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sexy paris hilton

The Very Sexy Paris Hilton!

Paris is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel chain. With homes in Manhattan's Waldorf-Astoria, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, she is a renowned jetsetter and socialite. Hilton has developed a modeling career and has posed for such publications as GQ, Vanity Fair and FHM. She has also actively contributed in numerous fashion circles, often collaborating with top designers at their shows. Some of these designers and labels include Tommy Hilfiger, Joey and T, Heatherette, Richard Tyler and Jeremy Scott. In 2001, she made a cameo appearance in Ben Stiller's film Zoolander. Her additional film credits include roles in the Kate Hudson movie Raising Helen, Nine Lives, and Wonderland with Val Kilmer. She also appeared in the feature The Cat in the Hat, with Mike Myers, and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, with Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace, as well as the remake of the horror classic House of Wax. Her TV appearances include NBC's Las Vegas, FOX's The OC, and hosting the 2004 Teen Choice Awards with Nicole Richie, though she may be forever remembered for her role on the hit reality series The Simple Life. She is currently filming a horror movie titled House of Wax. Her recent TV appearances include NBC's Las Vegas and FOX's The OC.

Often a tabloid centerpiece, Hilton has been linked to numerous young actors on Hollywood's Hot List. Her interests include yoga, tennis and designing a high-end purse collection and jewelry line with her sister. She is also actively involved in numerous charities and has lent her support to various animal advocacy organizations. Nicole Richie, 22, the daughter of pop icon Lionel Richie, is the best friend with Paris Hilton since the age of two and they were classmates at the well known private school Buckley. Nicole Richie is an aspiring actress, singer and dancer and she is co-star in the '' Simple Life'' show.

Paris Hilton is bi-coastal and divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.


Paris Hilton orders boyfriend to remove ex-girlfried's tattoo!

Paris Hilton has reportedly ordered her boyfriend of 2 months, Paris Latsis to have a tattoo bearing his ex-girlfriend's initial erased.

The 24-year-old heiress' beau Latsis, has the letter 'Z' tattooed on his wrist from a previous relationship with divorcee Zeta Graff, who he dated for two years. Hilton has reportedly given him an ultimatum that either he get that tattoo removed or say quits to seeing her.

"Paris told him that if he wanted the relationship to go anywhere he had to have it removed", Femalefirst quoted a source as saying.

Paris Hilton Promotes Wares in Mexico

Paris Hilton arrived in Mexico to promote her perfume, book and film projects, saying she also wants to shop and visit the pyramids.

"I love Mexico," Hilton, star of the TV reality series "The Simple Life," told reporters in Mexico City Tuesday. "The people are so nice."

Hilton, who visited the Caribbean resort of Cancun last week, said her namesake fragrance "smells like flowers."
The 24-year-old hotel heiress has a role in "House of Wax," a remake of the 1953 Vincent Price horror movie. The new film, starring Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray, is scheduled for release in the United States on May 6.

Her book, "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose," was published last year.

Hilton was expected to participate in a 1960s-themed fashion show along with other celebrities during her visit.

Paris' Noisy Sex Moan

She may well be the heiress of a hotel chain... but her connections didn't stop Paris Hilton being ticked off by hotel staff during a recent stay.

The cheeky 24-year-old was in trouble after fellow guests complained about her noisy love-making antics, according to The Sun.

Other holiday-makers at the Radisson Hotel on the Caribbean isle of Aruba weren't impressed with Paris' nocturnal noises, as she enjoyed some downtime with her new boyfriend, Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis.

One chap, who had the misfortune of being in the room next to the Paris duo, said: "You could hear moaning and groaning and the bed bumped the wall.

"They were doing it as much as four times a night," he dared to conjecture.

After hotel staff had a word with the reality TV star, Paris x 2 decided to check out and find somewhere else.

Durst Dismisses Hilton Hacker Leaked His Sex Tape

Nu-metal rocker FRED DURST has slammed reports the person who hacked into Paris Hilton's Sidekick was also responsible for leaking his sex tape onto the internet.

The LIMP BIZKIT frontman was horrified when a three-minute hardcore romp with a mystery brunette was posted onto the internet last Tuesday (22FEB05).

Hilton was left red-faced last month (FEB05) when her celebrity-filled address book, emails, sms (text) messages and photos were published on the world wide web after the information was sourced from her T-MOBILE sidekick.

Durst, 33, says, "If you look on Paris' thing, I don't use T-Mobile.

"Somebody that was repairing my computer was smart enough to go through anything he could. What can I say? I'm not proud of it."

When asked about an email he had wrote to Hilton, saying, "You are my heart", Durst explains, "It is just old, years old."

A T-Mobile spokesman BRYAN ZIDAR confirms, "Fred Durst is not a T-Mobile subscriber. The video in question could not have originated from a Sidekick; the device does not have video capability. The video is also of a resolution not available on a wireless handset."

Has Paris Hilton found a new boyfriend?

It seems Paris Hilton may be eyeing Mary Kate Oslen's prospective boyfriend Vito Schnabel, as the hotel heiress was seen getting cosy with him at various New York hot spots.

The blonde beauty was spotted at New York city club Marquee where an onlooker spotted her kissing Vito.

"They were all over each other!" the onlooker was quoted by the Star magazine as saying.

The couple was also together at a NY Knicks basketball game, where Paris reportedly jumped onto Vito's lap.

Britney, Paris and Pamela Anderson barred from the Oscars?

Britney Spears has reportedly been barred from the Oscars this weekend.

The pop babe is among a host of stars including Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson that organisers have snubbed in a bid to prevent the evening turning into a "downmarket scrum".

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney would have wanted her entourage with her but the Academy wanted to keep things as tight and as highbrow as possible.

"They plan to focus on those people who have worked in the film industry for years - not people who are merely celebrities in other areas."
But sources say the decision to ban certain stars is down to the fact that Hollywood's Kodak theatre holds less than half the capacity of previous venue, the Shrine Auditorium and claim that even high-profile stars are struggling to secure tickets for Sunday's (27.02.05) event.

Insiders have revealed that Destiny's Child star, Beyonce Knowles, who is performing at the movie ceremony, may attend the show alone after failing to arrange entry for fiancé Jay-Z.

The source added: "The Academy gets inundated with begging requests for tickets a year before the event.

"The Kodak theatre can't take more than 3,500 guests. Even Beyonce's boyfriend hasn't even received an invite."

Paris Hilton: Topless Lesbian Kiss With Eglantina Zingg A Bit Of Fun


Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON has been forced to explain a steamy kiss with another female, after a photograph of their clinch was published on the internet.

The private snap was recently unveiled to the public after Hilton's mobile phone was hacked and its contents published on the internet, forcing the 24-year-old's celebrity pals to change their numbers.

The blonde beauty can be seen topless, kissing stunning MTV LATIN AMERICA VJ (video-jockey) EGLANTINA ZINGG in the picture, but she claims it was just a bit of fun.
She tells American magazine US WEEKLY, "We were joking around at a photo shoot for a magazine. It wasn't sexual... But it's scary that someone out there can get into your private device."

Topless Paris Hilton lesbian pictures posted on the web.

Paris Apologizes to Celebrity Pals

Paris Hilton has issued a public apology to her many pals who have been bombarded with calls since the contents of her cell phone ended up on the internet.

Hordes of celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Anna Kournikova and Ashley Olsen received hundreds of calls after Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick was recently hacked.

And Hilton, who became an unintentional porn star on the internet when her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked, is eager to let her pals know she's truly sorry.

She tells US Weekly, "I feel horrible that, once again, someone has invaded my privacy."

Hilton learned of the leak while vacationing on the Caribbean island of Aruba with her new beau Paris Latsis.

She says, "(My sister Nicky) told me what was out there. It's too upsetting for me - I can't believe it."

"I want to apologize to all my friends and family. I don't know why this stuff always happens to me, but I wish it wouldn't anymore."

Paris Hilton Said To Be Devastated As Hacker Reveals Celeb Details


Socialite PARIS HILTON has been left devastated after a computer hacker broke into her mobile phone and published her personal photographs and celebrity-laden address book on the internet.

The sensitive information quickly flooded the web - and Hilton's celebrity pals have been inundated with unwanted calls from fans hoping to speak to their idol.
One celebrity has recorded an answer phone message stating the caller is in breech of a FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) code, according to FOX NEWS correspondent ROGER FRIEDMAN.

The stars who have had their privacy compromised include hip-hop superstars JAY-Z and PHARRELL WILLIAMS; pop stars CHRISTINA AGUILERA and AVRIL LAVIGNE; tennis stars ANDY RODDICK and MARK PHILIPPOUSSIS, and OSCAR-winning actor ADRIEN BRODY.

Royal Prince Harry Refuses Invite From Paris Hilton


British royal PRINCE HARRY has rejected an invitation to attend PARIS HILTON's 24th birthday party, because he's scared of her "raunchy reputation".

The 20-year-old Prince is keen to behave ahead of the start of his officer training at England's Sandhurst Military Academy in May (05), following a number of scandals - so he turned down the chance to be guest of honour at the Florida bash tonight (17FEB05).
A source tells British newspaper the DAILY EXPRESS, "She even offered to fly him and two friends to the US on her father's private jet, and she threw in an all-expenses-paid stay at the Miami Hilton hotel."

A royal source comments, "There's no way his father (PRINCE CHARLES) was going to let him attend, given Paris's raunchy reputation.
"Another indiscretion with Harry would be an utter PR disaster."

Hilton is fond of the Prince and his older brother, PRINCE WILLIAM, whom she recently described as "both gorgeous"

Paris Hilton Slams Ridiculous Engagement Rumours


PARIS HILTON has slammed reports she is engaged to new Greek lover PARIS LATSIS after an alleged Valentine's Day (14FEB05) proposal.

American magazine IN TOUCH WEEKLY claimed the shipping magnate hid a jewel-encrusted engagement ring in a chocolate souffle before asking for the hotel heiress' hand in marriage in a Los Angeles restaurant.
However, Hilton's publicist GINA HOFFMAN dismisses the report.

She says, "Paris is not engaged. When Paris gets engaged, she's going to want everyone to know, trust me."
THE SIMPLE LIFE star has been engaged once before, to model JASON SHAW in 2001.

Paris Hilton can't decide to date Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston

Paris Hilton says she can't decide if she wants to date Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.

The hotel heiress has admitted she harbours a crush on the 'Ocean's Twelve' star - but would reject his advances if his estranged wife was available instead.

She said: "He's so hot. But then I think that Jennifer Aniston is hot too.

In fact I would turn Brad down because I love Jennifer Aniston so much."
Meanwhile, the blonde babe has become embroiled in a new war of words with pop star Britney Spears.

The 24-year-old beauty is waiting to respond after the 'Toxic' singer penned a letter on her website claiming that her pampered pooches were better looking than Paris' pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.
She wrote: "My dogs are stylin' and profilin' because Von Dutch just sent them the coolest little clothes! I think my dogs are so much cuter than Tinkerbell (ruff! ruff!)."

A spokesperson for the 'Simple Life' star refused to comment on the spat, but insiders claim thatthe pop babe launched the tirade because she's jealous of eccentric Paris' menagerie of pets.

One friend told website MSNBC: "Sounds to me like Britney's got a serious case of canine envy.

"Britney copied Paris. Paris had Tinkerbell way before Britney, and Tinkerbell is much more famous than Britney's dogs, whatever their names are."

Paris Hilton's sidekick hacked

Paris Hilton's address book, famously kept on a T-Mobile Sidekick, has been popping up all over the internet after someone managed to figure out her password.

The Drudge Report says that it has confirmed the authenticity of many of the numbers, presumably a polite way of saying they've been crank calling Anna Kournikova and Lindsay Lohan all weekend. The FBI has reportedly opened an investigation.
Files exposed to the world also include Paris' travel habits, airline and hotel preferences, along with her private notes.

The information landed online just days after hacker Nicolas Jacobsen pled guilty to a single charge of intentionally accessing a protected computer and recklessly causing damage. Jacobsen was arrested by US authorities last October, but had had access to T-Mobile's servers for more than a year. He reportedly amused himself by accessing US Secret Service email, and raiding other Sidekick users' accounts.

William Genovese, a friend of Jacobsen's in the hacker community, told Security Focus that Jacobsen sent him pictures of celebrities, purportedly snapped with their camera phones. Genovese faces unrelated charges for allegedly selling leaked Microsoft source code.

While Paris must by now be used to being overexposed online, many of the people in her little black book were less than pleased with the leak. According to the Drudge Report, one starlet said "I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f**king kept it on her cellphone!"

Reality TV star Victoria Gotti told New York Daily News that she had received over 100 phone calls in two hours. "It's driving me insane," she said.

Some Residents Not Happy With Heiress

Paris Hilton's funeral humor is not funny to some Bergen County residents.

In a recent episode of Hilton and Nicole Richie's reality show "The Simple Life" set at a Wood-Ridge funeral home, the two drove a hearse, filled in a grave and held a mock funeral.

They also spilled what appeared to be human ashes onto a carpet and used a vacuum cleaner to fix the room.

Amy Van Dalinda said the Kohler Funeral Home handled the services for her father and other residents.

Seeing a mock funeral in the same room where her father's real one was held was upsetting to her.

But funeral home owner John Podesta says he would not have let the show be taped there if he thought it was undermine his business' reputation.

Hilton Holding Birthday Bash in Orlando

Paris Hilton is holding her 24th birthday party tonight at her club in Orlando.

And the birthday-girl won't be the only one getting presents - club officials say several partygoers will win diamond jewelry.

Club Paris officials say "The Simple Life" star will walk down the hot pink carpet and the club will be decked out in floor-to-ceiling pink and silver balloons.

Club Paris opened December 30th in downtown Orlando. Hilton is obligated to make four appearances a year at the Orlando location, the first of what is planned to be a chain of Club Paris nightspots.

Rick Solomon buys Hollywood home with Paris Hilton sex tape money

Videotaping his sex romp with Paris Hilton has earned Rick Solomon $7 million, enough to buy a posh pad in the Hollywood Hills, "Celebrity Justice" reports.
Solomon closed the deal this week after plunking down $3.4 million for the home just down the street from his buddy, "Spiderman" star Tobey Maguire, who helped him pick out the dream digs. The property has a pool, a master bedroom with a shower with a beautiful view and a state-of-the-art media room.

