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Oliver Hudson Actor

Oliver Hudson

Currently starring as "David Carver Jr." on WB's drama series "The Mountain". Through his experiences while growing up on movie sets with his mother, Goldie Hawn, Oliver Hudson developed a passion for all facets of filmmaking. Returning to The WB after starring in Dawson's Creek and My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star, Hudson now plays David Carver, Jr., the unlikely heir to an internationally famous ski resort in The Mountain. Hudson split his time growing up between Aspen, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. At the early age of 10, Hudson and his best friend would shoot, act in, and screen their own short films. He was also an avid hockey player while growing up and was scouted by prep schools to play on the East Coast, but chose to finish high school in Los Angeles and later enrolled in the film program at the University of Colorado. With a desire to jump-start a career in the film industry, Hudson moved back to California and worked as a production assistant on the feature films Father's Day and Conspiracy Theory. At the same time, he began taking film classes at USC, which soon led to the creation of a short film which he wrote and directed. Simultaneously, Hudson enrolled in acting class and began going out on theatrical auditions. His feature credits include The Out-of-Towners, with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin, the independent features Kill the Man, with Luke Wilson and The Smokers, with Dominique Swain. Other films include New Best Friend, in which he stars alongside Meredith Monroe and Dominique Swain, and As Virgins Fall. He also starred in the independent feature Going Greek and the television movie Rocket's Red Glare. Behind the scenes, Hudson recently formed his own production company, Workshed, which will develop both film and television projects. Workshed is a division of Cosmic Entertainment, a family business formed by Oliver along with his mother, Kurt Russell and his sister, Kate Hudson. Hudson will reside in Vancouver during the filming of the series. Hudson was born on September 7, 1976, in Los Angeles, California. His mother, Goldie Hawn, was pregnant with him for 10 months. He began breathing in her womb and had massive bacteria in his lungs. He was born 11 pounds. His father was Bill Hudson. Oliver is also the brother of actress, Kate Hudson and actor, Wyatt Russell (from Goldie's relationship with actor, Kurt Russell). Oliver is engaged to actress, Erinn Bartlett. Oliver was named one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People of 2002. Oliver loves fishing and is very good at it.

Oliver Hudson's quotes:
Best advice from Kurt Russell: "No matter what they ask you to do, say you can and learn it later." That is why Oliver said yes when he was asked if he could sing at the series 'Rock Star' audition.

"I believe you have to work hard to get lucky. But I also know I'm lucky to have a mom who could open doors. I didn't struggle or wait tables for nine years."

“Life is too fun to take it too serious, and that I definitely inherited from her, like 100-percent."

Currently, curly-haired, 27-year-old Hudson, son of actress Goldie Hawn and brother to Kate Hudson, is heading for the mountains in the aptly named WB show "The Mountain." In the larger-than-life saga, Hudson plays the free-spirited David Carver Jr., who left Boundary Mountain, a ski resort his family has run and called home for years. He is called back when he inherits the biz. Most fans know Hudson from two other WB shows: "Dawson's Creek" and "My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star."

Oliver Hudson climbs to the top

Now Starring: Back on the WB in the new drama The Mountain, he plays a rich slacker who suddenly gains control of his family's resort. "It's semi-dysfunctional," Hudson says. "Especially my character. There's a lot of resentment and jealousy."
Last Seen: Kate Hudson's bro wooed Katie Holmes on Dawson's Creek and headlined the failed WB version of the hit British dramedy My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star.
Where Has He Been? He's been laying low in reel life, but in real life, he got engaged to actress Erinn Bartlett last spring.
New Gig Forecast: The Mountain has WB fave Smallville as a lead-in and the aging The West Wing as time-slot competition, so it may be able to, ahem, climb, to the top of the ratings heap among younger viewers.

Oliver Hudson speaks about his new role as David Carver Jr.

How's this for a dream come true? After starring in Dawson's Creek and My Guide To Becoming A Rock Star, Oliver Hudson returns to The WB in a role so perfect, it's hard to believe he didn't write it himself. Meet The Mountain's David Carver Jr., a I-dare-ya-to-try-and-tame-me rebel who grew up in and around a breathtaking ski resort. Now, meet Hudson, the rambunctious, free-spirited son of Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn and brother of actress Kate Hudson, who grew up in and around, well, a breathtaking ski resort. Of course, Hudson brings more than his ability to shred black diamond ski runs to the table. "When you get a job, a job like this, after putting your nose to the grindstone and working for it, you realize how fun work is. It's worth way more than hanging out in a ski lodge, drinking with your buddies. I have never felt better than I do on [The Mountain] set. Never."

