to offbeat shows, Nikki couldn't be happier about her new gig and everything it offers -- Vegas, here we come!

Nikki Cox might seem like the latest fresh face on television, but she's been around longer than the Internet, going from guest spots on A-list shows, to a regular stint on ABC's Norm to her own show now on the WB called Nikki. Along the way, Nikki has been picking up countless fans, no doubt helped by her considerable "assets" that TV producers have no problem amplifying.
What will become of Nikki Cox is anyone's guess though. Another marquee teenage phenom, Jennifer Love Hewitt, recently fell flat on her face when her TV show on Fox didn't pan out. Nikki doesn't care though, she's been given a chance few of us will ever have (that talk show in our parent's basement doesn't count). And one look at Nikki's resume shows that she won't have a problem getting a job regardless of the success of her most recent venture.
Nikki Cox's talent has never been the primary reason for any of her auditions, but that's mainly because she's never been in a role that has pushed her artistic abilities as an actor beyond mostly "bend over" shots. Basically, Nikki has been stereotyped for airhead roles. She's only 22 though, and her career is just getting started, with plenty of time to prove casting agents wrong.

The strange thing is that she was discovered by a prominent dance agent, she actually studied ballet and wanted to be a dancer before God gave her the gift of a large chest cavity that forced her dream of being a dancer to be replaced with that of being an actress. Nikki Cox's appearances on television and film have been so numerous that she might one day get her own number at the Library of Congress. Among her marquee appearances were: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murphy Brown, Baywatch, and Terminator 2. She was a regular on Unhappily Ever After, The Drew Carey Show and Norm.

As a dancer, she even got to work with Michael Jackson on his Moonwalker project, and in a Paula Abdul video before puberty struck and the dancing shoes were put away. The funny thing is that she's back in her comfort zone in her new show Nikki, in which she plays a Las Vegas show girl. And at least she's natural.

She has been in a long term relationship with comic Bob Goldthwait. Some sources claim they are engaged. They met while filming the TV show, "Unhappily Ever After" (1995). She is an elder sister of Matthew Cox, who guest-starred on two episodes of her show "Unhappily Ever After" (1995). He credits her with making him the most popular student at his school. Nikki Cox ranked #89 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).

Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas' Nikki Cox bet her shirt and lost. Consequently, you just hit the jackpot!

We know you like to skip over the intro and get straight to the juicy interview, and frankly, it hurts our feelings. So in the interest of saving time (and indulging our inner sloth), we’re not going to explain how hot 26–year–old Nikki Cox is (just look at the pictures) or run through her professional résumé (you’ve probably already seen her on TV in Unhappily Ever After and Nikki). Instead, we’re going to flat–out plagiarize the bio her publicist sent us. Ready? Here goes: “Nikki can currently be seen in NBC’s hit drama Las Vegas…a high–speed series about a former CIA agent who runs a surveillance company in Sin City. Nikki and her fiancé, comedian Bob Goldthwait, make their home in Southern California.” Whoa, whoa, who…Bob Goldthwait? As in Bobcat Goldthwait, the crusty 42–year–old Police Academy guy with that voice? That ain’t right. Let’s get right to the interview to set things straight. It’s what you want anyway, you thankless jerk.

STUFF: There seems to be a typo in your bio. It says here that you’re engaged to Bobcat Goldthwait.
NIKKI: That’s absolutely, 100 percent correct.

How on God’s green earth is that possible?
We’ve been together–let’s see–over seven years now. He’s the loveliest man I know. I’m obscenely lucky.

You’re the lucky one? Help us understand. Had you been mixing Nyquil with alcohol when he proposed?
Not at all. This was five years ago. It was my birthday, and he had spray-painted, “Happy birthday, Nik. Will you marry me?” on a bridge overpass. So it was simultaneously romantic and felonious. [Laughs] And he played our song and handed me a beautiful ring. I sobbed—happily—for hours. I couldn’t catch my breath.

How did you guys meet?
We met on Unhappily Ever After. He was the voice of the puppet, Mr. Floppy.