Even though he denied releasing clips of the videotape, "One Night In Paris," that turned up on the Internet, Solomon says the Hilton family is blaming him anyway.
"They're trying to bury me," Solomon said at the time. "They're making me look sleazy."

Porn distributor David Joseph of Red Light District said last year the tape has "sold more copies than any video in the history of porn."

Paris Hilton Dumps "Scruffy" Lover

reportedly dumped boyfriend Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine after her friends complained he wasn't stylish enough.
The eccentric hotel heiress started dating the singer last December, describing him as "special" and "not just a fling".

But, the blonde split from the handsome star after her socialite pals reportedly kept putting him down. Taunts included making fun of his Canadian accent and telling her he looked down-and-out.

A source close to the star revealed to Britain's More magazine: "Her friends really have it in for him. They all make fun of his accent. They think he's low rent and low class. Some of Paris's friends won't give him a chance.

"The moment Paris and Adam disappear together, the claws come out and the gang goes to town on him. They were pushing pretty hard for Paris to ditch him despite the fact he was everything she wanted in a man."

Hilton And Richie Dubbed 'Bitches From Hell'

Paris Hilton and best pal Nicole Richie have been dubbed "the bitches from hell" by a man they worked with briefly while filming their reality show THE SIMPLE LIFE 3.

For the third instalment of their hit show, the pair travelled around the northeastern region of America on Greyhound buses, interning in various jobs along the way.

And LARRY LoSCHIAVO, manager of the Quality Auto Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey, was far from impressed with their antics - even when the cameras stopped rolling.

He fumes, "I have nine kids and none of them have ever given me as many problems as these two did in just one day!

"Paris and Nicole were the bitches from hell. After their internship, my wife and I ran into the girls at the Clifton Commons movie theatre.

"Neither one could be bothered to come over and say 'Hi.' All I got from Nicole was a slight flip of her hand in our direction, but apparently she was too busy gabbing on her cell phone to spare a few moments with us."

LoSchiavo, who claims the show's production company had to buy two customers' cars after Hilton and Richie ruined them by backing one into the other, also calls their plan to steal a police car during their stint at his business "totally irresponsible".

Now We’ll Definitely Always Have Paris

Paris Hilton made a personal appearance at the Lord & Taylor store on Fifth Avenue in New York Thursday afternoon to promote her new fragrance, named after the heiress.

Hilton arrived, accompanied by her parents, to meet the first 200 buyers of her “Paris Hilton” fragrance. Wearing a Theory suit, she splashed some of her fragrance on herself for the happy photographers. The fragrance promises to reflect the personality of its creator, made of apples, peaches, jasmine and creamy sandalwood.

After signing autographs and meeting the fans who purchased “Paris Hilton,” the socialite escaped the scene with her mom to chill in the luxuries room Lord and Taylor had prepared for her.

FWD caught up with a very tired Paris Hilton and a very excited Kathy Hilton behind the scenes.

“I created the scent and the bottle,” whispers Paris while sitting down on a sofa, pulling her tired legs up on the table.

“Did you see the bottle?” says an excited Kathy Hilton as she gave us the pink bottle her daughter created for the fragrance. “When you turn it, it’s like a piece of art,” she says while turning the pink bottle around. The black wavy stripes on the pink bottle do have an interesting quality when she does so.

“It’s very young, fun, it smells pretty,” says Paris, barely moving her lips or body to communicate her thoughts. “It’s feminine — I don’t think it’s just young, it’s feminine,” adds her mother. Paris Hilton’s foot gives a slight movement signaling irritation, but she is too tired to keep her argument of youth going.

When asked about New York fashion week, the sleeping beauty wakes up for a brief second. “I saw Luca Luca, Narciso (Rodriguez) and Nanette Lepore,” says the young Hilton.

“I love Nanette’s dresses — she has really beautiful clothes — so I’ll definitely be wearing a lot of her stuff.”

She is also in the midst of planning her own collection. “I am working on it right now so it should come out this year.” The style of the anticipated collection will be “just the way I dress.”

“From morning into the evening,” adds Kathy Hilton.

“I am just so busy,” says Paris when asked about other projects. “Just finishing up my album, my movies.”

“She’s up since 6:00 in the morning doing radio shows, interviews, it’s crazy,” adds Kathy Hilton.

“It’s nonstop,” says Paris, and they both nod to each other and then towards FWD.

“Paris Hilton perfume, its the perfect Valentine’s day gift!” the heiress smiles as she says her goodbyes from the Lord & Taylor couch.

Paris Hilton Thrilled With New Miracle Lipgloss

Socialite-turned-reality TV star Paris Hilton is endorsing a new lipgloss product after discovering it gives her fuller, more kissable lips.

The hotel heiress is amazed by how Hollywood Prescription gloss works, even though she's tired of answering questions about whether or not she has had cosmetic surgery on her lips - because the product makes them look bigger.

She says, "I'm the spokesperson for it and every time I put it on, people think... they say in the paper, 'Oh, Paris had her lips done,' and I didn't.

"It's really good stuff. You put it on and your lips grow really big... Its to make you lips look Angelina JOLIE-ish; sexy, big lips."

Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Rifle Airport Travellers Underwear

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie shockingly emptied travellers suitcases at an airport and tried on their bras and knickers.

The two pampered stars rummaged through the strangers’ belongings while working at a US airport for popular reality TV show 'The Simple Life'.

After cleaning one aircraft’s toilets and runways, the stunning hotel heiress and Nicole, who is the adopted daughter of singing legend Lionel Richie, went into the luggage hold and began dressing up in the racy underwear.

The shocking stunt will be shown on the latest series of the phenomenally successful MTV programme in which the two 23-year-old girls travel around the US taking on menial jobs to see if they can cope.
Meanwhile, Nicole has got engaged to boyfriend Adam Goldstein.

The pretty blonde has been dating the DJ for over a year but as yet no date for the wedding has been decided, although it is set to be a lavish affair with guests including Paris, teen actress Lindsay Lohan and Paris’s sister, Nicky.

Playboy crowns hotel heiress Paris Hilton 'Sex Star of the Year'

Television reality show star and saucy nightclub denizen Paris Hilton was named Playboy's "Sex Star of the Year" in the magazine's March issue, published.

Balanced on a barstool in fishnet stockings, a red corset and red stiletto heels, one leg thrust into the air, the blonde model and millionaire heiress of the Hilton hotels fortune was the cover girl for the "25 Sexiest Celebrities" issue of the venerable US pinup magazine.

"Paris has the kind of appeal our readers find hard to resist," said Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder and archetype for the macho lifestyle promoted by the magazine.

"They also appreciate her ability to use her sexuality to overcome controversy and turn it to her benefit," he said.

However, anyone looking for pictures of Hilton nude will be disappointed. But the magazine does offer inside photographs of her in her signature skimpy and transparent outfits, revealing but still covered.

The magazine chose its 25 sexy personalities after polling readers on its website and then whittling down a final selection.

Also topping the list were actresses Halle Berry , Cameron Diaz and Charlize Theron, former tennis star Anna Kournikova , porn star Jenna Jameson, blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, and singers Jessica Simpson, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears.


'Playboy' cover features Paris Hilton, without her knowledge

Does it really matter where Playboy got the photo of Paris Hilton for their cover? Only the Hilton family lawyers should care about remedial items like that, even if the heiress herself never posed for the magazine.

After months (years?) of trying to get Paris to pose for the magazine - Playboy's rationale: If you put it on DVD, try it in print - editors finally caved in on their hopes and put her on the cover anyhow, without her involvement.

Pegged as "Sex Star of the Year," Paris and her photo look a bit "fleshier" than normal, but Playboy promises the photo is actually of her. Look for it later this week, when you've tired of gossiping about J. Lo's Fashion Week debut.

Paris Hilton to Party with British Royals?

Socialite Paris Hilton invited Prince Harry to her birthday party. She is said to be desperate for the 20-year-old prince to escort her to her Miami bash on February 17th, and even wrote an invitation for Harry personally. Just like many other girls Paris has always dreamed of becoming a princess, and was head over heels with prince William but Britain's Daily Star newspaper quoted a source saying:

"But lately she's decided that Prince Harry's the one for her. He's wild, cheeky and got such a glint in his eye. Plus he loves to party.
"She wrote to him personally but he said he'd have to check with his Dad and she hasn't heard back."

Meantime Paris and her sister are going to open their own line of high quality shops, presenting clothes and accessories of their own design. But sisters have a big quarrel about the name of their new brand. Paris is sure that it is her name that will attract the major part of customers, not her less known 21-year-old sister Nicky’s.

Paris Hilton Expands Top-Selling Jewelry Line On Amazon.com

Five New Designs Include a Pet Collar Inspired by her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell.
Amazon Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced the addition of five new pieces to the Paris Hilton Collection, the top-selling line of jewelry designed by Paris Hilton and available exclusively at the Amazon.com Jewelry store . Customers will find the new designs, which include a charm bracelet, pendant, dangle earrings, a belly bar and a pet collar, in the Paris Hilton Boutique on Amazon.com.

"Fans have been so thrilled with my Amazon.com jewelry line that I wanted to create even more designs for them to enjoy," said Paris Hilton. "In addition to my own sense of style, I think a lot of people admire Tinkerbell's look, which is why I decided to include a glamorous pet collar as part of the new collection."

The new designs, priced from $18 to $60, are crafted from the highest quality sterling silver and crystals and introduce new blue and violet colors to the line. The pet collar, which comes in two sizes, has a strong chain collar with a dangling crystal charm in the shape of a bone.

"The Paris Hilton Collection has been a top seller in the Amazon.com Jewelry store for 22 weeks, since we launched it last September," said Russell Grandinetti, Amazon.com's vice president of Jewelry & Watches. "Customers have loved the exclusive content, images and products in the Paris Hilton Boutique, which make shopping for her jewelry entertaining as well as convenient no matter where they live."

The Paris Hilton Boutique on Amazon.com is a destination for fans, offering exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes video footage of Paris Hilton during her jewelry line photo shoot. There is also footage of Hilton working in the design studio and a personal message to Amazon.com shoppers visiting the boutique.

Every piece from the Paris Hilton Collection is delivered to customers in Amazon.com's signature midnight-blue velvet jewelry pouches, and includes a keepsake card with a note from Paris Hilton featuring her signature tiara logo. While shopping the Paris Hilton Boutique, customers can also purchase her book, "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose," and "The Simple Life" and "The Simple Life 2" DVDs. To visit the Paris Hilton boutique at Amazon.com, go to www.amazon.com/parishilton.

Her other projects include a third installment of "The Simple Life," which began airing in January, a starring role in Joel Silver's feature film "House of Wax" and in "National Lampoon's Pledge This!" Both films will be released in 2005.


Princess Paris?

Move over Prince William, Paris Hilton now has her sight set on little brother Harry. In fact - she says he's hot. The American socialite reportedly told her friends that she wants Harry to be her escort to her Miami birthday bash later this month. Paris has even personally written an invitation for him. It's too bad for 50 Cent, in his latest mixtape he encourages Paris Hilton to holler at him so they can have lunch.

Chatting with Paris Hilton: It's Hot!

It seems as though you can't do anything these days without seeing or hearing about Paris Hilton.

You turn on the TV, and there is her hit TV show "The Simple Life." While listening to the radio, there are whole segments about her party-hopping personal life. While at the movies, there are previews for her upcoming film, and when you walk into the bookstore, there are large displays for her best-selling book "Confessions of an Heiress."

Throw in the fact that she has recently recorded a debut album and launched her own jewelry line, it's no wonder that Hilton has become one of the most popular icons of the new millennium.

Most people know Paris Hilton is an heiress to the famous Hilton Hotel fortune. She was born in 1981, and from a very early age her main ambition was to be a celebrity. After graduating from high school, college did not appeal to her, so she decided to become a model.

The 5-foot-8 beauty was an immediate success, appearing in shows for designers such as Marc Bouwer and Catherine Malandrino. She's worked for foreign ad campaigns in Italy, and has posed for spreads in national magazines such as GQ, Vanity Fair and FHM.

Soon, her relationships and wild celebrity party exploits with some of Hollywood's hottest stars, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick Carter, made her the center of attention, and a No. 1 target for the tabloids.

I had the opportunity to speak with Hilton at a recent concert.

I asked her to tell me what's keeping her busy these days, and she said, "Oh everything! I'm promoting my book. It's hot! It's a funny, sarcastic look at the many things I've encountered throughout my life and career. A lot of people think it's a serious perspective, but when you read it, you'll know it's just a funny, tongue-in-cheek outlook on my life that gives people something fun to read."

Hilton looked beautiful in her very classy multicolored dress.

I had to ask her about the popular rumor that she never wears the same outfit twice.

"Oh, that's absolutely true! Most outfits are given to me by designers, and so I try to display as much of their work as I can each time I'm out in public. It's really hot, because then I either give them to friends, or donate them to charities."

I asked Paris what her favorite charity was.

"I've worked with several charities, but I have to say that Toys For Tots is my favorite. They're so hot because they bring joy to thousands of underprivileged kids everywhere."

Everyone seems to be talking about Hilton's hit TV show "The Simple Life," where she stars along with her friend Nicole Richie as a pair of rich socialites placed in fish-out-of-water situations. I asked Hilton if she'll continue doing the show.

"As a matter of fact, we've just completed our third season where we work as interns in all kinds of strange jobs. I think it's the best season of all, it's so hot!"

Hilton and Richie seem to be one of the most popular female comedy teams on TV since "Laverne and Shirley."

I asked Hilton if she gets along with Richie off screen as well as she does in the series.

"We've actually become very close friends. Nicole's hot, we like a lot of the same things, and she's like another sister to me."

It's a known fact that "The Simple Life' got higher ratings than President Bush's exclusive ABC interview. To find out why the world is so intrigued with Paris Hilton, check out "The Simple Life' Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. It's HOT!

Paris Hilton Burning

You might think they'd get along like gangbusters — but ap parently Paris Hilton can't stand to share her limelight with fellow denizen of infamy Joey Butta fuoco.
The hottie hotel heiress hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night but was supposed to kick off the show with a little help from Long Island's most famous auto mechanic.

One source told The Post that during the rehearsal for an open ing monologue that was sup posed to star both Hilton and Buttafuoco, she didn't like the skit and locked herself in her dressing room until she got her way.

Gina Hoffman, a spokes woman for Hilton, said she did not know of plans to have Buttafuoco in the show, and denied there had been any flap.