My character: "Is this kind of wild, free-spirited guy who lives for the moment and doesn't worry about the future."

The Mountain is about: "A family in turmoil. My character finds out that his grandfather has left him the family ski resort to run. No one, including myself understands why. If anyone deserved to get it, it was my brother, not me."

David is my kind of guy, because: "He is facing a huge challenge I can definitely relate to. Does he continue chasing his freedom and living his life his way or does he grow up and take responsibility for his life?"

Portraying a girl-magnet is: "A job requirement? Do you think girls like this guy? I'm not so sure, but there is definitely going to be sex in this show, a lot of sex. That's fine by me. Sex is good. Sex is healthy, right?"

One of the best perks of the job: "If I break my ankle skiing, they can just write it into the script. Actually, it's illegal for us to ski, so don't tell anyone if you see me out there."

Hunk of the Month - Oliver Hudson

Even though Oliver Hudson hails from Hollywood royalty (he's Goldie's son and Kate's bro), he' no spoiled Tinseltown brat. In fact, his foray into acting has been something of a pay-your-dues process. He actually got his start behind the scenes as a production assistant. But with his acting pedifree and outdoorsy good looks, it was only a matter of time before he got in front of the camera... and made us all melt.

Are you anything like your character on The Mountain?

I love sports and nature as much as my character does. He's kind of quiet and keeps his feelings inside like me.

What's your hidden talent?

I love to write. Sometimes I watch my performances and cringe, but when I read my journal, I astonish myself.

What do women get away with that you wish you could?

Women have the great excuse of "I have a womanly problem," which can vary from that time of the month to who knows what. It's okay if you're three hours late if you have a womanly problem. I don't think it would work if I said I had a manly problem.

How did you propose to Erinn?

We were in bed, and I had the ring hidden in the pillowcase. [We had just moved in together and] she said she'd never forget that night. So I pulled out the ring and said, "Here's something to make sure that you don't."

"My sister is my best friend. She totally inspires me. There's no competitiveness between us at all."

Oliver Hudson is a star from a stars dynasty

You've seen him as Joey's brooding boyfriend Eddie Doling on Dawson's Creek, and perhaps even noticed him on last year's WB series My Guide To Becoming A Rock Star. So what is 26-year-old Oliver Hudson's recipe for becoming a rising megastar? It's all in the genes. Oliver gets his astounding good looks and talent from his famous 'rents, Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson. His sister, Kate, who recently starred in the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and his younger brother, Wyatt, an up-and-coming hockey player, complete the blessed family.

Like his little brother, Oliver once considered a future in professional hockey. He also dabbled in modeling. But once he got a taste of acting, he was hooked. "I love acting," he reveals. "Even when I was doing production-assistant work, I would get so excited. I just loved seeing all the big lights."

Oliver's first production-assistant gig was on the 1996 movie Executive Decision, starring his stepfather, Kurt Russell, and his first onscreen appearance was playing Goldie's son in 1999's The Out-Of-Towners. Oliver feels way fortunate to have parents who are not only supportive of his career but can also give him acting tips and introduce him to Hollywood producers, directors and casting agents.

"I believe you have to work hard to get lucky, but I also know I'm lucky to have a mom who could open doors for me," says the Hollywood hottie. "I didn't have to struggle or wait on tables for nine years like a lot of young actors have to do."

More important than his mom's Hollywood connections, however, is her encouragement. "Mom is so sweet," he says. "She loves anything I do. She is my biggest supporter."

Oliver says that since starring on DC, he has become more serious about his career. "Having fun used to rule my entire life," he admits. "These days, though, I think I'm finally finding a balance. I'm learning how to support myself, make money, and have a good time doing it."

Although this is Dawson's Creek's final season, you won't have to wait long to see Oliver onscreen again. Oliver, Goldie, Kurt and Kate formed a production company called Cosmic Entertainment, which promises to showcase the curly-haired talent in a slew of new projects. "I want to make movies and direct, too" he adds.

