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Peyton List As the World Turns

Peyton List

Peyton List was born on August 8, 1986, in Baltimore, Maryland. The young beauty joined CBS's As The World Turns on December 14, 2001 in the role of Lucy Montgomery, daughter of Craig and Sierra Montgomery. Upon returning to Oakdale, Lucy attempts to break free from her overprotective parents and develop her own true identity. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, by her parents Sherri and Doug, Peyton began her acting and modeling career when she was eight years old. Since then, she has appeared on NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and HBO's Sex and the City. In addition, her movie credits include Enemy of the State and Washington Square. A talented ballet dancer, Peyton studied with the School of American Ballet in New York City and starred in The Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet. She also got started modeling for Girls' Life Magazine. This 18 year old star has a promising career in the future.

More fun facts about Peyton List

Siblings: One older sister, Brittany
Song or book title that best describes my life: Chaos
Favorite pig-out food: Popcorn
Biggest vice: Curly-fries
Favorite movie: Sixteen Candles, Sliding Doors, Memento, Legally Blond, The Sweetest Thing, and all of the 80s teenage movies
Favorite actor/actress: Gwenyth Paltrow
My friends always say that I: Own so many movies
A language you've always wanted to learn: Spanish
I've always wanted to live: Miami Beach
Favorite song/singer/band: Michelle Branch
Dream vacation spot: Hawaii

Fan-tabulous Peyton List

Meeting fans is part of being a daytime star, but some experiences stick out more than others. We asked some AS THE WORLD TURNS actors to tell us about their craziest or most memorable fan encounters.

Peyton List (Lucy):
We were on the road trip in Franklin, Ind. and Sari (Yanishefsky, hairstylist), Eldo (Ray Estes, key makeup artist) and I had gone across the street to McDonald's to get our naughty fast-food. We had to cross the highway to get back to our hotel and this car hit the brakes, pulled over, then she went in reverse to get back to us and goes, "Lucy, is that you?" We were just standing there, three people walking down the side of a highway. How would you ever recognize anyone?

Fans Love Lusty

WEEKLY: What's it like working together?
McCouch: Easy.
List: One scene at a time.
McCouch: One scene at a time.
WEEKLY: Is that your motto?
McCouch: Yep. They go right to tape with our stuff. It's so demanding on the actors, and our way of handling it has been, "One at a time." We'll work on that one scene and then flush it down the toilet when the scene's over. Then we ask for a brief pause to look at the next one.

WEEKLY: Do you rehearse your scenes a lot beforehand?
List: We run the lines for the words. But every single time we tape, it's different.
McCouch: Peyton's so cute. She'll say, "Ugh, I'm not ready." She'll be in the hair room and we're trying to cram in lines over hairblowers and she enters the scene sometimes unwillingly. Then all of a sudden they call action and it's all over. She's amazing.

WEEKLY: What has fan reaction been like?
McCouch: My business partner said to me, "Do you know you guys have your own Lusty fan site?" We have Lustyheads out there who are down with the chemistry.
List: I've run into people who have given me folders and official cards for their Web site.
McCouch: I was given a whole album on Lusty with pictures, letters and actual storyline. They wrote their own Lusty fantasies. They are very committed. It's nice when people are so vocal about something they like. It's helpful to hear.
List: Being here [at the set] sometimes you feel like it's going a certain way and you feel really good about something and then it doesn't turn out to be the way you thought it was. It's cool to have a response where you feel like what you're enjoying and experiencing, the audience is doing that, too. They get it and they're in tune with it.

WEEKLY: What about that age difference?
McCouch: No one blinks an eye at a 20-year difference as long as the guy's like 45 or 50. Like 50 and 30 totally works. 'Cause you know, the girl's mature. If he's mature, she's younger, but it's all well-suited. We're probably right on track.
WEEKLY: What would you like to see happen with Lusty?
McCouch: Four kids and a Lusty marriage. I hope they stay together forever. She really has lured him in. The last thing he wants to be a part of is a responsible relationship. And yet here he is. He's hooked. So regardless of what happens, she'll be a tough one to get out of his system.
List: Just how they got together in the first place was so different from other couples. They started in extreme circumstances. They were tough with each other and as their relationship progresses they're getting nicer to one another.

