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Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington

The legendary comedian and successful music artist brings his talents to ABC's series "Rodney".How Carrington got from his childhood beginnings in Longview, Texas as a shy kid who didn't think much of school to arenas full of people that pay money to hear him sing and tell jokes...well, that's a tale that could fill volumes. Although the story is a dream come true for him, Carrington never set out to be a comedian. While he was in junior college, he became involved in the theater program and realized that he not only liked acting -- people actually thought he was good at it. From there it was a random whim that made him jump on stage at an open-mic night at a comedy club, and the rest, as they all-too-often say, is history. Acting was put on the back burner in favor of standup comedy, but not permanently. Carrington was catapulted from obscurity by the massive exposure he gained from his appearances and airplay on syndicated morning radio shows like Bob and Tom and John Boy and Billy. He has steadily won new fans, and kept old ones coming back for more with his hilarious (and often "bawdy") songs like "Don't Look Now," "Little Things" and "Fred." He has a new CD entitled Greatest Hits, and he promises old and new fans alike that they'll be treated to the best of his best and will get a lot of bang for their buck with a total of 42 cuts. Although he'll be spending much of his time in Los Angeles filming his self-titled television show, he plans to still be on the road a lot on the weekends performing live, in true Rodney Carrington "overachiever" fashion. Carrington lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and three sons -- ages ten, eight and six. He claims that his children don't even know what he does for a living. In fact, family trips to take him to the airport have become such a part of everyday life, they think he lives there.

Rodney Carrington plays the best damn husband and dad

Standup comedian Rodney Carrington stars as Rodney Hamilton, a down-to-earth guy's guy who, with his own heartland intelligence, speaks the truth.

In the middle of real, everyday America, Rodney's life revolves around two things: His family -- wife Trina and their two boys, Jack and Bo -- and his horrible job at a fiberglass plant. He also makes time for his longtime friend, Barry, and his man-hungry sister-in-law, Charlie, a frequent visitor to the Hamilton house.

There's never time for life to get dull for Rodney. He's not afraid to walk into a department store naked on a dare. Not afraid to take credit for flowers someone else sent his wife. Not afraid to get between his fighting boys. Not afraid to tell his wife he's ready to make standup comedy his career ... Okay, he's a little afraid of that. One matter they do agree on is the fact that, although they may not have much in the way of material things, they are rich in the love of their family and friends.

In the meantime, aside from raising a healthy, happy family with the only woman he's ever loved, Rodney is going to figure out how to find happiness pursuing his dream while being the best damn husband and dad he knows how to be.

Rodney stars Rodney Carrington as Rodney Hamilton, Jennifer Aspen as Trina Hamilton, Amy Pietz as Charlie, Nick Searcy as Barry, Oliver Davis as Jack Hamilton and Matthew Josten as Bo Hamilton.

Ric Swartzlander is the creator and executive producer of the half-hour comedy series. David Himelfarb is the executive producer.

Rodney Carrington performs at the MGM Grand Garden

As the National Finals Rodeo comes to a close, fans have another chance to see some of Nashville's best. The National Finals Rodeo concludes at the Thomas & Mack Center this weekend. So a few more country acts will pick and twang their way around Las Vegas:

Comedian Rodney Carrington performs at 10 p.m. today and Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden arena. Carrington, whose bits include "A Letter to My Penis," arrives while working on his own ABC sitcom, "Rodney." In the show, the stand-up comedian plays a stand-up comedian. In a Halloween episode, for instance, ABC described the story line like this:

"To celebrate Halloween, Rodney's favorite holiday, he and Barry decide to play a practical joke on police officer Gerald Bob, but their antics go awry and Rodney ends up at the police station."

Rodney Carrington's Greatest Hits # 1 On The Charts

Rodney Carrington finds himself comfortably at home again at the top of the charts for the 3rd straight week with his GREATEST HITS collection on Capitol Records. Debuting at number 1 on the Comedy Charts on February 24th, Carrington's anthology of his personally selected favorites concurrently hit number 18 on the Country Charts.

With five albums currently in the top half of the comedy charts, a network TV show in the works, and unprecedented concert ticket sales, fans and industry folks alike are buzzing about Rodney Carrington.

"This is without a doubt our most anticipated comedy release this year, - unless you count our own! (and y'all do count ours don't you?)" - John Boy & Billy, The Big Show

"Rodney Carrington sings like Toby Keith on Spanish Fly. Whether he's singing about marrying his pick-up truck or trying to recover from seeing his "Mama's Boobs" everybody loves him. He's one of the most requested artists with Bob & Tom listeners." - Tom Griswold of the Bob and Tom Show.

"Only Rodney Carrington could successfully pull off a song about his male anatomy that will make you simultaneously want to laugh, sing along, and line dance! He is always a favorite here on our show." - Kirk, Mark & Lopez, 98 Rock, Baltimore

"I took a chance several years ago and saw Rodney at a local comedy club. Right away, I knew he had something magical.... or maybe it was just gas! Soon, we were the first radio station in Texas to play his material. The response has been incredible! It has truly been great being a part of Rodney's career and seeing him blossom." - Zack of Zack and Jim in the Morning, Waco

"Rodney's song, 'Don't Look Now' has been the most requested song on my show in the last two months. He is one of the only artists I know that has a great voice but also makes me laugh. If he didn't already have a record deal because of his comedy, he could still make it big with his extraordinary vocal talent". - Rich Geary, WKKY, Cleveland, OH

In addition to touring, Carrington is putting the finishing touches on his new ABC TV pilot, tentatively titled RODNEY. Touchstone Television is scheduled to film the pilot on April 1st in Los Angeles. Looking ahead to life in prime time, Rodney is surrounded by the same group of writers and executive producers who have brought great shows like 8 Simple Rules, Ellen and My Wife and Kids to television.