Speaking to The Post at a restaurant only blocks away from 30 Rockefeller Center, where "SNL" is recorded, Buttafuoco said executive producer Lorne Michaels had him and his girlfriend flown in first-class from Los Angeles on Friday night to do the show. He even had a script.

"It was a scene where Paris is being talked to by Lorne about doing the opening of the show, and how he can't have her do the opening with the looming scandal about her sex tape," Joey said. "And Lorne was saying she would hurt the integrity of the show. She's told to watch the show from off stage — then they'd bring me on."

The gag seemed innocent enough and Buttafuoco said Hilton's only speaking part was along the lines of "Uh-huh . . . Mmm-hmmm . . . OK . . . "

"Maybe the dialogue was a little too overwhelming for her," said Ivanka, Buttafuoco's fiance, who didn't give her last name.

But Buttafuoco never got to perform with Paris. He received the call at 3 a.m. yesterday informing him his scene was cut.

"I was so looking forward to doing this," said Buttafuoco. "It was going to be a lot of fun. Lorne Michaels and 'Saturday Night Live' have always been very good to me."

The source close to "SNL" told The Post that Paris was burning with anger at the send-up, and felt that appearing with Buttafuoco would "not look good for her."

So she locked herself in her dressing room with her pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell — who wound up as the star of Hilton's opening monologue gag.

The tiny pup was shown in close up next to another tiny Chihuahua, as a voice over portrayed the dogs flirting with each other.


Paris Hilton has the last laugh over her sex tapes!

The charges against Paris Hilton for allegedly ripping off her own sex tape from a West Hollywood news-stand two months ago, have been dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has said that it would not file charges against the hotel heiress as there was no sufficient evidence against Hilton, reports E-Online.

Hilton was reportedly caught on surveillance tape at Swing News in December as she furiously tore up a poster advertising her controversial sex tape 'One Night in Paris' and swiped the DVD from behind the counter.


Paris Hilton's Big "Life"

Paris Hilton's internship is paying dividends for Fox.

The third-season premiere of The Simple Life got the show off to its strongest start ever--13.3 million viewers (20th place), per Nielsen Media Research.

The hourlong opener, setting Hilton and partner-in-ineptitude Nicole Richie loose as interns in a mechanics shop and an office mailroom, owed a big debt to American Idol. Nearly 27 million endured that show's off-key auditions on Wednesday, giving The Simple Life, airing at 9 p.m., a more than ample lead-in.

Idol's healing touch also continued to work wonders for House. The once flatlining medical drama improved to 12.4 million viewers (25th place) airing in the hour after Tuesday's Simon Cowell snarkfest (first place, 28.1 million).

Thanks to its monster Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Fox won the week among 18-to-49-year-old viewers, and improved to third among all viewers, averaging 10.4 million.

The Simple Life's big bang came as many 2005 taste-makers were writing off Hilton as so 2004. The downward-trending numbers for Life's second season, which aired last summer, only encouraged such thought.

But never count out a hotel heiress--or her ability to remain famous for being famous. Last month, Hilton generated headlines for allegedly stealing her own sex tape from a newsstand and for offending the sensibilities of Buena Vista Township, New Jersey, parents, who led a fight to ban her Fox series from filming new episodes at a school there.

Hilton is laughing all the way to the top of the Nielsens.

Carter speaks on relationship with Paris Hilton

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has spoken of his now ended relationship with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

The singer, 25, said he no longer speaks with the Simple Life star following their high profile split last summer.

"It's definitely done," he told Miami's Y-100. "I'm not going to diss [her] or say anything bad... at the end of the day I loved her, and there's always going to be a certain amount of love there for people who you've been with for a while. At the same time though, you move on - I've got a tattoo that says 'old habits die hard.' I'm out for new and better things."

While Carter is refusing to "diss" his former love, Hilton hasn't afforded him the same respect; recently she described him as an "asshole," accusing him of being jealous of her career.


Paris Hilton Attends S.F. Ballet Gala

Hotel chain heiress Paris Hilton attended the San Francisco Ballet's masked ball gala with her parents and an Entertainment Tonight film crew.
The "The Simple Life" star was draped in a necklace of cascading golden South Sea pearls and diamonds designed by San Francisco jeweler Rosalina.

The reality TV series, which started its third season this month, features Hilton and co-star Nicole Richie working in a series of menial jobs.

Hilton has also published a memoir, "Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose," launched a jewelry collection and opened a nightclub in downtown Orlando.

Other stars attending the event included actors Sean Hayes (news) of NBC's "Will and Grace," Hector Elizondo and television and film director Garry Marshall.

Paris Hilton Shuns Friendship With Females

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON counts NICOLE RICHIE as one of her few female friends - because she can't trust women.

The blonde beauty finds it hard to form strong bonds with other girls, so she has a crowd of male pals as a result.

She says, "I'm friends with a lot of guys. I have girlfriends too, but for the most part, I'm friends with guys, because girls are kind of backstabbing."

Paris Hilton Is 'Lost in Love'

Actress/Club owner Paris Hilton is in deep negotiations to snag a lead role in the feature film "Lost in Love". The role of Lisa, a hot-tempered Mobster's daughter has caught the attention of several Hollywood actresses including Alyssa Milano, Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore, however the film's writer and producer Frank Fata has agreed to audition Paris for the role after she has courted his rep's on several occasions at Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival (news - web sites) in Park City Utah this past week.

Frank Fata who wrote "Lost in Love" is also portraying a lead role in the romance drama. Fata made his acting debut last year when he co-starred in the independent feature "Just Indian", and is currently filming "Van Vorst Park" in New Jersey with actors Frank Vincent, Paul Dunleavy, and Jose Rodriguez Jr.

Director Kathy Cacicedo who is directing Frank in "Van Vorst Park," is considering the possibility of directing "Lost in Love." The film is set to begin filming in the Bronx and New York City late summer 2005.

Paris Hilton Gets A Rottweiler

Socialite PARIS HILTON has taken in a new canine companion for her Chihuahua TINKERBELL - a Rottweiler.

But sources insists Hilton - who rescued the dog from a shelter - will pamper the pooch and not train him to become an attack dog.

Her representative GINA HOFFMAN tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "She loves animals. She got him on Monday, and he's just a baby."

Paris' New T-Shirt Range

PARIS HILTON is designing a new T-shirt range featuring her pet dog TINKERBELL.

The American socialite has teamed up with Los Angeles skateboarder pal CHAD MUSKA (corr) to create the shirts.

The designer clothing will feature the Chihuahua's face and slogans such as the grammatically incorrect 'TINKERBELL SAY'S (sic) THAT'S HOT.'

Paris' Great Dane Gift Backfires

PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE's pet gift to the mother of a family who put them up during the filming of their new reality series THE SIMPLE LIFE: INTERNS has backfired after the socialites forgot to pay the bill for the pedigrees.

Paris and Nicole arranged for two Great Danes to be delivered to JOYCE BROWER in New Jersey after the mother-of-three made them welcome in her home last year (04).

The ditzy pair came up with the gift after hearing how heartbroken Brower had been when her beloved pooch MADISON died a month before their visit.

But, after collecting the two huge dogs from Mica Dog Breeders at $2,000 (GBP1,052) the girls forgot to pay up.

After they left the Browers, representatives for the breeder, visited the family demanding payment.

The dogs, named FLEA and BILLY by the socialites, are now back with the breeder.


Simply shallow: Paris and Nicole begin 3rd season of laughing at the rest of us

It wouldn't be completely fair to call Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie pampered do-nothings. Oh, they're pampered, all right, but to give credit where it's due, they've succeeded surprisingly well in parlaying their empty personalities and terminal shallowness into a television mini-franchise called The Simple Life, which, for whatever reason, has captured the fancy of a sizable number of viewers during its first two go-rounds on the Fox network.
The latest incarnation of that series, this time called The Simple Life: Interns, kicks off at 9 tonight, and it finds the flighty duo continuing their now-familiar pattern of botching the simplest of jobs, then laughing about the jobs - and, by inference, anybody who would be pathetic enough to actually hold down such menial positions in real life.

Oh, and don't be alarmed by the word Interns in the title. Our little socialite airheads aren't examining sick patients or assisting with surgery at a medical facility. ("Ooh, is that, like, real blood!? How gross!") Even a TV network has limits to its liability insurance. No, as in the first two seasons of The Simple Life, this one features the gals once again trying their well-manicured hands at a series of blue-collar jobs - and being totally overwhelmed by each.

Along the way, they mingle with a succession of bumpkins who are amused, exasperated, and downright flummoxed by these two glamorous creatures - when they're not leering at them.

This time the girls are traveling from town to town in the northeast United States by Greyhound bus, which, needless to say, is a novel experience for both of them. In the first episode, as they wait on a Manhattan street corner with 12 big suitcases and three lapdogs, they catch sight of their bus approaching.

"There's people on it," says one.

Gosh, imagine that. It's not even a private bus!

"There's a dog on the side of it," says the other.

Well, it is, after all, a Greyhound bus, hon. Get it?

For anyone not familiar with the two 23-year-old centerpieces of this program - that is to say, if you don't read People magazine - Paris is a socialite whose greatest accomplishment in life to date is being born the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the hotel chain. Her pal Nicole is slightly less regal, tracing her pedigree only as far back as her dad, singer Lionel Richie.

Neither of the trust-fund tootsies has any experience to speak of in the Neverland of real jobs and tiny paychecks, and it's precisely this fish-out-of-Evian-water aspect of the show that's supposed to make it so, um, funny.

Their first "internship" this season is working for an auto mechanic, where, after showing up two hours late, Nicole tells a caller asking for an estimate: "Normally we charge for that, but you sound hot, so we'll do it for free." When not remarking on the ugliness of their baggy uniforms or the "ickiness" of a car's oil, the two find time to swipe a police cruiser for a joyride and play bumper car with a couple of customers' vehicles.

At the Bayonne, N.J., home of their host family - during their weekly misadventures, the girls are lodged with local families, which often include a hormone-driven teen boy or two to drool over them - Paris and Nicole feel sorry for a woman whose dog recently died. So they go out and buy her a pair of $2,000 Great Danes to make her feel better.

Sure, the dogs are as big as horses and the last thing the woman wants or needs, but gee, what a sweet gesture - until, that is, the breeder who sold them the dogs comes looking for her money from the host family, because - uh-oh - the girls never paid her. Hilarity ensues, or so we're to believe.

The executive producer of The Simple Life is Jonathan Murray, creator of two other successful unscripted TV shows, The Real World and Road Rules, and though this one is probably no more mindless than many of the "reality" shows currently glutting the TV schedule, there's something vaguely insulting about it.

The two young stars' condescending attitude towards anyone they consider beneath them - which would include anybody who doesn't have at least three homes, including a summer place in the Hamptons - is pretty amazing. When not blowing off their assigned tasks, they spend much of their time making fun of people who aren't as cool as they are.

Despite that, some viewers might find something oddly endearing about these two waifs, maybe because they've got their faux-innocent goofiness routine down so well. And there's little doubt that it's a routine. I mean, come on - if they were really as clueless and muddle-headed as they appear to be, it's hard to believe they could find their way off the dance floors of the uber-hip clubs where they hang out when they're not traipsing through the hamlets of America.

Whether it's real or not, though, I'm sure that Hilton and Richie - kind of a latter-day version of the Gabor sisters - are laughing at us as we laugh at them.

And Fox, of course, is laughing at everybody.


Rumor has Paris and Nicole splitting up

U.S. reality show co-stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie may be going their separate ways.

InTouch Weekly reports that Hilton wants to do a show without Richie, her travel companion in "The Simple Life" and friend since childhood.

"I can carry my own show," Paris reportedly said to a friend. The magazine says the third season of the duo's reality show -- which has received some not-so-good reviews -- will be the last.

A spokesman for Hilton denies the report, telling MSNBC, "That's completely not true. That would be like Lucy and Ethel splitting up."

The third season of "The Simple Life" begins Wednesday night on the Fox network.

'Simple Life' stumbles on its third phony road trip

For people who choose to view tabloid party girls Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the third time may be a lot less charming. The pampered celebutantes -- who became surprise reality TV divas by making fools of themselves on "The Simple Life" -- return for another season of orchestrated, contrived real-world whoopee at 9 tonight on Fox.

Since they're nestled into the slot next to "American Idol," Paris and Nicole may still enjoy happy ratings and continued pop-culture fame. They generated goofball guilty-pleasure entertainment with the first two editions of "The Simple Life," where they made fools of themselves while living with an Arkansas farm family, and then they road tripped through the boondocks from Florida to California. But now Paris and Nicole's pouty princess act might be wearing thin. That's because we've seen it all before. Twice.

Now comes "The Simple Life: Interns," which moves into its regular 8:30 p.m. Wednesday home Feb. 9. The twist? The girls temporarily abandon their first-class lifestyle to ride a Greyhound bus through the cities and towns of the Northeast, where they'll take on and make a mess of intern jobs in funeral homes, auto repair shops and other fun locations.

Shortly after they board the Greyhound in Manhattan for their initial jaunt to -- oh, dear -- unfashionable New Jersey, the girls make with the same old game of playing dumber than they are.

"Do they play movies on this bus like the airplane?" the faux clueless Nicole blurts out to her confused fellow bus riders ... And then she wonders, "Is New Jersey a city or a state?"

OK, we get the idea. You girls are dumber than Donald Trump's hairstylist.

Or at least that's the way Paris and Nicole present themselves, as flamboyantly self-absorbed, slightly dense rich girls who can't be bothered to do an honest day's work.

During their few hours of employment at a Quality Auto Care shop in Bayonne, N.J., the sarcastic scam sisters bend a few fenders, avoid doing oil changes properly and pilfer a police car for a joy ride. And as Paris frets about her fabulous blond hair-do in the grimy garage atmosphere, her boss grows testy.

"Don't worry about the hair," he snaps. "The hair's fine. The car can't tell what you look like."

Yep, I'm with him, Paris and Nicole. I hung with you guys for two seasons of mindless escapism.

But "The Simple Life: Interns" is an ideal example of a guilty pleasure losing its dopey mojo.

The cheap thrill is gone.


Paris Hilton's one-woman crime spree continues

The Simple Life heirhead, who allegedly vandalized a poster of herself, then stole a copy of her seminal One Night in Paris sex tape at a West Hollywood newsstand (surveillance footage at www.Celebrity Justice.com), could now be in a tight spot with the feds.