WEEKLY: It seems like it's Dusty and Lucy against the world.
McCouch: I got to see her toughness and she was supposed to have this whole maturation process which she did through all these crises. We've been through a lot of stuff together in a short amount of time. There seems to be a loyalty and a devotion to one another.
List: She assumes that he knew about the loaded gloves [during the fight] because he knew that it was going to be fixed and she's really upset because her friends are getting hurt. She goes off and cries and says he's a jerk and she hates him and that's it. But then within a day she turns around and is like, "Okay, I don't really care." She can't go a day without him.
McCouch: There's a security there that one would naturally have. I depend on feeling like she needs to be taken care of by me. I'm the only sensible figure in her life and the only one who can protect her. It's a vain outlook but it is the way it is. List: There's a difference in personality and ambitions and goals. You're constantly making compromises. He makes a lot of compromises for Lucy which doesn't seem like it'd be a typical quality with him.
McCouch: Damn straight. You know a guy maybe goes down that road once, twice. If it doesn't work out he's too traumatized to ever go again, to have someone that beautiful and have it be that right and potentially have it traumatize you. You only have a handful, and this is probably the one.

WEEKLY: And Lucy's put off college to stay with Dusty.
McCouch: That's huge. Williams, no less. One of the top in the nation (laughs).
List: That's a huge thing and people would tell me, "I can't believe you're putting off college." Because their view on it was that it was a young, foolish, just jumping-before-you're-looking-thing. It was a huge decision she completely thought through. The lines that Lucy were saying were, "I'm in love with Dusty and I'm staying here to be with him." But I think off-camera she spent hours going,"I can't believe I'm not going to go to college but..."
McCouch: Well, she's smart enough.
List: She's too smart.
McCouch: She corrects me all the time.
List: It's making me feel bad.
McCouch: And it's cool that the educated rich girl gives up the college education for the bad boy. It's a nice compromise. They complement one another perfectly. She can't stand her bullsh-- uptown world and we meet on that middle ground.
List: People are like, "You smile now." She feels safe and comfortable. I have funny lines. I get the script and I'm like, "She's funny...sometimes."

Peyton List has tons of fun playing Lucy

When Craig, Sierra and Bryant Montgomery resurfaced in Oakdale, many fans were clamoring to see the fourth member of the clan, Lucy. Unfortunately, tragedy struck with Bryant's untimely death, and now, Lucy has come to town to try to connect to her father – and have some fun! CBS.com caught up with PEYTON LIST, the Baltimore native who recently joined the cast of As the World Turns in the role of Lucy.
CBS.com: How are you liking ATWT so far?
PEYTON LIST: It’s tons of fun! [The people are] amazing, so cool. You can’t stop laughing around here. They’re just so funny. When I first came here, everyone was going completely out of their way to make me feel welcome. It was really nice.

CBS.com: How did you land the role?
PEYTON LIST: I just auditioned for it. I went through all the auditions and I got it.

Multi-dimensional Peyton List

Every teen star in Hollywood was shamelessly vying to be on our 10th-anniversary cover. We got flowers, expensive gifts, muffin baskets. But, somehow, having a big celeb on the cover just didn't seem right. This is a real magazine for real girls. So we put a soap star on instead. OK, not any soap star--our soap star. Peyton List, who turns 18 the day this magazine turns 10 (how's that for kismet?), has been with GL from the start. She's been on our cover more than any other girl (this is her sixth), and she got her start appearing in those very pages. We are se proud of how far we've both come.

LIFE ON AS THE WORLD TURNS "I've been playing Lucy for three years. Lucy's a wonderful character--she's really multi-dimensional and has a broad range of emotion. Lucy always handles herself with grace and integrity. She's allowed herself to evolve and change without losing sight of herself or compromising what she believes is truly important."

ON BLOWING A LINE "Honestly, I embarrass myself every day, but so does everyone else on the show. It's a twisted form of comic relief!"

SHE'S BEEN HUNKED Peyton gets to work with lots of hunky guys on the show. "They're gorgeous. But it's hard to appreciate striking features and buffed bods when they make you laugh se hard you can barely see straight! Four actresses on the show are married to actors who are or were on ATWT! As for my dating life, being a soap star hasn't helped it out, but Agim Kaba, who was Lucy's boyfriend [Aaron], is one of my closest friends."

SOAP-STAR PERK "My fellow actors and crew members are an extraordinary group of people who offer an incredible amount of support."

BUT IT'S WORK "Its a grueling schedule! A 12-hour day is not uncommon. Don't get me wrong--Lucy is great. But, sometimes, she can be a little too time-consuming!"