He’s getting a little on in years. Do you ever worry about him becoming Mr. Floppy during sex?
[Laughs] I have to say that that does not concern me. I can’t see that being a problem any time in the foreseeable future. Thank goodness.

Every beautiful, skinny woman I’ve interviewed has admitted to being an ugly child and never having to diet. So go ahead, here’s your chance.
How obnoxious, right? I could switch it up for you: I exist solely on water, and I’ve looked like Cindy Crawford since the moment I was born. [Laughs] No, it does all sound absurd, but yes, growing up, I was just an average gooney kid with bad teeth. And in terms of what I eat, I waver between eating only crap and trying really hard to be healthy.

You eat crap? Gross!
No, not literally! [Laughs] Although I’m sure there’s some newfangled diet that is involved in that.

Yeah, the Scatkins Diet. Being a dancer, do you think a man’s moves on the dance floor say anything about his moves in the bedroom?
I don’t agree with that correlation. Lots of men are hideous dancers and are quite lovely in bed, and vice versa. There are men who can dance like nobody’s business and flounder when put in intimate situations.

How’s Bobcat’s foxtrot?
He can’t dance to save his life.

When did you last have to say to someone, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?
I haven’t had a big, debaucherous trip there yet. I need to have a big, crazy, wild time, and I need to gamble. I’m a complete card–game neophyte, and I’m so intimidated by the tables. They scare the holy hell out of me. I don’t want to ruin the odds for the other players. A lot of these people are hard–core gamblers, and they’d be annoyed by some broad walking up there and ruining it for everyone. Someday, I’ll be brave enough.

Have you had any indecent proposals while in Vegas?
No, but it has been assumed, on more than one occasion, that I was there for the porn convention, because they hold those there annually. So when people are drunk, they will occasionally come up and ask if I’m in attendance for the porn convention.

Well, you sure have the name for it.
Don’t I? I would just add a couple x’s to the Cox. How perfectly porny!

Your character in Las Vegas is the special–events director. How would you direct the special event that is losing one’s virtue?
It’s such a terribly awkward situation for anybody. I suppose I would hope hey’re with someone they care for and that they were somewhere warm and comfortable and their parents weren’t nearby. The backseat of a car would not be optimal.

In one episode, you were stuck in an elevator with your love interest Danny, and all you did was talk! Have you ever made–in the melodic words of Aerosmith–love in an elevator?
No, I haven’t. There are always cameras in those things. If I ever happen upon a camera–free elevator, maybe I’d give it some thought.

When Jean–Claude Van Damme guest-starred, did he grab your boobs and make honking noises? I wish! [Laughs] He did not grab my boobs and make honking noises.

What about Little Richard? He definitely seems like the kind of guy who would do that.
[Laughs] He does seem like that type! I didn’t get to meet Little Richard, unfortunately. I got ripped off! But I did get to work with the lovely Wayne Newton. He was so gracious and charming and orange. And he smelled like heaven.

What does heaven smell like?
Like Wayne Newton, apparently.

Suddenly I wouldn’t mind being damned to hell.
You’d be surprised. He smelled delightful, like expensive cologne.

You’ve also had the rare and life–altering opportunity to work with the Mayim Bialik when you guest–starred on Blossom. The world is dying to know: What is she really like? You know, we were both children, and she was very sweet. She was nice to me.
She’s a doctor now, you know. What a sellout, right?
Good for her! I mean, my word, she decided to get an honest job and do something real with her life and not play make–believe for a living. It’s tremendous.

No, do you know what’s tremendous? The fact that you once danced in a Paula Abdul video. Was it the one with the animated cat?
No, it was the “Forever Your Girl” video. It was so exciting. I was a tiny girl, and I was dancing in a video, and we went to the MTV video awards and danced with her. And in my 11–year–old brain, it epitomized glamour and having made it in show business. So I was beyond thrilled.