E! Online reports that the actr- . . . , er, perfor- . . . , er, alpha skank dropped the mother of all F-bombs while at an unidentified fire station for the third season of her Fox reality series. Specifically, Hilton was working the dispatch system and said, "Ladder 1, OK, sexy (bleeps)!"
The naughty word was broadcast, which means the Federal Communications Commission could levy a fine.

As for the vandalism and petty theft allegations, the LA County Sheriff's Department is referring the case to the Beverly Hills District Attorney's Office, recommending that Hilton be charged, according to Celebrity Justice.

Paris Hilton Said Probed in Petty Theft

Paris Hilton is being investigated for suspicion of petty theft, authorities said.

"There was an incident, and she is alleged to have taken something," sheriff's Deputy Steve Suzuki said without disclosing further details.

Calls to Hilton's publicist, Gina Hoffman, were not immediately returned.

On its Web site, the TV show "Celebrity Justice" posted a video of Hilton as she bought several magazines at a newsstand and was given change. It goes on to show her grabbing her infamous sex video and walking off with it.

Gerry Castro, an employee at Swing News in West Hollywood, told "Celebrity Justice" that Hilton became enraged after spotting the sex video "One Night in Paris" on sale at the newsstand.

"She threw her 80 cents change at me and took the video and said, `I'm taking this and I'm not buying it,'" Castro told the show.

Castro declined to comment when contacted Friday by The Associated Press.

The sex tape surfaced in 2003 just before the start of Hilton's TV series "The Simple Life." She has said she was embarrassed and humiliated that the tape ever became public.

Deputies were expected to present the misdemeanor case next week to prosecutors, who will then decide whether to file any charges, said Jane Robison, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

The Sheriff's Department decided to announce details of the Dec. 15 incident after getting numerous phone calls from reporters, Suzuki said.

Paris Hilton in Even Hotter Water

A security videotape obtained exclusively by "Celebrity Justice" allegedly shows Hilton heiress Paris stealing one of her sex DVD's from a West Hollywood newsstand last month. Newsstand clerk Jerry Castro told us what he saw: "She threw her eighty cents change at me and took the video and said, 'I'm taking this and I'm not buying it.'"

Dozens of organizations, from the United States to India, are picking up the story "CJ" broke -- and Paris could face vandalism and petty theft charges for it.

But things may be about to get even more difficult for "The Simple Life" star, who could face a separate investigation for dropping the F-bomb, in an incident that allegedly occurred on a fire dispatch radio in Atlantic City, New Jersey, earlier this month.

According to witnesses, Paris got on the radio system and said, "Ladder one, okay, mother-******."

It might not set off a firestorm of controversy, but the FCC could investigate since it rules the airwaves -- even those used by dispatchers.

The alleged f-word faux pas happened as Hilton and travel buddy Nicole Richie were filming the upcoming "Simple Life 3." And the show is already the subject of some controversy. New Jersey authorities recently issued summons to two men who may have illegally shot a deer for use in the shooting of "The Simple Life."

Producers of the FOX hit strongly deny the poaching was tied to the Paris and Nicole reality show. As for the surveillance video, we're told the Los Angeles DA will check into the Hilton case on Monday.

Fame Sucks! Pity Me!

It's hard being famous. No, really, it can suck, OK? Britney Spears will tell you, and so will other stars ... just turn on the radio.

Britney's "My Prerogative," Gwen's "What You Waiting For?," Lindsay's "Rumors" and Paris' soon-to-come cover of David Bowie's "Fame" all have one thing in common: the singer's love/hate relationship with fame. For fans, it can be hard to take this kind of bellyaching — don't these people have anything else to sing about? They've spent years clawing their way to celebrity, and they're complaining it isn't all it's cracked up to be?
as the nature of fame changed, with the rise of celebrity-oriented magazines like Us Weekly and cable channels like VH1, E! and, um, MTV, total saturation coverage has taken over, and today's stars don't like it. "Leave me alone!" Michael Jackson screams. "Whatchulookinat?" Whitney Houston demands to know. Is there anything that can be done to help these victims of fabulousness? We can try.

Victim: Paris Hilton
Song: Cover of David Bowie's "Fame"
The message: Fame can drive you insane, it can bring lots of pain, and so forth.
Her problem: Overexposure. She's got a reality show going, some movies, even an album somewhere in the pipeline. Who knew being famously fabulous involved so much work?
The solution: Stop. After all, you don't really need the money, do you? You could start a charity or something. Well, it's a thought.


Paris Hilton And Stings Son Deny Romance


PARIS HILTON has been romantically linked to a new man - STING's 18-year-old son JAKE SUMNER.

While representatives for both Sumner and Hilton, 23, insist the two are not involved, pals tell America's STAR magazine they're frequently together whenever the hotel heiress flies into New York City from her Los Angeles home.

A source says, "Jake is a very friendly, fun guy and doesn't have a problem getting the ladies. Paris Hilton is no big deal to Jake, he can get any girl he wants.
"He just thinks Paris is hot, but it's not like he takes any of it seriously."

Paris Hilton ships kangaroo back home

Paris Hilton recently fell in love with a baby kangaroo - and asked for it to be boxed up and shipped back home.

The eccentric heiress, who found the creature while filming in Australia's Queensland, thought buying the hopper would impress her friends - until she was told they grow up to be violent pets.

The blonde's younger sister, Nicky, revealed: "She wanted to buy one, but then they told us that kangaroos get as tall as humans and start punching you in the gut."

The kangaroo would have completed the reality TV star's bizarre collection of animals at her Los Angeles home which includes a goat, monkey, ferret and Chihuahua.
It wasn't the first time Paris tried to smuggle an animal back home.

Last summer, the stunning star landed herself in big trouble after trying to take a host of animals on a plane with her.

Paris had been gambling in Las Vegas and, after a 6,000GBP win, decided she would use the money to buy some new pets.

She then attempted to board a flight to Los Angeles with a goat, three ferrets and a monkey as part of her hand luggage.

Flight attendants refused to let Paris and her menagerie on board the flight and she was forced instead to drive the six-hour journey back to Los Angeles.


Paris Hilton Steals Her Own Sex Tape!

Paris Hilton's embarrassment and anger over her XXX sex tape finally got the best of the heiress at a Hollywood newsstand she frequents.

In a sudden act caught on video surveillance cameras, Hilton tore up a poster advertising 1 Night in Paris and stole a copy of the infamous movie shot by ex-flame Rick Salomon and sold without her permission! The tape is a best seller, with close to half a million copies sold so far.

Paris' ordeal occurred after she and pals entered Swing News on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. around 3:30 p.m. to buy celebrity magazines, according to the clerk on duty.

"She appeared to be in a good mood and even posed for a picture with me for my celeb scrapbook," the clerk said. "But as she was setting some magazines down by the cash register, she saw that we were selling her DVD in our adult magazine section. She went from nice to nuts instantly."

Paris, 23, was reportedly concerned some of her "young fans" who shop at the store might see it and get the wrong impression of her. And she added that she felt betrayed that the store would be selling the DVD even though she shops there "all of the time."

Although the clerk tried to appease Paris by placing the DVD in a cubbyhole, Paris saw the poster for the X-rated movie on the side of an ATM in the shop and began shredding it. Her sympathetic friends tried to help by grabbing another Hilton poster, but had to give up as it was chained to the ceiling.

As Paris paid for her magazines, she "reached across the desk and snatched the DVD out of its hiding place," the clerk said. "She stuffed it into her purse and declared, 'I'm taking this and I'm not paying for it.'"

The clerk said he called the police and filed a victim's report for theft and vandalism.

If the reminder of her past mistakes was not enough, six days later Paris was again subjected to embarrassment. As she signed autographs outside trendy restaurant Koi in L.A., one fan surprised her by asking her to sign what appeared to be a slightly risque picture of herself.

With the smile quickly disappearing from her face, Paris tore the photo and got into her car.

Paris Hilton would rather just kiss

Paris Hilton claims she’s “too lazy” to have sex and would rather just kiss.

The 23-year-old hotel heiress tells Rolling Stone magazine, “I’m not a sexual person, really. I don’t really care about sex. If I’m in a relationship, we don’t even do anything, really. We just watch TV. I’m too lazy. I’d rather kiss.”

Hilton’s former boyfriends include Rick Salomon, Tommy Hilfiger model Jason Shaw and Backstreet Boys’ singer Nick Carter.

The third series of her hit reality show The Simple Life with Nicole Richie is due to begin airing in the US next month. ananova

Paris is burning

Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be Hiltons.

Who is Paris Hilton and why have millions of people seen her night-vision-green head bobbing like a dinghy in choppy water above the swarthy groin of an unidentified white man? More importantly, how has this amateur porn starlet managed to parlay her shame into TV shows and nightclub deals? And even more importantly, why do we care?

The answer is in her blood--an aristocratic swirl of red and blue that makes her the darling of certain New York City social circles. Hilton is the 23-year-old great-granddaughter of hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton, who was once married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, and grandniece of Conrad N. Hilton, who was the first in Elizabeth Taylor's coterie of husbands. Raised on the 30th floor of New York's Waldorf-Astoria, she is, by most accounts, a socialite--a term that no longer carries the weight of sophistication that it did for Victorians like Oscar Wilde and Henry James. Rather, it seems to mean that she goes out a lot, typically punctuating her evenings with some kind of table dance, and that she's not afraid to be seen when she does. Paris and her sister Nicky have become staples of the scandal sheets in both New York and Las Vegas. As a measure of her local celebrity, Paris was mentioned in Norm Clarke's Review-Journal gossip column no less than 40 times in 2004. She is also said to be designing her own suite at the Aladdin, where her nightclub--Club Paris, of course--is scheduled to open on New Year's Eve.

This prominence has inevitably led to whispers and innuendos--even among the cretins in my social circle. According to legend, she has made repeated bids to have sex with my friend Tommy and has indulged her narcotic appetites with my friend Tony. I can't speak to the veracity of either tale--both somewhat dubious in my estimation--but their very existence reveals something about Hilton's mystique. How often do you hear people spin yarns about their run-ins with Wayne Newton or Celine Dion? Hilton's charm is founded on her apparent accessibility; you never know when the people's princess might come to a nightclub near you.

I, too, have rubbed elbows with Lady Paris--although in decidedly less glamorous environs. Earlier this year, while waiting on an unexpectedly long car repair, I wandered into Pet Kingdom at the southeast corner of Eastern and Tropicana avenues. Inside, Hilton and her sister, who had arrived in a white stretch limousine, were considering the purchase of ferrets. The consensus was that the ferrets were "totally cute" but that it would be difficult to quarter the curious beasts in their hotel room. (No thought was given to the fact that it is illegal to import ferrets into California, where the pair was headed.) Finally, Paris stumbled onto a solution: The girls would sleep in the bathtub while the ferrets ransacked their suite.

Asinine conclusions like this were the hallmark of "The Simple Life," which starred Hilton and fellow heiress/nymphet, Nicole Richie. They are the product of a mind that has never known temperance or rejection. In the absence of need, satisfaction can only be found in denial or excess. Most people go on the South Beach diet; a select few buy Chanel frocks for their Chihuahuas and make homemade porno films. Hilton indulges herself at every turn, and we are fascinated by her conspicuous consumption (as well as her greyhound-like physique). She is, in fact, the perfect complement to Las Vegas, where exorbitance has evolved into a kind of social currency. At the same time, she is proof that all press is good press and that humility is, like, so passé.

Paris Hilton on Capitol Hill?

Ms. Hilton and Ms. Richie go to Washington, D.C.?

Yes, Paris and Nicole and could be heading to Capitol Hill for season three of The Simple Life to serve as political interns for some of Fox's right-wing allies.

The network isn't denying reports that the celebutantes' next stop could be in D.C., working the Moncia Lewinsky beat. A Fox spokesperson said the next installment is in the very early stage of development, but that the producers have been putting out "feelers" in various places, including Washington.

The New York Daily News reports that Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert and hard-line conservative Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania have been approached, but both have declined the offer to have the scandal-plagued reality starlets take care of their business.

"I asked the Speaker about it, and he didn't think it was such a good idea," Hastert's spokesman, John Feehery, tells the paper.

Meanwhile, apparently trying for humor, a spokesman for Santorum says the senator had a policy of only hiring interns from his native state, and that Hilton grew up living in "the swanky Waldorf-Astoria in New York City [and] although we have several Hilton hotels in Pennsylvania, we'd don't have any Waldorfs! Sorry, Paris."

One thing that's certain is Fox continues to be delighted with the success of the famous-for-being-famous pair's carefully contrived reality show adventures, first down on farm in Arkansas and then in a cross-country RV trip.

After the debut of the dynamic duo's second season road trip, network president Gail Berman called Hilton and Richie "the undisputed stars of summer," as she announced the third season pick-up. The show is popular among the coveted 18-49 demo and it finished its summer run as one of the most watched shows, averaging 10.6 million viewers.


Paris, Nicole and Monica ?

Paris Hilton may want to give Monica Lewinsky a call for some tips on the hotel heiress' next gig.

Not that--as those well-distributed videotapes suggest, Paris could teach the former Bill Clinton paramour a thing or two. But it's Lewinsky's work experience as a White House intern that might aid the celebutante in her next adventure, as she and sidekick Nicole Richie embark on The Simple Life 3: Interns, the third go-round of their Fox TV reality series.

Production on the show begins Wednesday in New York City, with Paris and Nicole hopping a Greyhound bus and preparing to tour the East Coast for the next month.

Along the way, the pals will make several stops, dropping in as houseguests on local families and performing short internships for various businesses and political offices.

Fox reps say the show doesn't have a premiere date yet, but season two of the series premiered last January, and January 2005 may be a likely date for the network to spring the duo's latest shenanigans on viewers.

In the show's first season, Paris and childhood chum Nicole, the adopted daughter of pop star Lionel Richie, swapped their Beverly Hills mansions and Rodeo Drive shopping sprees for the rural life, living and working--well, sorta--on a farm in Arkansas.

And during season two's action, the women drove an Airstream trailer on a cross-country road trip that was supposed to take them from Florida to California, though they'd had enough of life on the road--and working for a living--by the time they hit Texas.

This time, Hilton and Richie will leave the driving to Greyhound, traveling around on a standard bus and possibly even sharing the vehicle with other unsuspecting passengers.