Peyton List beauty secrets

We asked day time soap opera star/high school sophomore Peyton List to prove that all you need to look fabulous this holiday is one stunning, sparking piece.

Sixteen-year-old Peyton List has come a long way, baby -- and we couldn't be more proud. A long-time GL fan, Peyton started modeling for us six years ago and has been one of our favorite readers ever since. Peyton has been on GL's cover four times (more than anyone else) and now has a steady gig on As the World Turns as sheltered teen Lucy Montgomery. But even though she spends three days a week filming the soap, Peyton still attends the same all-girls school and lives a (relatively) normal life. Here are her looking-great secrets:

"When in doubt, wear a cool color from head to toe." Says Peyton. "I studied with the School of American Ballet: so I love this great dance-inspired skirt. Add a temporary streak of color in the hair to match your outfit ( I like Hot Head Streak'n in Vivid Violet): It looks more pretty than punk."

"I love to get dressed up, but I love wearing jeans even more! If you want to be comfortable and dressy, just throw n a pretty shirt and a super special mini wrap over your favorite jeans. Icy makeup colors look cool but not overdone."

Who is sari now? you won't be. "This outfit seems totally exotic, but it's really just a T-shirt, pants and sneakers with a tunic on top. Not the same old, same old, but it's still cool and comfy."

"People always think you need to buy fancy, expensive clothes to haul out once a year when you want to look special, but that's not true. These are the same chinos I wear on the weekends, paired with a velvet blazer I throw on over jeans. You just add this sequin tank, some glittery nail polish, gloss and...bam!...a killer outfit."

"I love wearing things in inventive ways. This looks like a dress that's super trendy and tough to wear lots of places, but it's really a skirt and tube top worn under a sweater! You can wear any of these pieces with other stuff and dress up anything you own. How cool is that?"

Goldilocks never had it this good! "I Love the whole menswear thing Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne do. This is a special occasion twist on that look--perfect for a family party."

Peyton List loves Lucy

You play Lucy Montgomery on AS The World Turns. What's she life?

Lucy has been sheltered all her life, so she's very sweet and innocent. She just wants everyone to get along and always looks for the good in people

So she's just like you!

Not exactly! Lucy is pretty pampered. I'd love to have her mansion, her horse and a rich family that spoils me rotten. That's not my life! My life is homework, trying to learn pages and pages of lines, and endless traveling."

So how has playing Lucy changed you?

I've stated answering to "Lucy"! When fans talk to you, they ask thins like. "Are you getting along with your Dad?" It took a few times before I realized they wanted to know about Lucy and her dad Craig.

Any set secrets you can tell us?

We only have a day to learn tons of lines so, as hard as we try, we're not always 100-percent prepared. So we all hide strips in weird places around the set--under cushions, in trash baskets, everywhere! The second the director yells, "Cut!" everyone scrambles for their script slash.

What do your friends think of you being on a soap?

It's a little hard for them to watch the show, since they are in school! The just think of me as Peyton, not really Peyton who plays Lucy. We just talk about normal stuff, like homework and what's happening this weekend. But I know tons of people love to watch the show during winter break so, the second I get back to school in January, it'll be like, "Since we're back and can't tune in, can you tell me what happens?"

A new star, Peyton List, was born

CBS.com: Had you ever thought of doing a soap before?
PEYTON LIST: No. I had gone out for a soap audition two years [ago]. This is the first one I’ve been on since.

CBS.com: Did you always want to act?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah. I mean, I always [watched shows on] TV and thought, “Oh, I want to do that.” But I was never really very, very serious about it until I started coming to New York when I was 12 and started going on auditions.

CBS.com: Were your parents supportive of your decision to pursue acting?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah, they were really supportive the whole time. You know, [if] I come out of a bad audition, they’re like, “Oh, I’m sure you did great!” They’re very supportive.

CBS.com: Did you ever do any theater?
PEYTON LIST: I was auditioning for small things, then I got a part in this theater production which was really big down in Baltimore. It was a show that ran for a couple of months. That’s what really got me into acting because it was an all adult cast, and [I played] the kid. They were all out of New York, and they were like, “Yeah, acting’s great, we love it!” So that’s what kind of made me want to [pursue acting].

