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Rebecca Budig Actress

Rebecca Budig

Budig has been playing "Greenlee Smythe" on ABC's soap opera "All My Children" since 1999. Ms. Budig graduated from the Cincinnati School for the Creative and Performing Arts and went on to major in zoology at Ohio's Miami University. She moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to pursue her acting career. A two time Emmy nominee and Soap Opera Digest Award winner, daytime audiences became familiar with Ms. Budig from her role as the virtuous Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light, from 1995-98. Her film credits include a brief but memorable role in Batman Forever, in which she shares a kiss with one of the film's stars, Chris O'Donnell; God's Lonely Man; and James Dean: A Race with Destiny. Music fans may remember her from her first acting job in Aerosmith's Living on the Edge video. Ms. Budig can seen on the ABC Family Channel as the host for their XYZ re-broadcast of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor series. She is also the host of Full Frontal Fashion for the WE Network. In addition, Ms. Budig made many guest appearances and served as guest co-host on ABC's The View and continues to make guest appearances on ABC's Hope & Faith. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, such as running, boxing, scuba diving, reading, knitting and baking. Originally from Kentucky, she currently resides in New York City. Rebecca Budig was born on June 26, 1973, in Cincinnati and raised in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Budig is one of eight children -- she has five sisters and two brothers. She was briefly married to an attorney. Rebecca is currently dating the Ex Bachelor and Singer, Bob Guiney. Rebecca got engaged to Ex-Bachelor and Singer Bob Guiney on Thursday, May 20, 2004. Bob Guiney, star of ABC's The Bachelor 4, and his fiancee Rebecca Budig, an actress who also hosted repeats and special editions of The Bachelor, were married on July 3rd. The nuptials took place in Hale, Michigan, at his parents' home on Long Lake, at 11:00 AM.

Rebecca Budig is older and wiser today

Though she's older and wiser, it's evident that Rebecca Budig, recent returnee from the West Coast to New York City and to daytime as ALL MY CHILDREN's Greenlee Smythe, remains her exuberant and irrepressible self. Edgy or jaded she's not.

Dressed-down in sweats and sneakers and striding into her neighborhood Starbucks and greeting an acquaintance with a huge smile, Budig's boundless energy fills the room and negates the need for coffee. It's not that the Kentucky native has avoided speed bumps on the road of life and projects a Pollayannaish attitude, it's more that her positive frame of mind and inner resolve fuel her upbeat manner and keep her focused on the big picture.

Rebecca Budig: Hussy by Day, Honey by Night

Rebecca Budig is no bed-hopping slut. She just plays a damn fine one on TV. As All My Children's wily sexpot Greenlee Smythe, Budig has been cavorting around in scanty lingerie and generally burning up the Pine Valley scene since arriving last August. Greenlee has had her way with studly Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison), blackmailed Scott Chandler (Forbes March) with a sex tape she made of them in college and had a dangerous encounter with her grandmother Millicent's menacing former pool boy.

The character is a far cry from wholesome ingenue Michelle Bauer, who Budig played for three years on Guiding Light, and, in fact, pretty much the opposite of Budig herself, a self-professed old-fashioned girl. "I'm very prudish," she says. "It's fun to live out the side of me that part of me wishes I had. But I've never really been a lingerie girl. To be honest, none of my underwear matches. It's bad. But I really haven't had anyone to impress."

And she really has nothing to hide, either. In an enjoyable chat that ranged from A (All My Children) to Z (zoology, which Budig majored in during a year and a half stint at Ohio's Miami University), she impressed us with how different she is from stuck-up Greenlee. A graduate of the Fame-like Cincinnati School for the Performing Arts, Budig is the youngest in a big, happy family of eight. She gets back home to Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, as often as possible to see her mom and dad. She wants a dog--a toy Maltese, to be exact--and lots of children. "I love little kids," says Budig, who once hosted The Sports Illustrated for Kids Show. "I want to have, like, five!" She's old-fashioned, all right. She even likes to knit.

Truth is, in many ways the girl who plays Greenlee is more like the girl next door. Except in her case, "next door" is a tony West Side apartment a block from Central Park. After all, this girl is also a soap star. Which got us to wondering:
It Must Be Good to Be Bad. "I'm having the time of my life, man. I've always played good girls. And I've always played really young roles. And although my character's young, I feel like I'm stretching a bit. I get to explore my sexuality and everything else. [Laughs.] Have you seen the guys I'm making out with? It's not a bad deal going on over here."

Speaking of Which, How Does Her Family Feel About Her Steamy Side? "My dad can't watch me make out with any guys. To think of his daughter as a sexual being is just mortifying to him, I think. So, he prefers not to watch those scenes. My mom kind of edits. My mom watches. My dad is just glad I have a job. They've always been really, really supportive."

We've Heard She's Dating Matt Sorum, the Drummer for the Cult. So, She Digs Those Rocker Types, Eh? "You know what? Don't even start with me. I feel like one of these rock 'n' roll chicks, and I'm so not. In fact, his friend said I wasn't rock 'n' roll enough for [Matt]. I said, 'What is that supposed to mean? I don't have my leathers on every day?' "

But Didn't She Get Her First Big Break from Rock 'n' Roll? "My first job was an Aerosmith video, 'Living on the Edge.' It's my claim to fame, I mean really. I said, 'I'm on my way. I'm in an Aerosmith video!' I'm two seconds in the beginning. I bash in a car window with my hockey stick. I would say that's my best acting yet! If I meet Steven Tyler one day, I will have to tell him that."

So, from That Smashing Beginning, She's Now a Contract Player on All My Children, with Her Own Dressing Room and a Mailbox for All Those Fan Letters. "I love getting mail. I get fan mail every month in these big envelopes. I read every letter. I actually do. I don't really like email, because I feel like it's so impersonal. I like handwritten letters. So, I still hand-write letters."

Yikes, She Really Is Old-Fashioned! But Doesn't She Ever Get Really Outrageous--Really Wild? "It's so funny--you would never guess, but a couple of weekends ago, I was sitting at home by myself on a Friday night, knitting. It's like, 'I'm a big soap star, dammit! I'm sitting at home on Friday night, knitting!' "

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