Oliver Hudson is on People Magazine's Most Beautiful People List

As an infant, sitting on the kitchen counter in his bouncy chair, Oliver Hudson "was an old soul," says his mom, Goldie Hawn, who sang Beatles tunes to him while she cooked. "He had the wisest eyes; they just looked through you." It turned out that little "Schmoytee Face" (Hawn's "made-up Yiddish nickname for Ollie"), now 25 and 6'1", was in no hurry to grow up. It was not until last year that he left the Santa Monica home he shared with Hawn and her longtime partner Kurt Russell (Oliver's dad is musician Bill Hudson), sister Kate, 23, stepbrother Boston, 22, and half brother Wyatt, 15. "I love my family so much," says Hudson, who is currently costarring with Taye Diggs in New Best Friend. "I loved being at home." Maybe because he could still use a little mothering. The refrigerator in his Hollywood Hills house is "not usually stocked," he says, "so Idon't eat until like 12:30 p.m., and then I'm starving so I'll intake everything. I need to eat less crap." As for grooming, he's not exactly clean-cut. "I take a sideburn trimmer and get rid of a little, but I hate shaving." Stubbly or not, Hudson's Goldie-like grin has captured the heart of Shallow Hal actress Erinn Bartlett, 29, his girlfriend of a year and a half. "He can give you a little bit of a smile, and it can be flirty and charming," she says. "But then he can give you a big smile -- when he really laughs -- with such good energy behind it, it just warms you." Here comes the son.

Your Next Crush: Oliver Hudson

Age: 25. Oliver's birthday is September 7, 1976, so that makes him a thoughtful Virgo.

Height: 6'0"

The Golden Child: Talk about good genes. Oliver's mom is actress Goldie Hawn and his sister is Almost Famous ingénue Kate Hudson.

How You Know Him: This Hollywood hottie starred as the lead singer of a struggling rock band in the WB's short-lived series My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star. You can currently catch him on the big screen as Dominique Swain's (pictured) boyfriend in the thriller New Best Friend.

All Work and No Play?: Make Oliver a major rising star. He's been working almost non-stop since he appeared in 1999's The Out-of-Towners with his mom. (He, mom and sis even have their own production company called Workshed to develop TV and film projects). Up next: The flick The Girl, the Swank, the Poet, the Old Man & the Thespian with his other Best Friend costar, Meredith Monroe.

Biggest Vice: Despite his star sign (Virgos are notoriously anal about staying organized), Oliver claims to be hopelessly messy. Sounds kinda endearing to us.

Picture Perfect: After studying film at the University of Colorado, Oliver did some modeling and was a production assistant on a few forgettable flicks (remember Father's Day?) before he decided to give acting a shot.

How to Get His Attention: Wanna snag a date with this cutie? Learn how to hook a worm -- Oliver's a fanatic fisherman. Oh, and learn a good joke or two. He loves a lady with a killer sense of humor.

Oliver Hudson feels like a star already

The lead actor from the upcoming WB series The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star calls and says, "Hi, this is Oliver."

Uh, no last name? Like Madonna?

"Yes," he laughs, "I kinda figured I've reached that status already."

Well, if the buzz for the series about a band on the road to fame is any indication, he could soon be right about losing the last name.

Except that his family is a real-life Hollywood dynasty: He's the son of Oscar winner Goldie Hawn and the older brother of last year's Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Kate Hudson. "I couldn't believe she lost," he says. "Marcia Gay Harden was amazing in Pollock, but I think it's obvious who I really wanted to win.

Hudson, 25, says his own family is "incredibly tight-knit" and his mother is "so normal that she's not." Although Kurt Russell helped Hawn raise Oliver, his bio dad is crooner and actor Bill Hudson. "They asked at the Rock Star audition, 'Can you sing?' and, of course, I said, 'Yes,' even though I didn't know if I could. I learned that from Kurt. He said, 'No matter what they ask you to do, say you can and learn it later.'"

So, he's an excellent liar and a quick study. While he also appears this year in the film Mary Jane's Last Dance, Hudson says Rock Star "is the first real acting I've done, and I'm attempting to carry this thing."

Any pressure? "It's a lot to swallow, but I'm just having a good time sitting in my little trailer and eating out of Styrofoam containers."