CBS.com: Do you take drama classes in school?
PEYTON LIST: Last year I had drama class, and I was in a play when I was in seventh grade and a play when I was in eighth grade. And they were tons of fun, you know, because you’re doing it with all your friends.

CBS.com: Do your friends know you’re on a soap now?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah. I don’t really [run around boasting], “Hey, guys, I’m on a soap!” But most of my good friends know. They just know that I’m never in school. They come and see me and they’re like, “Oh, there you are!”

CBS.com: Do you come from a big family?
PEYTON LIST: No, I just have one older sister and my mom and my dad.

CBS.com: Are you close with you sister?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah, it’s kind of weird. My sister moved away from home when she was 14 and I was 11. So, it’s kind of that thing where sisters get closer when they’re further apart. We’ve been close as teenagers growing up because, you know, we don’t have to really live with each other! [Laughs] There’s no fighting over clothes, no fighting over the bathroom. We get along really, really well.

CBS.com: Tell me about some of the other acting you’ve done before coming to ATWT.
PEYTON LIST: I did a couple of episodes on different shows. I did an episode of Sex in the City and I did an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They were all just one episode, but they were really, really fun.

CBS.com: How is this different from them?
PEYTON LIST: I think soap is scarier because you have so much more to learn and you really don’t get to do it that much. You get to do one scene twice. The primetime stuff, you spend a whole day on one scene. So, it’s imperative that your line is right on because you only do it once or twice.

CBS.com: Is your family watching the show now?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah, my sister’s in college and she always tapes it.

CBS.com: Do you get any feedback?
PEYTON LIST: My mom sometimes gives me feedback, but my sister just calls and says, “Oh, you were so cute today!”

CBS.com: Do you plan to go to college?
PEYTON LIST: I think so. I don’t know where. Hopefully somewhere in [New York City].

CBS.com: Is it hard to miss so much school?
PEYTON LIST: It was hard in the beginning. But now I’m starting to get used to it and figuring out what works, so it’s starting to get easier. My teachers will e-mail me and fax me stuff. They make it easy.

CBS.com: What are your favorite subjects?
PEYTON LIST: I like Math a lot and I like History. I’m not very good at English, but I like my teacher a lot, so that makes it easier.

CBS.com: Had you ever watched ATWT before?
PEYTON LIST: Not really. I had heard the name before, of course, but I had never been able to watch it because I’ve been in school.

CBS.com: What are some of your favorite TV shows?
PEYTON LIST: I love Smallville, I like Glory Days, 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls. I watch too much TV, I think! [Laughs]

CBS.com: What do you like to do when you’re not acting or studying?
PEYTON LIST: I used to dance a little bit, but now I really don’t have time to do anything anymore. I [started] seriously [dancing] when I was about 9 or 10, so I did it for about 4 or 5 years.

CBS.com: Did you ever think of dancing professionally?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah, I considered it when I was about 12. I was thinking, well, maybe if I put all my time and energy into dancing and practicing, I could join a company. But, you know, it didn’t really happen.

CBS.com: Were you aware of the history of Lucy?
PEYTON LIST: No. When I auditioned, I came in for the role of Christi, so I didn’t know it was Lucy. I just started watching the show, and I really got hooked on it! So, I didn’t really know anything until I got it and then they explained everything to me.

CBS.com: What is Lucy really like?
PEYTON LIST: I think that you’re about to see what she’s really like. She really wants to find adventure. Everything was really boring where she grew up, so everything’s much more exciting here. She’s trying to get into the middle of trouble and have a lot of fun.

CBS.com: Do you think she’s more like Craig or Sierra?
PEYTON LIST: I think she’s been brought up to be like Sierra, but she really doesn’t want to be. She’s been hanging out with her Aunt Katie, and that’s definitely getting her into trouble!

CBS.com: Do you feel like you’ve grown as an actor since coming to ATWT?
PEYTON LIST: Yeah. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here. It’s unbelievable how much these people can teach you.

CBS.com: Are you hoping for a love interest for Lucy? It seems like she’s related to most of the guys in Oakdale!
PEYTON LIST: I know, that seems to be a problem. I don’t know, I think there might be!

Peyton List almost done with ATWT

Ending weeks of speculation, Peyton List (Lucy Montgomery) has announced that she will leave As the World Turns at the conclusion of her contract.