Meanwhile, with their wanderlust hankerings playing out on TV, both Hilton and Richie have other projects cooking. Hilton opened new Club Paris hotspots in Las Vegas and Orlando on New Year's Eve, and she will design her own personal suite at the Aladdin casino and hotel on the Strip in Vegas. The suite will be available for other guests when Paris has checked out, so to speak.

Hilton has also, in recent months, published a book, recorded a pop music CD, begun selling a line of jewelry on Amazon.com, filmed a role in the upcoming National Lampoon big-screen comedy Pledge This! and been linked romantically to tennis aces Mark Philippoussis and Andy Roddick.

And Richie has her own lineup of extracurricular activities on deck, including shopping a proposal for a self-esteem advice book for teens, her own musical endeavors, and, according to a TV insider, pitching a syndicated talk show that she would host.

As for their reality bus excursion, there's one moment that's sure to be a highlight for viewers: Can you imagine the spoiled sports' faces when they discover the Greyhound's on-board powder room? Priceless.


Paris Hilton Too Saucy for Schoolkids

Paris and Nicole are just too hot for rural New Jersey.

Parents at a school in Buena Vista Township, a small farming community in South Jersey, have led a protest that helped nixed plans to film an episode of the third season of The Simple Life there.

Apparently, locals fear the show and its stars, especially sometime porn goddess Hilton, are inappropriate for children and would lead to mass ridicule of the town.

"It's a no-brainer," one local, John Krokos, told the Associated Press. "You don't bring this type of person into a school with 11- or 12-year-old kids in it."

Celebutantes Hilton and Richie were supposed work as substitute teachers and cafeteria monitors at the J.P. Cleary Middle School. The hit Fox reality show had offered school officials $5,000 for their hospitality.

But parents and townsfolk got wind of the plans when permission forms and letters were sent home last week, and a mass protest ensued.

"I just feel that it's ludicrous that the board of education and the administration would invite Paris Hilton to teach 11-, 12- and 13-year olds, and Nicole Richie, too," parent Sue Barber told reporters last week. "Their reputation leaves a lot to be desired."

The hubbub made show producers nervous and caused concern among school district higher-ups, and the plan was officially nixed Monday.

"Generally, it's our policy not to comment on shows while in production," Todd Beck, a spokesman for Bunin-Murray Productions, said in a statement. "But I can tell you we've decided to proceed with other production plans for The Simple Life: Interns. We appreciate the support and interest of local school officials and wish everyone well."

Instead, Hilton and Richie will tackle a firehouse in Atlantic City. Fox and reps for Chief John J. Jasper Jr. Memorial Fire Station remain mum on the girls' official duties. But filming begins Friday, and the inhabitants of the engine house are apparently ready.

"Some guys are excited about it," Captain William Brooks admitted to the Associated Press.

School rejects Paris and Nicole as substitutes

Sorry, Paris: The Fox TV reality series "The Simple Life" will not be using a New Jersey school as the setting for one of its episodes, reports ABC News.

The proposed filming had provoked heated opposition from parents who thought it was not appropriate and feared that it would hold their community up to ridicule.

Producers of the hit show starring racy heiress Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had approached school officials in December, offering to pay $5,000 to film an episode at a school 30 miles west of Atlantic City
This season's episodes will have Hilton and Richie traveling the country trying their hand as interns at various jobs. The idea for the episode was to have Hilton and Richie work as substitute teachers and cafeteria monitors at the J.P. Cleary Middle School.

School district officials initially were amenable to the idea, and permission forms and a letter from the show's production company were sent home to parents last week.

But some responded angrily, saying that Hilton, whose celebrity was fueled by an X-rated home video that made the rounds on the Internet, was not a fit role model for middle school students.


Paris Hilton's ''Simple Life'' filming plans moved from country to city

After getting the cold shoulder in a rural town, Paris Hilton and her reality show are now headed for the city.

The celebrity heiress and her Fox reality show, "The Simple Life," whose plans to film at a school in nearby Buena Vista Township were dashed, will instead film this week at a city fire station.
"Some guys are excited about it," said fire Capt. William Brooks, who heads an engine company at the Chief John J. Jasper Jr. Memorial Fire Station, where filming is slated for Friday.

Firefighters have signed waivers for production company Bunim-Murray Productions and agreed to remain mum about the filming. Brooks would not give details or say whether the city would be paid by producers. Fire Chief John J. Bereheiko did not return telephone calls seeking comment Tuesday.

The show's third season, which premieres Jan. 26, has the 22-year-old Hilton and co-star Nicole Richie traveling the nation, working as interns in a series of menial jobs.

On Monday, Buena Regional School District officials who had planned to put the two to work as middle school substitute teachers and cafeteria monitors withdrew the welcome mat following an uproar from parents and others. Opponents called Hilton a bad example for young children.

Producers had approached school officials in December, offering $5,000 for the right to film at the J.P. Cleary Middle School. School officials liked the idea, and sent permission forms and a letter from the show's production company to parents last week.

But some said Hilton _ who achieved notoriety in part through a pornographic home video _ had no business being around children. Others feared that the show would lead to ridicule for their small community 30 miles west of Atlantic City.

"It's a no-brainer," said John Krokos, 59, who helped rally opposition to Hilton. "You don't bring this type of person into a school with 11- or 12-year-old kids in it."

The opposition prompted school officials to reconsider.

"The show will not come to Cleary School," Buena Regional School District Superintendent Diane DeGiacomo said Monday night. "They needed a commitment from us right away, and we didn't feel like we could do that," she said.

It was a mutual decision reached with show producers, according to DeGiacomo, who said 340 parents had signed and returned the permission forms needed for their children to be filmed.

Only 34 refused to give permission, she said.

"Generally, it's our policy not to comment on shows while in production," said Todd Beck, a spokesman for Bunin-Murray Productions. "But I can tell you we've decided to proceed with other production plans for `The Simple Life' interns. We appreciate the support and interest of local school officials and wish everyone well."

He would not comment on the community's opposition or about plans for the episode being filmed in Atlantic City.


Paris Hilton In Hair Lose Scare


American socialite PARIS HILTON is reportedly battling hair loss after her heavy blonde extensions damaged her scalp.

The 23-year-old SIMPLE LIFE reality TV star has been wearing false hair since 2003 and her head is reportedly beginning to feel the strain.

In British magazine OK!, gossip columnist ASHLEY PEARSON claims the hotel heiress' "weaves and extensions have been taking quite a toll on Paris' hair", adding "it takes her over an hour each day to make her hair look presentable".

Paris Hilton Hated Death Job

PARIS HILTON was "devastated" when she found out TV bosses told her she had to be a morgue attendant in her reality show THE SIMPLE LIFE 3.

The American heiress and her co-star NICOLE RICHIE hated moving bodies and driving a hearse, but they did it for the hit programme which airs this month (JAN05) in America.

Hilton says, "The worst job was working in the morgue where we had to move bodies and drive the hearse."

Paris Hilton's Biggest Mistake Of 2004


PARIS HILTON has rocked ex-boyfriend NICK CARTER's new year celebrations by insisting dating him was the biggest mistake she made in 2004.

The socialite-turned-reality TV star split from the BACKSTREET BOYS star this past summer (04) after a torrid romance, and she still can't believe she fell for the"asshole."

Hilton tells ROLLING STONE magazine, "I don't know what I was thinking. I met him, and I didn't really like him. He kept calling my bodyguards.
"I was like, 'I'm not going out with a Backstreet Boy.' Then I ended up thinking he was, like, nice, and I ended up liking him... but he ended up being an asshole in the end."

Paris Hilton Is the girl you love to hate or hate to love

Paris Hilton is not an intellectual. Nor does she pretend to be. Instead of finishing high school, she got her education in Manhattan clubs. Paris is perhaps the most remarkable success story of 2004, bouncing back from humiliation after her ex-boyfriend released a sex tape they made together nearly five years ago. "I thought my whole life was over," she says. "All my young fans -- I was so embarrassed. I could not believe that someone I loved could do that to me." Instead, tapping into America's obsession with both celebrity culture and the idea that a train wreck might be around the next corner, Paris' star has miraculously risen. Her faux-reality show, The Simple Life (in which she behaves purposefully, exaggerating her ditsiness), has been a hit from the start, with more than 10 million viewers tuning in for each episode. But though on TV she's hyped as an heiress, she has yet to tap into her estimated $30 million inheritance. "I'm making so much money on my own, I don't even need it," she says. On New Year's Eve, she will open two clubs, in Orlando and Las Vegas, and next year she will star in two films, House of Wax and National Lampoon's Pledge This! There's also the matter of her singing career. "Screwed," a pop-dance number, leaked to the Internet and radio in August, and Paris is in progress on an album (possible titles: That's Hot or Paris Is Burning) that will include covers of David Bowie's "Fame" and Blondie's "Heart of Glass."
She talks about her hectic 2004 during dinner at an East Side sushi joint and a courtside perch at the New York Knicks home opener. Men and women stare in shock as she glides past. While the Knicks were getting destroyed by thirty points in the third quarter, half of Madison Square Garden began chanting her name. During the game, even Boston Celtics forward Tom Gugliotta was checking out Paris, who tapped away on her Sidekick, wearing a pink embroidered tank top, Seven jeans, hair extensions, a hint of perfume and pink, and fur-lined Vicini boots. "Number 7 is staring at me," she noticed. "Do you think he's hot?"

What's your bedroom like at home in L.A.?

My room is all pink and my bed is pink, with cream-colored wood. On top there is a pink, bow-y thing, like a canopy. It has pink Egyptian sheets and a down comforter that's pink. Big pink pillows. Big giant teddy bears and toys. And a little pink teddy bear for [her dog] Tinkerbell.

How many pillows do you sleep with?

I love pillows. I need three under my head. I also have the air at fifty degrees. I need to have a fan blowing in my face. I need to wear an eye mask, always. I can't sleep if I don't have an eye mask. I'll tie a T-shirt around my face. I'll look crazy. I cannot see any light, or else I will not sleep.

And what do you think about when you look in the mirror?

[Smiles] I think that I'm lucky.

Because you're beautiful? Or because you own a mirror?

No, I'm just lucky. I don't want to be conceited. I appreciate it. I'm happy.

Have you ever been in a fistfight?

No, I've never touched anyone. I'm too scared. I don't want someone scratching my face or my eyes.

Have you ever not gotten a guy you wanted?

Mmmmm. I think Jude Law is hot, but he's dating that girl.

That's it?

Yeah, for now. . . . No, there's lots of guys.

Name some.

It's too embarrassing. . . . I think Prince William is hot.

You must've met him.

He lives in London. . . . I've seen him, like, at polo matches.

But you've never spoken to him?

I'm too shy.

I read that you were thinking about a boob job. Tell me that isn't true.

No, that's gross. When I was younger, like, sixteen, I wanted them so bad. I was begging my dad, like, "Can I get a boob job?" He was like, "No." When I turned eighteen, I was like, "I'm not getting them." They look deformed. All my friends that have them, they look so gross. I'd rather not have any and not have to wear a bra.

So no boob job. And no tattoos?

They look cool on some people, but I don't want any. Plus, I'd get sick of them.

So you're the only girl in America without a tattoo above her ass?

So cheesy, so unoriginal. Every girl I know has one now, even my sister.

I assume you were at your sister's quickie wedding in Las Vegas.

I gave her away.

How easy was it to do that?

It was fun. We've known him [Todd Meister] since Nicky was, like, fourteen. Him and Nicky are, like, best friends.

I don't get it. She just decided to marry him on a whim?

I think it was me and Bijou [Phillips], and everyone was like, "Do it! Do it!"

It was stupid. We didn't think about it.

Were you drunk?

No. We were having fun.

You're single?

[Nods] And I've never been single in my life.

Are you enjoying that?

Yeah, I like it. I can really focus on my career and not worry about the calling and jealousy and craziness. Guys get weird.

Do you have jealousy problems?

I'm not jealous. Guys get jealous. If somebody wants to do something bad to me, I don't want to be with them anyway. If they're that type of person, I'll find out, because I know everything. I always find out everything.

Do you believe that there should be sanctity in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?

When you're in the public eye, it's wrong to cheat on someone, unless you're very careful. If you're normal and no one's going to know, then do it.

Since you don't drink, what do you do to escape reality? Do you eat pills?

Pills? No.

But you smoke pot sometimes.



OK, fine. But that's all I do.

So every now and then you smoke a joint.

Yeah. Of course. Pot wakes me up. And I drink Red Bull. I always have fun no matter what. I don't need to get wasted.

Don't you think you enjoy sex more than the average person?

I'm not a sexual person, really. I don't really care about sex. If I'm in a relationship, we don't even do anything, really. We just watch TV. I'm too lazy.

Too lazy to have sex all day long?

I just don't want to. I'd rather kiss.

So you just want a guy to cuddle with you, and take care of you?

I like a guy that treats me nice and calls me all the time and text-messages me. We could send each other funny pictures -- I love that. I like guys that make me laugh. Guys that hang out and go to the movies.

That's it?

I don't trust guys.

Guys have needs.

Too bad.

You always go to clubs. You never seem to go to rock shows.

I love to dance, and I have ADD, so I like concerts, but sometimes I get sick of it and I want to hear somebody else sing.

So what's the last concert you went to?

Um . . . Sum 41, like, a long time ago.

Back when you were dating the singer?


And when you were dating Nick Carter, you admitted to liking his group. What's your favorite Backstreet Boys song?

Ewww. I hate them. I don't know what I was thinking. I met him, and I didn't really like him. He kept calling my bodyguards: "Introduce me! Introduce me!" I was like, "I'm not going out with a Backstreet Boy." Then I ended up thinking he was, like, nice, and ended up liking him. I was just sick of bad guys, but he ended up being an asshole in the end. Whatever.

Where were you when you heard about the sex tape?

I was in Australia doing that movie, House of Wax.

What was your first reaction?

I was freaking out. I couldn't believe it. I was like, "There's no way, there's no way." Then someone I knew told me that they'd seen it. I started crying. I came back to Los Angeles and I was so crazy. You know what? After that experience, I learned that you just have to laugh at yourself. It was a bad thing that happened, and I learned so much from it. My life is better now.

After all that, how do you explain that your celebrity has grown exponentially?

I think I have good karma. I'm a good person. I'm sweet. I'm never mean -- I really don't have a bad bone in my body. I don't talk bad about people.

But there's another tape, where you reportedly use the n-word.