His relaxed attitude probably stems from the fact that Hudson came to acting almost by default. "I cheated my way through school, to be honest," he admits. "I just got by."

He worked as a production assistant and modeled briefly. "I wanted to make movies, direct," he says. "Still do." Along with his mother, sister and Russell, Hudson recently formed Workshed, a production company that develops movie and TV projects. Although he wasn't sure he would even take to acting, he says, "I love it now. Even when I was doing production-assistant work, I would get so excited. I just loved seeing all the big lights."

And now he gets to see his name in them.

King of the Mountain Oliver Hudson

David Carver is a legend on Boundary Mountain. He won the land in a poker game, founded a town and built a world-famous ski resort. When David unexpectedly dies he chooses his namesake (Oliver Hudson, "Dawson's Creek") as his heir. Did he know the trouble he was going to cause?

Boundary Mountain is an escapist playground for wealthy tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts, but to the Carver family, it's home. The Mountain chronicles the larger-than-life saga of the Carvers. Free-spirited David Carver, Jr. (Oliver Hudson, Dawson's Creek) left home years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class motocross racer, while his older brother Will (Anson Mount, Tully, Crossroads), diligently attended business school with every expectation of taking over the family empire. No one, least of all the brothers themselves, expected David to inherit Boundary Mountain. David finds himself saddled with a responsibility he never wanted and a brother who rightly feels betrayed. On top of this, he is torn between two women and suddenly immersed in a power struggle with a neighboring family. David just wants to run, until he realizes his grandfather may have had bigger things in mind.

Part of the complicated history that both connects and separates the brothers Carver is Maria Serrano (Alana De La Garza, All My Children). Once David's partner in teenage rebellion and now Will's girlfriend, she is the half Irish/half Mexican daughter of one of Boundary's first employees. As Boundary's director of special events, Maria spends her days with both the hard-working locals and the wealthy jet setters who flock to the resort.

Through the episodes to come, David will begin to reconnect with his mother Gennie (Barbara Hershey, Hannah and Her Sisters, Beaches) and teenage sister Shelly (newcomer Tara Thompson). With the death of her all-powerful father, Gennie may finally allow herself to emerge from 15 years of self-imposed emotional exile. The secrets Gennie carries about her father, her husband, even her own children, will eventually come back to haunt them all. Just like her older brothers, Shelly lives to compete. A champion snowboarder, she appears destined to become the world champion athlete her mother was. A sweet and natural flirt, Shelly is oblivious to the fact that her best friend Sam Tunney (Penn Badgley, Do Over) carries a torch for her.

As they work on their new personal and professional relationship, David and Will also have to deal with the ambitious Colin Dowling (Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), who has built a real estate empire to rival Donald Trump's. The jewel that has always eluded Colin is Boundary Mountain. Now that the Carver patriarch is gone, Colin feels his opportunity has come, and he will use everything and everyone he can, including his own children, to swallow The Mountain whole.

Colin's daughter Max (Elizabeth Bogush, Titans) is a graduate of Harvard Business School, bright and merciless on the surface, with a deep need to win her father's approval. When Max's parents divorced, her mother got custody, and Max was torn away from her father and brother. Of the two Dowling kids, Max thinks of herself as "the tough one," ready to take whatever life or her father can dish out. However, it is her brother Michael (newcomer Tommy Dewey) who is being groomed by his dad to take over the Dowling empire. Michael is being trained as a corporate shark, and so far, he hasn't been very good at it. Growing up under his father's watchful eye has not been easy, and Michael envies Max as much as she envies him.

Finally, the Carvers have to contend with one of Boundary's shadiest characters, Travis Kurri (Johann Urb, Zoolander). Rumor has it that David Carver, Sr. had a torrid affair with Travis' mother, and shortly after her death, Carver Sr. brought the teenaged Travis back to Boundary. Though Travis is adept at the business side of things, he is sorely lacking when it comes to ethics, morality and character.

David Carver's return to Boundary Mountain uncovers long-buried secrets about his town, his co-workers and even his own family mythology.

A production of Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. Executive producers are McG (The O.C and the Charlie's Angels blockbusters) Stephanie Savage (The O.C.) and Shaun Cassidy (American Gothic). David Barrett (Fast Lane) directed. Boundary Mountain exteriors were filmed at the Lake Louise Ski Hill in Alberta, Canada.

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