Carrington's first album, Hangin' With Rodney (on Mercury Records) has been a fixture on the Billboard Comedy Charts for over 302 consecutive weeks, followed by Capitol Records' releases Morning Wood, Live and Nut Sack selling a total of well over a million copies. Rodney Carrington's Greatest Hits has joined all of Carrington's albums, which are still alive and well on the Comedy Charts.

Rodney Carrington is where he always wanted to be

About Four Years Ago, Rodney Carrington signed a management agreement with Michael Goldstein on a napkin in the comedian's kitchen. The concept was as simple as the contract take Carrington out of comedy clubs and put him in larger venues, particularly theatres and honky-tonks.

It was like throwing gasoline on a fire. After 10 years in the clubs, Carrington said his career "blew up in our face." He packs many small halls and averages more than 600 tickets sold per show in spots all over the country. There's a six-seat Lear jet service, a new tour bus he designed and two albums, Hangin' With Rodney and Morning Wood, topping the comedy charts. With the release of Rodney Carrington Live, he will start playing even larger theatres as his career continues to progress.
"Some people want to make me out to be the devil," he told POLLSTAR, "but I talk about the stuff that I talk about with my buddies on the golf course or at the bar. Nothing I say is anything that anybody hasn't been through or experienced. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the people here that we have. I'm doing something right."
Carrington is a comedian with a Texas accent who is not a "country comedian," drawing as many city slickers as country folk.
The performance is a combination of standup, music and sing-alongs. That's because halfway through a show, he brings out a guitar and, backed by a keyboard player, starts singing, "If you play your cards wrong, you can take me home tonight... "
The voice eerily reminds one of George Jones, who reportedly has worn out Carrington's CDs on his home stereo. Unlike Carrington, though, Jones doesn't have a song called "Titties and Beer."
The strong voice is half the reason it's funny, because it shockingly comes out of nowhere. It's the same voice you'd hear on a honky-tonk jukebox (if you don't catch the juxtaposition of "Grandma" with "bordello") or the CMT television network. Make that Great American Country.
"CMT won't play us because of content," Carrington said. "Not because of the videos but because of my album, which is f***ing stupid because I gave them something they could play."
Obviously, Goldstein couldn't put Carrington on the fair circuit (the manager told POLLSTAR that the comic will not do soft or semi-soft ticket shows). His albums are considered to be the first out of Nashville with parental advisory stickers. Despite the content, Goldstein said there is a significant number of female fans.
While fellow comedy circuit acquaintances like Drew Carey moved to Hollywood, Carrington never wanted to do L.A.'s "dog and pony show." He's right where he's always wanted to be.
It probably won't be long before CMT comes around. "The people who, two or three years ago, would say, 'He's never coming on my show and blah, blah, blah,' now all want you on the show. I always said the more success you have, the less they're going to be able to not pay attention to you. People come to the people who are successful."
Carrington and Goldstein (along with partner Julie Goldstein) built the business with the same simplicity as the contract: Get the music played on various morning radio shows and get the word-of-mouth going. A friend plays a Carrington tune for another friend and it goes on from there.
"It's kind of a Jim Jones thing: Drink your Kool Aid and follow me," Carrington said.
There's no booking agency, and Carrington's people are quick to point out they do not "book" him. Instead, they rent the venues, and radio stations (that often carry the related morning shows) promote.
"When I started doing comedy, I didn't set out to attract a particular audience," Carrington said. "People want to call me a 'country comedian' because the songs have a country flair, but the material transcends that. It goes to regular people. I talk about religion, sex; I don't talk about fried grits or fried chicken or rednecks."
The songs are just a vehicle for the standup, he stressed. He learned to play a couple of chords out of boredom. To put that in perspective, he also casually mentioned he shot par golf that morning.
Goldstein and comedian friend Barry Martin had no problem acknowledging Carrington's talent. It was all part of the package, Goldstein said, that made him organize this unorthodox career path.
Martin was on the manager's roster first and suggested Rodney. Martin opens the show for his old friend, usually joining him, too, for a round of golf at tour stops.
"I gravitate to the people who've been with me since the beginning," Carrington said. "I'm not interested in somebody jumping on the train and taking part in something they were never a part of. I like it the way things are."
"I was just so glad to be out of a shitty management commitment I had with some guy who was taking all my money," Carrington added. "The best thing that could happen to somebody in the entertainment business is to get f***ed in the beginning so when you have some success, you don't get f***ed then."

Rodney Carrington Nut Sack Tour

Boise, Idaho- The Pavilion announces the “Rodney Carrington Nut Sack Tour” with special guest Barry Martin Friday, September 26th at the Pavilion at Boise State University.

· Country comedian Rodney Carrington, a native of Texas, has built a cult following with his slapstick in-your-face comedy routines.
· Carrington’s stories and songs talk about what some might consider “unmentionable;” ugly women at the bar, men acting like men, and oddball sex can leave the audience in hysterics.
· Rodney’s last two albums “Morning Wood” and “Hangin’ With Rodney” shot up to the top of the comedy charts; his new album “Nut Sack” is sure to be another success.
· Barry Martin uses his vast life experiences to create some of the funnies stories and songs of “down home humor.”
· Martin’s combination of standup comedy, and original songs makes Barry an entertaining one-man show.


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