One more thing: You went to Catholic school. For our readers with bad imaginations, please describe your uniform. And don’t skimp on details.
Your traditional plaid skirt, white blouse, navy cardigan, white socks and orthopedic shoes.

It was hot until you mentioned the orthopedic shoes.
Well, you know, we weren’t allowed to wear stiletto Mary Janes.

Nikki Cox goes to Vegas

Las Vegas is a fast-paced, sexy new drama series starring Hollywood legend James Caan, plus a host of hot young up-and-comers.

Rising star Josh Duhamel (Win a Date With Tad Hamilton) plays Danny McCoy, an ex-U.S. Marine and Las Vegas native who works the surveillance team at the Montecito Resort & Casino.

Ex-model Molly Sims (Starsky & Hutch) co-stars as Delinda Deline, McCoy's newfound love interest - and the daughter of his boss. But lending Las Vegas its star power is Academy Award nominee James Caan as surveillance chief Big Ed Deline, McCoy's mentor and Delinda's dad. Best known for his portrayal of tough guy Sonny Corleone in the The Godfather, his other feature-film credits include Thief, Misery and more recently, Elf.

Caan was initially dubious about doing a series on the small screen. For one thing, he wanted to make sure his role would be challenging. "It's really easy to become lazy and say, 'Just give me my check,'" he says. Caan wanted to take some responsibility for the show's success or failure. "Not solely responsible because we have a great cast. But I wanted to be like the elder statesman, which unfortunately I am, whether I like it or not!"

Caan also wanted each episode to be rooted in reality. "Vegas in itself is a circus; you don't need to add clowns," he jokes. Model Molly Sims, who stepped off the runway to play Deline's rebellious daughter, Delinda, maintains that Caan is a professional who simply wants things done right. "If the writing's not good or he doesn't like it, he's very picky, but that's what makes it good. He adds clout to our show," Sims says.

Rounding out the cast of Las Vegas is Danny McCoy's longtime, savvy friend - and soon to be director of special events - Mary Connell (Nikki Cox), the all-knowing valet Mike Cannon (James Lesure), sleek pit boss Nessa Holt a.k.a. "The Ice Queen" (Marsha Thomason) and elusive former competitor Samantha "Sam" Jane (Vanessa Marcil of Beverly Hills, 90210 and General Hospital fame).


Nikki Cox hoofs it, big time, in 'Nikki'

In the chorus line of high-kicking cockroaches, one particular leggy dancer stands out -- no small accomplishment, since she's clad in a Styrofoam bug body.

But not even a bulbous body can hide the fact that Nikki Cox has that long, Las Vegas showgirl look. Now, if only she can hit the big time.

That's the premise of "Nikki," the new WB show about a Vegas showgirl living her dream to be a professional dancer. But the dream, her character knows, could stand some embellishment: She's dancing in one of those "off the strip," low-rent casinos where performers find themselves competing for marquee space with the joint's breakfast buffet special
The role seems custom-made for the former star of WB's "Unhappily Ever After." A Hollywood agent discovered Cox while she was attending dance class, and the actress sees the resemblance between the series and her life.

"The character is a lot more like me than anything I've ever played," Cox said.

The California native says she started dancing at the age of 4; by 9, she was dancing professionally. At 14, she gave up dance for acting, but returned to hoofing when WB offered her the showgirl series.

"(I)t's been hard getting my butt back in shape," said Cox, 22. "We did an episode last week about the auditioning process, which is brutal. It brought back some not-too-great memories."

The actress recently took time out between rehearsals to talk to CNN about dancing, bug costumes and the pressures of a show that bears your name.

CNN: Talk to us about a dancer's life.

Nikki Cox: It's incredibly tough. There's not much glory and your career is over by the time you're 30. It's rough and I didn't have the strength it took to be a professional dancer.

A lot of it is good, old-fashioned chorus line: standing in a row, doing your combination. … Its rough, it's real rough. It's not like an acting audition, when you go in on your own. When you're dancing, you fall in front of 50 people.

CNN: Dancing takes center stage in this romantic comedy. Is this a resurgence of dance on the small screen?