No. That's not true. People just make stuff up. It's ridiculous. Someone's trying to start trouble, and it's so annoying. If there was another one, it would be out by now.

In last season's Simple Life, you and Nicole were driving through Florida and were pulled over. You told her something like, "This doesn't look like a cop we can flirt with." How many tickets have you gotten out of?

Every single one. Every time I get pulled over, the cop is like, "We don't need to give you a ticket. Want to go to dinner some time?" I'm like [sarcastically], "Yeah!" I have so many cards from cops, like a whole stack. I feel like they pull me over just to ask me out. Then I'll give them an autograph and a picture and I go. I always speed.

How many cops' cards do you have. Like hundreds?

Yeah. . . . A lot.

In school, did you get away with anything you wanted, or did teachers try to make an example of you?

I got away with everything.


Paris Hilton admits to speeding perk

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has admitted that she never has any problems with policemen who pull her over for speeding.

Paris reveals that she doesn't agree to pay fines, instead she agrees to date the police officer who has stopped her.

She said, "Every time I get pulled over, the cop is like, 'We don't need to give you a ticket. Want to go to dinner some time?'

"I have so many cards from cops, like a whole stack. I feel like they pull me over just to ask me out. Then I'll give them an autograph and a picture and I go."

Paris Hilton Says No To Boob Jobs & Tattoos

Trend-setting socialite Paris Hilton has dealt a blow to America's tattoo artists and cosmetic surgeons by insisting skin art is "unoriginal" and boob jobs are "gross."
The hotel heiress, who coined the year's top phrase, "That's hot," is urging young women to think twice about going under the knife to boost their boobs -- because it's no longer fashionable to have enhanced breasts.

She says, "When I was younger, like 16, I wanted them so bad. I was begging my dad, like, `Can I get a boob job?'

"When I turned 18, I was like, `I'm not getting them. They look deformed.' All my friends that have them, they look so gross. I'd rather not have any and not have to wear a bra."

And she's just as scathing about girls who opt to get their bodies tattooed -- like her sister Nicky.

She adds, "They look cool on some people, but I don't want any. Plus, I'd get sick of them. (They're) so cheesy, so unoriginal. Every girl I know has one, even my sister."


Orlando club opens, but with Paris in Switzerland

Nicky Hilton stands in for her sister at the debut of Club Paris. In the end, Paris didn't make it. Or not in time to cut the ribbon.

Club Paris owner Fred Khalilian promised Paris Hilton would visit Orlando to unveil her new nightspot. But at the last minute, when more than 200 VIP partygoers were waiting for Hilton to arrive, Khalilian announced that she had missed her flight from Switzerland.
Hilton's sister, Nicky, came instead.

"She's so upset that she isn't here," Nicky Hilton told the crowd of Orlando politicians, lawyers, and movers and shakers.

"To me, it doesn't matter," Khalilian said. "Someone is here from the Hilton family."

Khalilian said Paris Hilton would stay in town through tonight. By 12:20 this morning, she had not yet arrived at the club, though Khalilian said she was on her way.

Her partner, Khalilian, had promised a star-studded party, complete with a pink carpet (not red because Paris prefers pink).

The stars who showed up?

Catherine Bach, the original Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. (Apparently Jessica Simpson, who is filming the new Dukes of Hazzard movie, had other plans.)

Boy-band impresario Lou Pearlman was there, along with time-share mogul David Siegel and lawyers Mark NeJame and John Morgan. Siegel tried to walk up the pink carpet -- until security ushered him over to the side.

VIPs and members of the media lined the walkway, bare legs and rhinestone sandals mingling with the jeans and tennis shoes of news photographers. A woman shivering in a strapless dress stood next to a woman draped in a velvet coat.

Disposable cameras poised over the velvet rope, they waited. And waited, well past Hilton's anticipated 7 p.m. arrival. But they expected Hilton to be fashionably late.

"She's putting on her strappy sandals," announced DJ Jana from WXXL FM (106.7).

Pink spotlights flashed above the club as police patrolled the grounds and the nearby Interstate 4 overpass. Scenes from The Simple Life flickered on a giant Budweiser screen as Hummer SUVs rolled up to the entrance, each one prompting cries of "Is it her?"

It's not every day that a celebrity comes to Orlando.

Or promises to.

Some groupies who weren't invited waited outside the gates, hoping for a brush with fame.

Melissa Keener, 14, clad in hip huggers and Guess shoes, clutched a copy of Confessions of an Heiress she hoped Paris Hilton would sign.

She did not.

Orlando Commissioner Daisy Lynum didn't hide her disappointment. "For all those people I invited, I'm going to blast Fred's butt out later," she said.

Commissioner Patty Sheehan had a key to the city framed in pink crushed velvet. The key has caused a controversy at City Hall -- Mayor Buddy Dyer did not deem Hilton important enough for a key. Sheehan disagreed.

"It's high time Orlando was a big city," Sheehan said. "We have arrived."

As for Paris -- she had not.

Paris Hilton arrives at grand opening of her Orlando club six hours later

Paris Hilton was apologizing early this morning after showing up six hours late for the opening of her Florida nightclub.

She was supposed to cut the ribbon at the Club Paris last night in Orlando but didn't show up until about one o'clock in the morning.

Her excuse: she was skiing in the Alps and was delayed at the airport.

The club is supposed to be the first of a handful that will dot the U-S and Europe.

Hilton herself isn't putting any money into the effort and received a substantial up-front payment and a Ferrari to lend her name to the club and make four appearances there a year.


Does Orlando love Paris Hilton?

That's what politicians at City Hall are trying to figure out, as they bicker over whether party girl Paris Hilton will receive a ceremonial key to the city tonight at the VIP opening of the downtown nightclub that bears her name.

Mayor Buddy Dyer decided not to give the billionaire hotel heiress one of the foot-long keys that have been handed out to everyone from Elton John to Vigdis Finnbogadottir, who was president of Iceland at the time.

"The mayor is thrilled that the club is coming but didn't think the event rose to the level of awarding a key to the city," said Joe Robinson, the mayor's deputy chief of staff.

But nobody told City Commissioner Patty Sheehan. She planned to attend the invitation-only opening of Club Paris and had already decided to give Hilton a key herself.

"I'm just trying to recognize someone who is making a significant investment downtown and bringing worldwide attention to Orlando," Sheehan said. "It's not my job to judge anyone."

That's apparently a reference to some of Hilton's more infamous flubs -- perhaps the sex tape she made with a former boyfriend that ended up on the Internet, or the time she was reportedly caught on video using the "n-word."

One of the mayor's aides asked Sheehan not to give Hilton the official honor.

"The key to the city is something reserved for the mayor to bestow," Robinson said.

But Sheehan said her mind is made up.

Still, Paris' key won't be as big as others. Only the mayor has access to the big keys that come in a decorative wooden case. Since 1989, 66 of those have been handed out -- the list includes Delta Burke; George H.W. Bush; Bill Clinton; Paul McCartney; and the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and their manager, Lou Pearlman. Boston Red Sox centerfielder Johnny Damon got one last month.

There's a bin of smaller keys that commissioners can hand out. Sheehan said she has had Hilton's key mounted on pink velvet.

Paris likes pink.

Paris Hilton: The Naked Truth

LAST Wednesday, Paris Hilton told Barbara Walters that she doesn't just sit around saying "That's hot!" all day. Oh, no: she's an avid reader, Ms. Walters's interview disclosed, and a hard worker. Ms. Hilton joined Michael Moore and the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as one of Ms. Walters's choices for the 10 most fascinating people of 2004, rather exalted company for a 23-year-old heiress with a sprayed-on tan, a voracious appetite for pink clothing and a teacup Chihuahua named Tinkerbell.

Of course, Ms. Hilton has had an awfully exciting year: She was a star, with her best friend, Nicole Richie, of her own reality television show (they have filmed a second season, "The Simple Life 2") and of her own homemade sex video (which added that all-important Rob Lowe-Tonya Harding-Pamela Anderson chiaroscuro to a glittery public persona); she became a Guess girl, all fluffy, pink and white and snuggling a teddy bear, and a recording artist (her album is not out yet but her first single is called — perhaps this was not such a felicitous choice — "Screwed"); and, finally, Ms. Hilton is now a memoirist.

"Confessions of an Heiress" is deliciously pink, frosted with photos (more than 300) and larded with tasty revelations. Here are some:

The title of her single, well, she didn't think about its double meaning. "It's not what you think!" she writes. "It's about a girl who really falls for a guy and knows she's emotionally in too deep and in trouble, so she's screwed."

That being an heiress is good for traveling, but it's hard work. That being an heiress means being in charge, though it's not that easy.

That an heiress should always be more important than her clothes.

That it's a good investment to have your makeup applied by a professional. That way you can sleep in it, and the stuff is on the next day. (The spray-on tan is from Mystic Tan.)

That even an heiress like Paris has flaws; hers are big feet.

That the jet-set life is paling a bit. "The ones who are in their 30's and 40's who do it now were high school nerds," she sniffs. Ms. Hilton is dreaming of finer things these days, like puppies and babies.

That it's important to keep people wondering. Say little, smile a lot and don't give too much away — for free. Don't be one of those heiresses who talk about every tight T-shirt they have to buy and every carbohydrate they eat. (For the record, Ms. Hilton is pro-carbohydrate, pro-fast-food. "Always order the largest portion of French fries. Otherwise you'll just want more.")

That she takes her dog, her work and her family seriously, but she doesn't take herself all that seriously.

"And that's the bottom line for me. While the stuff printed about me over the last few years is amusing and makes me laugh, I've finally decided to let the world know: O.K., I get it."

Ms. Hilton's dark side — she went to . . . private school, she has . . . a silly name, people think she is . . . trashy — is the subject of a hilarious exposé, "Paris Hilton: The Naked Truth," by George Mair, whose journalistic skills seem drawn from the Weekly World News school. The book seems not to have been copy edited (Blythe Danner's famous daughter's first name is not spelled "Gweneth"), nor even looked over by its author, who appears to have confused his research and writing files, like a bad student tipping the entire contents of a Google search into his senior paper on current affairs.

There are three full pages devoted to the high jinks of students and parents at some of Manhattan's private schools, none of which Paris attended. There is even a lively discussion of the Prep for Prep program, in which gifted minority students leaven the mix and force rich people to fight even harder to secure a spot for their progeny, asserts Mr. Mair, "with some even finding their way into the so-called Jewish schools." Huh? And what's he on about with this line? "J.A.P. used to stand for Jewish American Princess, but now it's lost its religious and gender overtones to refer to prep school students generally."

Such weirdnesses debase Mr. Mair's docudrama, which is nonetheless riveting for its howlers (Paris, you can rest easy). Here are some:

Ms. Hilton, who has become famous in paparazzi shots for her sway-back swagger and pivot-pose, was trained, says Mr. Mair, by Willi Ninja, the voguing star of the Jennie Livingston documentary "Paris Is Burning."

Mr. Mair also asserts that negotiations with Guess tottered "around and dwindled to nothing." His Guess homework includes two press-stopping details: that when you Google Guess jeans, the most popular hits are not for Paris Hilton, but for Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith. He has unearthed, too, the results of a national survey indicating that Paris Hilton is the most common name for phony deliveries.

But Mr. Mair is deeper than you think. He gnaws over Freud's theories regarding toilet training and money, and puts forth the notion that scions of rich families who wrestle over wills yearn to return to the womb. Finally, he worries that Ms. Hilton will give short shrift to acting, modeling and jewelry design, and then hop on the marriage-divorce treadmill, just as the famous Hilton brides Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor did, "thus cementing a quasi-psychic connection with Hilton family karma."


Uneasy about sleazy: Columnist kicks Hilton habit

Paris Hilton is getting the boot. And we're not talking a plot point in her latest direct-to-video release.

Lloyd Grove, gossip guy for the New York Daily News, resolves that, from now on, the hotel heiress is banned from his Lowdown column.

Seems Grove is suffering pangs of guilt for enabling Hilton's talent-deficient "career." That, or Grove has run out of snarky comments about the alpha tramputante.
Either way, we totally relate.

Even now, Hilton may be planning a blow-out attention-getting scenario involving the New York Yankees, status pocket pet Tinkerbell and the Times Square New Year's Eve ball. But it won't get her back into the column.

The only way we'll see Hilton in the Lowdown again, Grove vows, is if "she discovers a cure for cancer, wins the Nobel Peace Prize, launches herself into outer space - or even gets her high-school diploma."

Translation: Bye, bye, Paris.

The most annoying people of 2004 by Star Magazine

#1 It's A Tie!:

BUG us, baby, one more time, and we're gonna scream!

Britney is the pop princess who seemed to do everything this year -- but sing and dance. (A knee injury led to the cancellation of her U.S. tour in June -- all together now -- awww!) She went from a blink-and you'll- miss-it marriage in January to in-your-face honeymoon bliss at year's end. Brit, what more can you do in 2005? Hey, we know you'll make a great mom!

Britney and childhood friend Jason Alexander were married for 55 hours -- in a row! You don't always have to look glam to leave the house, but come on! It was kinda cute the first time; now we're wondering if she knows any other words.

Thankfully, we'll always have Paris: your average multimillionaire exhibitionist and reality TV star with a tiny dog. So, what's so annoying? Well, she's everywhere! You can't escape her partying -- and her private parts. Hard to imagine that the star of one of the most famous sex videos of all time could be, well, overexposed. On the other hand, Star has to commend you -- you are a good sport and have great style. We can't deny that you live life to the... hilt.


1. Britney Spears/Paris Hilton
2. Anna Nicole Smith
3. Star Jones Reynolds
4. Ashlee Simpson
5. Cameron Diaz
6. Lindsay Lohan
7. Sir Elton John
8. Gwyneth Paltrow
9. Michael Moore
10. Bill O'Reilly

Paris Hilton Is One of Rolling Stone's Heavy Hitters of 2004

Paris Hilton, Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Lindsay Lohan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gwen Stefani and Jamie Foxx join politicians, broadcasters and sports stars on the new People of The Year list in the music bible Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys' 'To The 5 Boroughs,' the 'Alfie' soundtrack and 'Genius Loves Company' by the late Ray Charles have made the end-of-the-year issue's Best Albums list.

They join Green Day's 'American Idiot,' The Cure's 'The Cure,' 'Encore' by Eminem and 'The Delivery Man' by Elvis Costello & The Imposters among others.

And the top 10 singles of 2004 include Ciara's "Goodies," "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, Green Day's "American Idiot" and Usher's "Yeah."