Rumors that List might eventually leave As the World Turns first surfaced this summer. Prior to joining the show, List had appeared in only one other project - a 1998 film called "Conjuring Aurora." Since joining As the World Turns in December 2001, List has landed a handful of primetime guest appearances as well as a role in the feature film The Greatest Game Ever Played
Several months ago, the As the World Turns casting department put out a casting call for a character that sounded an awful lot like Lucy - but the character was given an alternate name so as not to arouse suspicion. The search is ongoing; however, there is reportedly some ambivalence among execs as to whether or not the role should be recast at this time. The exit comes as a particularly bad time for As the World Turns; List has become quite popular among viewers and her character is suddenly in the foreground as part of a front burner storyline.

List will make her final appearance om January 21st.

Peyton List plays smart and pretty Lucy Montgomery

Lucy Montgomery grew up with wealth and influence. The daughter of a wealthy businessman and the ruler of a country, Lucy grew up with money and prestige. Growing up in Miami and Montega, South America, Lucy received the finest education and knew nothing but safety. Though hurt by her parents' divorce, she knew that her family loved her and accepted the situation. But over time, Lucy felt stifled by her mother and after the death of her brother, she rebelled against her mother and dropped out of boarding school to live in Oakdale with her father.

Several months later, Lucy met Aaron Snyder who was obviously attracted to her. Believing that he was dating another woman, she was repulsed by his attraction to her and considered him a jerk. Her attitude soon changed however when she learned she was totally mistaken and the pair and the pair began seeing each other. Though scheming Alison Stewart tried to break them her plan failed and she begged the couple's forgiveness. The couple found another obstacle in Lucy's dad, Craig, who saw Aaron as a bad influence and forbade her to see him. When Craig learned that Lucy was defying him and seeing Aaron on the sly, he had a restraining order placed on Aaron. Worried about her father's threats of sending her away, Lucy contacted her mother, Sierra, who saw Aaron's good side and convinced Craig to let them date. Still thinking that Aaron wasn't right for Lucy, he nonetheless agreed to let them see each other. That is until Lucy became involved in a minor accident riding Aaron's motorcycle. Deciding that Aaron was totally wrong for his daughter, Craig almost talked Aaron's father into sending Aaron back to Seattle.

Their troubles far from over, Lucy was shocked when Aaron was accused of arson. Believing in his innocence, she went on the run with him and Alison in an attempt to evade the police. After spending weeks traveling to college campuses, Lucy finally confronted Alison as to why she was helping Aaron. Afraid and remorseful, Alison confessed the truth: she started the fire in an attempt to get Aaron to rescue her. Though she begged Lucy not to tell the police, Lucy had her mind made up but was hit by a trolley before she had a chance. In the end, Lucy wound up paralyzed and with amnesia and Aaron was set free when Alison's young stepbrother mistakenly confessed to the setting the blaze. Later, a still-recovering Lucy finally remembered Alison's confession but by then Alison had already turned herself in. Now a free man, Aaron decided to stay by Lucy no matter how long it took her to recover. Soon, she did and with help from Lucy's new stepmother, Rosanna (who Lucy didn't like prior to the accident), Craig grudgingly accepted their relationship. However, things quickly changed for the couple when Aaron got a job at "The Metro", owned by Craig and Dusty Donovan. Wanting to better himself for Lucy, Aaron was enthusiastic and went against Holden's warnings of working for a criminal like Dusty. Holden's fears bore out one night when Aaron, who had the oppurtunity to leave work early and go to a dance with Lucy, opted to deliver a package for Dusty and was arrested for illegal booking! Although, Dusty stuck up for Aaron and stated that he had no idea that he was delivering money for illegal gambling, Aaron ended up losing Lucy, who was hurt that he didn't show up for her Homecoming Dance. Trying to explain that he had no choice, Lucy nonetheless was hurt and felt his job was more important to him than her and called off their relationship. She then started dating a preppy named Clark.