Cox: Bruce Helford, our creator, has been a great supporter of bringing dance back to television. He did "The Drew Carey Show" and they've had huge spectacular dance numbers, so he's always been trying to bring that back and give work to dancers.

CNN: Just who is your character?

Cox: She's a young gal who has trained all her life to be a dancer. I think, eventually, she wants to go to Broadway or music videos. In the meantime, she is stuck here.

CNN: How true is that for young dancers today?

Cox: Unfortunately, that's what most people do. There are too many folks looking for too few jobs, so they wind up working in the outskirts.

CNN: Are you feeling any extra pressure because this show bears your name?

Cox: Of course, of course -- not so much (pressure) put on by others; more self-imposed. It's nerve-wracking and flattering and exciting and a whole jumble of things.

What really happens in Vegas is now on DVD!

The entire first season of network television's sexiest series, Las Vegas arrives in stores January 4, 2005 in a sizzling new version featuring uncut and uncensored footage too torrid for network TV. The show's scintillating cast, sparkling guest performances and edgy storylines made Las Vegas last season's highest rated new drama among adults ages 18-49.
The DVD version raises the stakes with additional new steamy scenes and high-rolling bonus features including the not-to-be-missed "Rumble in the Montecito." Produced by The NBC Agency, "Rumble in the Montecito" joins Arena Football League team owners John Elway and Jon Bon Jovi and the stars of "Las Vegas" in a co-branded and action-packed mini-movie designed to promote the series and ArenaBowl XIX to be held in Las Vegas next June. The three-disc collection, which also features all 23 exciting episodes, is priced to own at $59.98 SRP. The pre-order close is November 30, 2004.

Praised as "Slick, fast-paced and sexy" by TV Guide and "Bottom Line: Jackpot" by Variety, Las Vegas stars James Caan (The Godfather), Josh Duhamel (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton), Nikki Cox (The Nutty Professor II), Molly Sims (Starsky & Hutch) and Vanessa Marcil ("Beverly Hills 90210") in the sexy, sophisticated fast-paced NBC drama about security operations at the Montecito, a glamorous Las Vegas resort where the unexpected always happens. In season one, Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin, Dennis Hopper and Sugar Ray are among the featured guest stars.

Win Big with Fabulous Bonus Features:

The Las Vegas DVD includes bonus features that will thrill fans of the show and offers a fascinating look at the history of the fabled city of Las Vegas, which celebrates its centennial in 2005.


Nikki Cox catches the eye of Crush star Harrell

I saw a sneak preview of his mini-movie "Rumble in the Montecito" Tuesday at Elway's steakhouse (where else?) with other media types. The flickette, which promotes the Arena Football League, stars the cast of NBC's series "Las Vegas" and team owners Elway and Jon Bon Jovi. It'll air on NBC and "Access Hollywood" and in movie theaters across the country.

In last year's mini-movie, Bon Jovi's Philadelphia Soul played Elway's Colorado Crush inside Bon Jovi's mansion - destroying it in the process. This year, the two teams play in the Montecito casino, the set of the TV series. Highlights include Elway meeting up with Bon Jovi in the casino.

"What are you doing in Vegas, Little Buddy?" asks Elway.

"Don't 'Little Buddy' me, Pork Chop," says Bon Jovi.

Wonder if that nickname will catch on?

Nikki Cox, who plays Mary on "Las Vegas," catches the eye of Crush star receiver Damian Harrell - so much so that he slams into a row of slots.

Cox also catches Elway's eye on the sidelines. "You're Brett Favre!" she coos at him.

"Yes - I am," says Elway.

After the teams destroy the casino, we see Elway and Bon Jovi wondering how they're going to pay for the damage. The casino boss knows how. Cut to Bon Jovi singing in a lounge. Cut to Elway dressed as Elvis hawking the buffet, 20 percent off.

"Aren't you John Elway?" asks a little boy. "No, kid," answers Elway. "I'm Brett Favre."

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