Multi-Golden Globe-nominated movie 'Sideways' tops the magazine's Best Movies list, followed by 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' Clint Eastwood's new boxing movie 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'The Aviator.'

'Alexander,' 'Alfie,' 'Alien vs. Predator' and 'Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow' are named among the Worst Movies of 2004.

Paris Hilton banned from Newspaper column

We'll never have Paris again .Even a gossip columnist has limits. Paris Hilton has finally abused mine.

Over the past five years - without any discernible talent, education, scruples, manners, modesty or underpants - the pretty blond great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton has waged a terrifying campaign for world domination.

The arc of Paris' "career" - from rich, witless party girl to rich, witless party girl with a hit television show - is an insult to the American sense of fairness: the idea that you get ahead by working hard, playing by the rules and acquiring a skill of some sort.

Paris has bothered with none of the above, and yet society continues to reward her with money and fame.

Paris Hilton in Lesbian Sex Tape?

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been struck with another sex tape scandal - this time featuring the sexy blonde frolicking with a woman.

The explicit video was reportedly filmed on the reality TV star's 22nd birthday on 15 February last year (03) - after her high-profile home recording with former boyfriend Rick Salomon.

The saucy tape allegedly shows Hilton and a nude model, known only as Nicole, using sex toys on each other after the pair decided to leave Hilton's party at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas to get intimate in her room,reports the NEW YORK POST newspaper.

It's also claimed SCARY MOVIE 3 actor and former porn star SIMON REX joined them in the hotel suite to film the girls' exploits. The 36-minute movie was reportedly filmed as a birthday present from Nicole to Hilton.

Paris Hilton's Christmas Gifts from Local Biz Man

Paris Hilton is getting a pair of 14K, diamond-studded custom made size 11 shoes for Christmas as well as free shoes for life thanks to a local business man, Robert Yeganeh of LoveMyShoes.com.
The Christmas present will be unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday, December 22nd at 11:00 AM, Romantic Jewelers, 55 W. 47th St., Suite 340. After reading Paris' new book, Mr. Yeganeh learned about her shoe obsession and outrageous shoe collection and went to a jeweler to have these custom shoes made in a size-11, which is very rare in ladies' sizes. Yeganeh owns stores throughout the metropolitan area and will give her free shoes for life whenever she visits the stores. Remarked Yeganeh, "When I learned about Paris Hilton's obsession with shoes, I found out she loves shoes as much as me and I wanted her to never go
shoeless and to have one of the first diamond-studded 14K shoes of its kind."

Paris Hilton has a crush on Prince William

The Simple Life star Paris Hilton has admitted that she has a crush on Prince William, but is too shy to speak to him.

"I think Prince William is hot," she revealed to The Sun. "I've seen him, like, at polo matches." Commenting on whether she has spoken to the Prince, she explained, "I'm too shy."

Hilton also has her eye on Alfie star Jude Law. She continued, "I think Jude is hot. But he's dating that girl."

Paris Hilton '' almost had a boob job''

Paris Hilton has confessed she almost had a boob job - but changed her mind when she realised what fake breasts look like.

The hotel heiress, who stars in hit reality TV show 'The Simple Life' with best friend Nicole Richie, begged her father to let her go under the surgeon's knife when she was just 16 and was devastated when he refused.

However, Paris now admits it was a blessing in disguise as she now realises she doesn't like the look if silicone implants.

She said : "They look deformed. All my friends that have them, they look deformed."
The blonde beauty - whose exes include BackStreet Boys star Nick Carter and tennis player Mark Phillipoussis - says she has a soft spot for the heir to the throne, but is too shy to do anything about it.

She said: I think Prince William is hot. I've seen him at polo matches. But I'm too shy to speak to him!"

The Smell of Success Wafts Through the Air as Paris Hilton Sends Off Her Scent in Grand Style

The invitation to the fete celebrating the launch of Paris Hilton--the perfume, that is--is the best I've ever received. It's a sparkly tiara. How perfect! For a split second, I ponder wearing the Swarovski-crystal crown to the bash, but come on, that would be so not hot.

Plus, considering tonight's cold weather (42 degrees is like a frozen tundra for Angelenos), the last thing I need is ice of any sort. Seriously, it's so friggin' freezing Paris herself is shivering like a Chihuahua underneath her faux fur stole, as she preens for the paparazzi on the hot pink carpet.

"Her business is her social life," confides proud mama Kathy Hilton while we watch Paris work that camera-ready pose: legs crossed at the ankles, hand on hip, head tilted and lips breathily parted. Okay, so I have one thing in common with this wealthy wunderkind. Of course, my social butterfly job doesn't include modeling contracts, a bestselling book, a TV show, movie roles or a porn-tape scandal. Really, is there anything that can stop this girl from saturating every material corner of the earth? I can do anything," Paris giggles, as she tosses her blond extensions. But don't you worry people will get sick of you? "No!" she says. "They love me."

Clearly, she knows whereof she speaks. I follow her inside the staid office building, where the lobby has been turned into a Pepto-pink club with blush-colored pillows, silk fuchsia couches and crystal chandeliers, and the kissy-face crowd dives on Paris likes she's handing out wads of cash.

There are two very different scenes tonight. Downstairs, the socialite-salivating crowd reigns with the Hiltons, while punk rock groupies congregate upstairs in anticipation of a performance by Juliette Lewis & the Licks.

Proud parents Kathy and Rick Hilton arrive moments before their party-hopping daughter, who makes the commute from Orange County via helicopter. No, she wasn't filming another guest spot on The O.C., the multitasker was making an appearance at L.A.'s KISS-FM Jingle Ball. Running even later is little sib Nicky, whom Paris greets with a big "Hey, bitch."

Other Paris peeps include Hilton groupie Chad Muska, her House of Wax costars Elisha Cuthbert and Chad Michael Murray and ladykillers Stephen Dorff and Guy Oseary. In addition, Nicky's post-marriage man Kevin Connolly arrives with his Entourage dudes Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara. Rounding out the crowd are starstruck suits from the perfume company, family friends and a generous amount of young, hip partyers on hand for free booze and socialite sidlings.

After posing next to a wall-size photo of herself, Paris heads to a bouncer-guarded room that is semi-sealed off with breezy floor-to-ceiling curtains. Flanked by her fam, Paris catches up on some text messaging on her bejeweled T-Mobile Sidekick, then gets down to important business. Her stylist has arrived with a bulging sack of shoes. She tries on a half-dozen pairs, but the fashion-obsessed minimogul finally settles some different pink-colored heels. Ah, the difficult life.

What does Paris Hilton give her closest cohorts for their birthday? Why, an array of Paris Hilton goodies, that's what. "She showed up to my dinner with her perfume, an invite to this party, some Hello Kitty stuff, a tiara and a signed copy of her book!" gushes Cuthbert. "And I went, 'Of course you did! I love you!' " Sounds like the only thing missing is a Simple Life DVD.
Paris' B-F-F (you know, best friend forever) Nicole Richie opts out of the fragrant festivities. Not all that surprising, since the only time the blondies truly hang tight is during their Simple Life duties.
As the event winds down, Paris is just warming up: She and her crew are racing off for more action at the Spider Club.


The ''Simple Life 3 '' premieres January 26th , 2005

The SIMPLE LIFE follows celebutantes and best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they pack up their Louis Vuitton bags... again. Only this time, it's for the ultimate cross country road trip when THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 premieres Wednesday, June 16th. On this night, FOX will air a special bonus episode at 8/7c and the regularly-scheduled episode at 9/8c.

Armed with a road map and their trendy dogs Tinkerbell and Honey Child, the girls leave behind their luxurious lifestyles as they embark on a modern-day "Thelma & Louise" adventure that brings new meaning to the phrase "road kill." From the jet stream to the Airstream, the privileged princesses pack up their hot pink pickup truck with all the travel necessities -- Manolo Blahnik shoes, Pucci scarves and Marc Jacobs purses -- as they say goodbye to private parties and hello to public restrooms.

The outrageous fish-out-of-bottled-water series focuses on Hilton and Richie, who are again stripped of their cell phones, cash and credit cards. Departing from Miami Beach, FL and ending up in Beverly Hills, CA, the girls must navigate their way through this wild ride full of new jobs, host families and small towns across the country. From making reservations at The Ivy to making sausages for the locals, from trapping hot guys to trapping crawfish, these hilarious heiresses discover that life on the open road can sometimes drive you crazy. As the girls go from life in the fast lane to life in the carpool lane, the question still remains: can they survive THE SIMPLE LIFE 2? And can America survive them?

Paris Hilton named most Fascinating Person of 2004

Paris Hilton's declaration that she doesn't sit around all day saying "That's hot" has apparently scored her points with Barbara Walters, who named the hotel heiress the most intriguing person of the year, The Associated Press reports. Walters, whose Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2004 airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on ABC, chats with the socialite about her illustrious catch phrase as well as the infamous sex tape Hilton made with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon. "I was in love with him and people, I think, do that sometimes. I never thought that it would get out and that I'd be hurt like that," Hilton tells Walters. "It was (very painful). I thought it was the end. I thought, I was so embarrassed for all my teenage fans and my younger fans. I thought it was over." Hilton also reveals she reads books, the most recent one being Maneater, a novel about an uninhibited L.A. woman's search for a man. On Walters "most fascinating people" list, Hilton, who just wrapped the third season of her Fox reality series The Simple Life, beat out filmmaker Michael Moore, Jeopardy! whiz Ken Jennings and Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.

Paris Hilton is fourth-grade girls idol

Paris Hilton has been the brunt of many jokes, but now she's getting the "South Park" treatment on Wednesday's (December 1) episode, when all the fourth-grade girls idolize a certain blonde celebrity, known for her jet-set lifestyle, television show and extracurricular activities. They play with her new toy set that comes complete with a video camera and night-vision filter, and try to pursue the boys to make their own videos — until "Paris" arrives to offer some competition. The episode, called "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset," airs 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Paris Hilton stapler sells for $1,000
$1000 for a stapler? No, it's not holiday shopping madness, but an online auction for a Paris Hilton autographed stapler.

Office retailer Staples is holding a "Staplers of the Stars" online charity auction of celebrity signed staplers. With more than 140 celebs in the mix, Hilton's stapler is currently leading the pack at $1,005.

Hilton is followed by Donald Trump and Katie Couric, whose autographed staplers are each going for $800. Other staplers being bid on are signed by Ringo Starr, Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates, Rudy Guiliani and Cher.

All of the proceeds go to a charity of each star's choosing. Since the auction opened on Nov. 16, more than 2,600 bids have been placed. The staplers are available to bid on until Dec. 6 at www.staples.com. "We've made it easy to get a truly unique holiday gift for someone while supporting a charitable cause," Shira Goodman, vice president of marketing at Staples, said in a statement. "We're grateful to all the stars who donated their signatures to make this fun and successful."

Paris Hilton's fragrance hits New York's stores

While Paris Hilton's perfume is still slated to officially hit stores in February in time for Valentine's Day, it's gotten a soft launch and is in some department stores now, such as New York's Macys, but without displays to make a big production out of it. The heiress is celebrating the launch of the scent Friday at a party in Los Angeles, and is planning future launch parties in other cities through February. The Paris Hilton fragrance is both fruity and floral, with notes of apple, peach, mimosa blossoms, night-blooming jasmine, and of course, some musk and pheromones to keep it sensual. Meanwhile, the third installment of the heiress' FOX reality show with Nicole Richie, "The Simple Life 3: Interns," now has a premiere date of January 26. ...

Valance joins Paris Hilton in National Lampoon Movie

Australian singer Holly Valance has landed her first movie role opposite PARIS HILTON in the upcoming National LAMPOON comedy PLEDGE THIS!.

The Kiss Kiss hitmaker has put her music career on hiatus after dismal sales of her two albums FOOTPRINTS and STATE OF MIND and has subsequently lost her record contract.

Valance's minor role as Jessica will mark her second acting job ever, after playing FELICITY 'FLICK' SCULLY in Aussie soap opera NEIGHBOURS for three years (99-02).

Hotel heiress Hilton also has a minor role as Victoria, whose on-screen boyfriend is played by former porn star and the socialite's off screen beau Simon Rex.

Colin Farrell and Paris Hilton's intimate encounter

Irish lothario Colin Farreli reportedly enjoyed a romantic liaison with American socialite Paris Hilton last week (ends26NOV04).

The phone booth hunk was promoting his new film ALEXANDER when he bumped into the blonde heiress, who was being filmed for Barbara Walter's TV show THE TEN MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE OF 2004.

A source tell "Colin is a lot hotter in person and Paris was unbelievably sweet. But it was not clear, though, whether the couple had previously arranged a meeting or it was just coincidence.
"Still, what happens when the two most oversexed people on the planet get together - they continued the party, alone, after the cameras shut off."

Hilton has been romantically linked to a host of famous men, including BACKSTREET BOY Nick Carter, former porn star Simon Rex, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jaime Kennedy , SUM 41 singer Deryck Whibley and AUSTRALIAN IDOL contestant Rob Mills.

Meanwhile, Farrell has a baby son James with ex-love Kim Bordenave.

The Paris Hilton sex tape & Reality TV phenomenon

I used to hear about Paris Hilton fleetingly. She was at this premiere, or that event. Someone got a picture of her. But since she wasn’t actually in the industry, I never paid much attention. She didn’t act, she didn’t even model. She was just somebody’s daughter.
Now, of course, she’s the biggest news of anything. I actually saw her sex video because a publicist e-mailed it to me. You’ve got to love an industry where passing around pornography is considered research. And it legitimately is, because I would be terribly uninformed if I hadn’t seen the Paris Hilton sex tape. The two and a half minute clip the made it online was an interesting sociological phenomenon. Some people worried that it showed a form of date rape, that Hilton was too out of it to really be consenting to sexual intercourse.

I didn’t find that to be the case at all. I think all rich people have sex in a daze, whether they’re on drugs, or just naturally out of it. They have no worries of responsibility, so why should they be aware of what their bodies are doing?
The thing is, I don’t even find Paris Hilton that hot. Of course she’s thin and has a good body, but so do all the women in straight to video erotic thrillers. She’s got the platinum blonde look that every other model or actress has. I happen to prefer brunettes, but even the blondes that are awe-inspiring – the Uma Thurmans, the Kate Bosworths, the Cameron Diazes, the Reese Witherspoons – have some unique look about them. Uma’s nose, Kate’s cheeks, Cameron’s smile, Reese’s overall cuteness. Paris Hilton is really just your average blonde.