Months later, in 2004, Lucy's world was rocked when she learned that Craig's adoption of her baby brother, Cabot, was illegal. In the fallout of the revelation, Cabot, who had been with the family for months, was returned to his biological mother, Rosanna, who by this point Lucy had grown very close to, left town and Craig. At the same time, Lucy, who had been uncertain about her relationship with Clarke, was almost raped when he slipped her a date rape drug! Luckily Lucy was rescued by Rosanna's friend Paul Ryan. Still reeling from that attack, Lucy learned about the illegal adoption and the ramifications. Horrified at what her father had done, Lucy left home and moved into her grandmother's. Although Craig begged her to return to Fairwinds since she was all he had left, Lucy continually refused. Several weeks later, losing both Rosanna and Lucy would cause Craig to make a desperate attempt to get his family back--kidnap Cabot! Althuogh the attempt failed, an angry Rosanna (who had returned to town by this point and divorced Craig) threw Craig out of Fairwinds. Having lost everything, including Lucy's respect, Craig sunk into despair, living in back of his club "Metro" and drinking. Unable to watch her father self destruct, Lucy made plans to spend the summer in Montega with Sierra and her new husband, Alan Drake despite Craig's pleas for her to stay. At the same time, Lucy found herself a victim of an apparent kidnapping plot, but was rescued by Dusty. After a few near misses, the day she was to leave Oakdale, she was suddenly grabbed by Dusty! Although she believed that he was her kidnapper, he was able to convince her that saved her--the limo driver who was sent to take her to the airport, was the same man who tried to kidnap her at Metro! Although a frightened Lucy wanted to go back home, Dusty was convinced that she was in danger and the pair hid out for weeks so he could find out who exactly was trying to get her and why. Although Lucy was initally antagostic toward Dusty, they soon grew closer. Meanwhile, through his investigation, he was able to rule out mob involvment and found out the name of her would-be kidnapper--Don Creel, who was simply a hired gun. Not long after, he made this discovery, Agent Nikki Munson located the pair. Although Nikki wanted to arrest Dusty, by this time he'd earned Lucy's trust and she convinced the agent to listen to Dusty's theory. Mere days later, Creel was dead and Lucy went home, athough she still had no idea who was ultimately behind the kidnapping. Back in Oakdale, Lucy expressed her newfound feelings for Dusty (as she did with Paul Ryan earlier that year), but unlike Paul, Dusty seemed to share her feelings. Although he tried to discourage her since he was almost twice her age, it was obvious that Dusty had feelings for her also.

As the World Turns Goes to College

Last year, in an effort to attract some younger viewers, As the World Turns decided to do a storyline that would take it to 10 different college campuses; we chose the markets where both CBS and As the World Turns were strong. We wanted to get support from the local affiliates on the one hand, and we wanted to motivate people who were watching already to help us draw in more viewers. We had four different dates around which we built print/public relations efforts and broadcast/public relations efforts both on the local affiliate as well as on radio in those markets and on the campuses. First, we went [to the colleges] for a production survey. We achieved good public relations when we visited each of the markets to survey the campuses for shooting. Then we returned with a casting bus and we had an open casting call attended by hundreds on each one of the campuses, where we cast local young actors to appear on the show. We returned to shoot the show, using the actors and the campuses, and then the segments aired. We were very successful in those markets in terms of being able to quantify increased younger demos, 18-34.

Subsequent to that, CBS' Early Show ran a talent contest whereby we brought in one actor from each of those markets who auditioned on the air with one of our As the World Turns stars. Then the viewers voted for the actor and actress whom they felt deserved to get roles on the show. This past summer the two winners had nice roles for several days: Courtney Cole from Vanderbilt University in Nashville played Connie, a model and friend of Jennifer, and Jon Rowland from Butler University in Indianapolis played Ned, Lucy's SAT tutor.

Our storyline featured three of our younger characters: Lucy (Peyton List), Aaron (Agim Kaba) and Alison (Jessica Dunphy). Craig (Hunt Block), Holden (Jon Hensley) and Hal (Ben Hendrickson) also got involved, so we had an integration of the older characters and the younger characters. Aaron was wrongly accused of a crime and because he knew he wasn't responsible for it, he went on the run and the two girls went with him. That storyline continues to play out and we'll be seeing some more fallout and repercussions from certain aspects of those character relationships this fall.

The show will conduct an 11-day bus tour beginning on September 16th. The tour will take the show's frontburner younger performers - Jessica Dunphy (Alison Stewart McDermott), Agim Kaba (Aaron Snyder) and Peyton List (Lucy Montgomery) -- to 10 college campuses across the country, beginning at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and ending at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 27th.

At each stop, the show will select about a dozen college students to appear in scenes with List, Kaba and Dunphy. The show hints that other characters could also pop up along the way.

College students are a key core to the soap opera viewing audience. In addition to being part of the key 18-49 demographic, many soaps hope to snag new college age viewers who will tune into a program simply because their friends do. The location shoot will make its way to the airwaves in October.

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