My girlfriend was upset with me for watching the sex tape clip. I tried to explain to her that you simply had to watch it. It would be socially irresponsible not to. Besides, you don’t put anything on videotape if you don’t intend somebody to see it. If you really didn’t want anyone seeing you naked, high and fornicating, you wouldn’t break out the video camera. Since I’m not even that attracted to Hilton, it’s really just the mystique of somebody famous. She’s famous around the world, and now she’s available naked, so you should see it. What’s wrong with that logic? It’s the same as wanting to see anyone you know naked. If one of my journalist colleagues made a sex tape, I’d also want to see it, just because I know them. Even the ugly ones, I’d want to see just as a social thing.

Then there’s The Simple Life, the ridiculous high-concept reality series made before Paris Hilton’s infamy, that has benefited greatly from her sudden pornographic notoriety. Who really cares about seeing two rich brats forced to do manual labor? I guess there’s a perverse joy in seeing them suffer, but it’s just a gimmick. They go back to their sheltered lives, and the only one who gains is the network who sold millions of dollars in ad space because 20 million viewers wanted to see Paris Hilton shovel cow poop. To be fair, I’ve only seen little pieces of the show, usually the last minute or so when I’m waiting for 24 to start. But I don’t get it. The girls freak out because there’s a bug in the room and run around in their skimpy nighties. At least Newleyweds has irony. That Chicken of the Sea line is a word play. Simple Life looks like it’s just frantic hyper rich girls. But to each his own.

I guess the most baffling thing to me is that we’re so interested in someone who’s never done anything. Not that actors are the most worthwhile social contributors, but at least they create work that moves us. Even models do that somewhat. Paris Hilton has done nothing but be someone’s daughter. If she weren’t thin and blonde, would anyone still care? I guess by my earlier logic, they would want to see an ugly sex tape just on principle.

So, the Paris Hilton phenomenon continues. They milked a reunion special out of The Simple Life and it’s going to be on DVD soon. There are two sex tapes floating around out there and supposedly she’s now changed her ways. Yet, she still doesn’t do anything. She's starting to act, but only because of the fame she got for having horrible values. So we’re happy that someone who’s still only famous for being a daughter has finally found good values. Maybe her fame will encourage others to follow her lead and tone down the partying lifestyle. Maybe this could indirectly prevent unwanted pregnancies or date rapes. That would be a positive social impact.

Paris Hilton is bad for kids

Sharon Osbourne has reportedly accused Paris Hilton of being a bad role model for children due to her explicit sexual escapades.

"I was at the Teen Choice Awards with Kelly and little girls were screaming over Paris Hilton. A f**king piece of scrawny old grizzle who's only famous for sucking c**k in a home-made porn video," Osbourne was quoted by the Female First, as saying.

Defending her drud addict children Jack and daughter Kelly, Osbourne said that they are still far better examples for kids than Hilton, despite their troubles with drugs. "My kids are good role models,"she added.

New hot photos of Paris Hilton in Hustler Magazine

Photographs of a Paris Hilton makeout session with a woman at a nightclub have provided a new venue - Hustler magazine - for the hotel heiress and TV reality show star.

Eight pictures, which are from about 2002, show Hilton, fully clothed, "with a brunette at a nightclub, cavorting with her, dancing and cuddling with her and fondling her," Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt told The Associated Press. Schmidt said he sold the photos to the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based adult magazine for an undisclosed price.

The photos showed Hilton in a leopard-print halter top and low-slung black pants, and the brunette is wearing a midriff-baring black halter, the New York Daily News said in Monday's editions. Bruce David, Hustler's editorial director, told the AP the photos will likely be published in the May issue, which hits newsstands at the end of February.

"It's a hot, passionate serious makeout session," David said. "It does not appear to be two girls kidding around or two girls kissing each other hello. It seems to be pretty hot and pretty heavy." Hilton's spokeswoman, Gina Hoffman, was traveling Monday and couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

The 23-year-old model-actress has been filming Fox's "The Simple Life 3" with friend Nicole Richie, daughter of pop star Lionel Richie. Hilton gained notoriety when a homemade sex video she shot years ago with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced on the Internet, leaving her "embarrassed and humiliated." The video spurred Salomon to file a $10 million slander lawsuit against the heiress and her parents, but it was dropped in April. Salomon's lawsuit alleged that Hilton and her parents "embarked on a cold, calculated and malicious campaign to portray (him) as a rapist who took advantage of a sweet and innocent girl."

''I don't want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hiltons. I want to be known as Paris.''

Paris Hilton was born on February 17th, 1981, to Rick and Kathy Hilton, making her the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and source of the family fortune -- estimated at $300 million. Her grandfather, Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, Jr., also brought some notoriety to the family, as he was the first of Elizabeth Taylor's many ex-husbands. Paris' younger sister, Nicky (born in 1983), shares the throne as co-heiress of the Hilton empire.

Growing up in Manhattan's ritzy Waldorf-Astoria, the family's New York home, as well as other Hilton digs in Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, Paris didn't seem to yearn for much. Even after graduating from high school, college didn't appeal to her. So, around the year 2000, Paris decided to branch out and become famous.

She began to make a name for herself as a model, soon appearing in shows for designers such as Marc Bouwer and Catherine Malandrino, and she later completed an ad campaign for Iceberg, an Italian label. In addition, Paris has posed for spreads in national magazines such as GQ, Vanity Fair and FHM, and has also been profiled, along with her sister, in People magazine.

At the same time, Paris became the center of attention because of her relationships -- real or imagined by the paparazzi -- with some of Hollywood's hottest young stars. In early 2000, Paris was spotted around town with Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the press, especially the National Enquirer, blew their casual friendship far out of proportion. Nevertheless, she apparently dated Terminator 2's Edward Furlong for a few months, and was later seen out and about with boxer Oscar de la Hoya. Paris has also been linked with actor and Tommy Hilfiger model, Jason Shaw, Sum 41 lead singer Derek Whibley, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

Paris, along with her younger sister Nicky, also became notorious as socialites, gracing party after party and getting bad press for their antics. For example, Paris has grabbed headlines by shoving ahead of others in a washroom line, then, when upbraided for her rudeness, quipped that she only wanted to look at herself in the mirror. She has also danced on top of bar banquettes, gone topless for attention, and paraded around in designer T-shirts with slogans like, "Got Blow?" Yet Paris maintains that the bad press "sucks" and that "people are mean."

Perhaps in an effort to clean up her image, Paris has tried to make her mark by working on more substantial projects. In 2001, she had a cameo appearance in Ben Stiller's fashion spoof, Zoolander. Other appearances include a role as a strung-out supermodel in the film short QIK2JDG, The Hillz (co-starring boyfriend Jason Shaw), Wonderland, and the big-screen adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic, The Cat in the Hat. She also starred in the FOX reality show, The Simple Life, based on Green Acres, and featured Paris Hilton living on a farm. The show was such a success that there will likely be a sequel.

On top of her burgeoning acting career, Paris has designed a high-end collection of purses for Tokyo label Samantha Thavasa, along with her sister Nicky. Paris has also given back; she has done charity work for Toys for Tots. Unfortunately, her attempts to start a modeling company and a makeup line seem to have fizzled.

Paris has also grabbed headlines thanks to a makeout session with notorious lesbian, Ingrid Casares, and a sex tape starring Paris and ex Rick Solomon that was released on the Net, and of course, spread like wildfire. Paris Hilton also appears in 2004's Raising Helen, starring Kate Hudson.

Not a simple life for Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton sets the standard for the wealthy, twenty-something socialites of the 21st century. Her privileged upbringing as heiress to the Hilton millions and her whirlwind itinerary of partying make her seem like a perfect subject for Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Even a life that is such an Epicurean feast is not without its hiccups. Paris has garnered unwanted attention in the tabloids for her connections with movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Furlong, not to mention a sex tape that made its way onto the Internet. And she hasn't helped matters with her obnoxious conduct at a number of functions and parties at such high-profile venues as the notorious Studio 54, which has been duly publicized by the gutter press.

Nevertheless, Paris has made some efforts to step out of the imposing shadow of the Hilton name. She has established herself as a model and taken the first steps toward starting an acting career, as well as made inroads into the business end of the fashion world. It's too soon to tell just how successful these ventures will be, and whether the name Paris Hilton will ever mean more than a hotel in France.

Sadly, it seems that Paris' reputation as a "poor little rich girl" is justified. While by all accounts Paris has good relationships with her family, especially her sister and party partner Nicky, her public persona tends to be haughty and self-centered. Along with her well-publicized bathroom line-cutting, another example of Paris' self-absorption is that her favorite movie is Zoolander -- in which she appears. As for talent, Paris' ventures in film and fashion entrepreneurship have yet to really take off. But to be fair, merely in her early 20s, Paris still has a lot of time to explore and establish herself as something other than just another excessively wealthy socialite.

Despite her protestation that she hates being famous, Paris adores the spotlight, and is very uninhibited (as her appearance in a homemade sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon would suggest). Combine that lack of restraint with a pouty, girlish joie de vivre, and you've got quite a package -- or a handful, if you tend to be more cynical. In the end, Paris' sexiness is a matter of personal preference. Her lack of sophistication, despite a privileged upbringing, when amplified by infantile antics, could be a real turnoff for many. Nevertheless, a breezy attitude, a pretty face, and a juicy bankroll are enough for some men. And since when were "respectable" women automatically sexy anyway?

Paris Hilton as a role model

Ironically, Paris' main accomplishment is that she has made herself famous without really having accomplished anything, aside from some modeling and bit parts in films like Wishman, Nine Lives, The Hillz, Wonderland, and The Cat in the Hat. She also starred in FOX's reality show, The Simple Life, which featured Paris Hilton and best friend Nicole Ritchie (daughter of Lionel) living on a farm. The show was such a ratings hit that a sequel is being considered.

But you have to give Paris credit for dropping some of her cash on charities and charitable events, such as a casino night to benefit Harlem's Room to Grow charity. And her trying to make a mark in the real world is commendable (even if it is the rather bogus world of fashion).

Paris' fame remains closer to notoriety than true recognition. She is still a fixture in gossip columns and the tabloid press thanks to her antics at parties and string of high-profile boyfriends, and has now apparently become a role model for other attention starved socialites looking to up their public profile.

Paris isn't quite a voluptuous knockout, but she certainly is pretty, and her success as a model is understandable. Her slender frame is certainly the stuff of cover girls. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, and sensuous mouth round out the picture. But since she is still in her early 20s, Paris has the waifish, not-quite-developed look of an awkward teenager, which can detract from her assets. Perhaps in a few more years her beauty will mature a little more, and, by doing so, deepen.

Paris' style leaves a bit to be desired, as it tends to shock rather than soothe. At a high-profile L.A. shindig, for example, she wore a white shredded-hem silk dress with rhinestones by Heatherette, sky-high Patricia Field platforms, and a white bomber hat by Gucci -- and she looked like a dude ranch reject. Usually, Paris can be seen in low-slung Frankie B. jeans, a tank top, a denim jacket, faux-diamond waistbands, and too much makeup: in other words, a more urban kind of overpriced pseudo-chic. It's difficult to imagine Paris in anything truly elegant.

Is Paris Hilton In-Love With Tennis Star Mark Philippoussis?

paris hilton and mark philippoussis

October 26, 2004.

Since news emerged from Los Angeles on the weekend of hotel heiress Paris Hilton telling two Australians she was "head over heels in love" with Philippoussis, speculation over the Aussie tennis star and Goodrem's 10-month romance has been in the headlines Down Under.
It has overshadowed the split of former tennis No. 1 Lleyton Hewitt and his Belgian fiancee Kim Clijsters, the former women's No. 1, four months before their planned wedding. Philippoussis and Goodrem, 19, have refused to comment on the breakup and Hilton, 23, is reportedly furious that her comments have appeared in the media. While TV celebrities and columnists have been scathing of Philippoussis, nicknamed Scud for his powerful serve, Rosanna Philippoussis went public to defend her son. "I don't have (anything) bad to say about my son," she was quoted saying in Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday. "Mark was No. 9 in the world 10 months ago and now he's 106. Well, he wants to put his life back into tennis and with a relationship, he can't do that." A Sydney Morning Herald headline "Is Scud a cad?" reflected the general sentiment in the Australian media. TV and radio focussed on his string of failed romances, including a brief dalliance with women's tennis star Anna Kournikova. The Daily Telegraph cited sources saying Philippoussis had ended the relationship with Goodrem earlier this month, a few days before he met Hilton at a party in Los Angeles. Richard Squire, a publicist for Hilton, said the young socialite was outraged her comments had appeared in the media. "The message from Paris was 'What is this all about?"' Squire was quoted saying. "It was probably just some throwaway comment." Goodrem, a former star of Australian TV soap 'Neighbours,' met Philippoussis after he sent her a card while she was in rehabilitation from cancer last year. Goodrem was in London this week to launch her new single 'Out of the Blue' - a song inspired by her love for Philippoussis. She won an award as Australia's best-selling artist at the 2004 World Music Awards last month.

Paris Hilton request for job denied

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have been forced to explore alternative employment options in New York City, after the Wall Street Journal rejected their job requests.
For the third installment of their hit reality show "The Simple Life," Richie and Hilton will hit the road around the north-east section of America -- traveling around in Greyhound coaches.

The trek, which is slated to begin shooting Wednesday, will reportedly last a month. Along the way, the pair will stop to work a variety of different jobs, from blue collar to managerial.

But when producers contacted the publication to see if the pair could spend a day in the office, the Journal declined and offered them free subscriptions instead. In past series, the best pals have been seen making a mockery of their jobs, much to the entertainment of audiences but despair of their bosses.

Another Paris Hilton Sex DVD

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is facing another round of public humiliation -- her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon plans to release another DVD of the pair having sex.

Salomon, ex-husband of actress Shannen Doherty, is reportedly preparing to release a two-part DVD of their sex antics shot several years ago. People magazine reports that the footage has been culled from 13 hours of tape and will feature a never-before-seen color video of the two having sex. But unlike the first sex DVD, which initially rose to popularity on the Internet, Hilton will not receive any money from the profits. Hilton is also very clear on where she stands with Salomon. She remarks, "Ewww! I would not talk to him if you paid me a billion dollars. He's disgusting! ''

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