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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Roger has been starring as "Paul Ryan" on CBS's soap opera "As The World Turns" since July, 2003. In 2004, he received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor. After spending a short time studying at George Washington University, Howarth decided to pursue acting, enrolling in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center. While enrolled, he also performed at prestigious regional theaters, such as Williamstown (MA), Stagetown (Springfield, MA) and the Cleveland Playhouse. On stage, Howarth has performed on Broadway in The Lion in Winter. In addition, he has appeared in a New York Shakespeare Festival production of Macbeth, and in the WPA’s The White Rose. Howarth most recently played Professor Hetson on Dawson’s Creek, and is best known to television audiences for his portrayal of Todd Manning on One Life to Live, for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1994, and received another nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1995. His other television credits include Prey and the daytime drama Loving.

Roger was born on September 13, 1968, in Westchester, New York. Born and raised in Westchester County, just north of New York City, Roger Howarth seemed destined for the stage — his father was involved in theater and wrote plays. He resisted the acting bug and studied political science at George Washington University, but left after one semester to join an intense acting program at The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Connecticut. Plenty of stage work — including several seasons at the prestigious Williamstown, MA Theatre Festival (where Grayson McCouch, Dusty, also performed) — followed, but after he and wife Cari learned that they were expecting their first child in 1992, the actor turned to daytime for stability. After short stints (as similar characters) on GUIDING LIGHT and LOVING, Howarth originated the iconic, tormented frat boy-turned-rapist Todd on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, for which he won a Daytime Emmy (for Outstanding Younger Actor in 1994), two SOAP OPERA DIGEST Awards (Outstanding Younger Leading Actor, 1995, and Outstanding Villain, 1998) and an especially loyal fan base, even by soap standards. After years of coming and going from OLTL, while working in prime-time and theater, his exit in March, 2003 seemed final; his return to daytime in a new role (as AS THE WORLD TURNS's Paul) two months later came as a shock to many. Howarth lives in New York City with his wife Cari Stahler and two children.

More fun stuff about Roger Howarth

--- Plays guitar and piano
—Traveled the world as a member of the U.S. National Soccer Team
—Starred opposite Laurence Fishburne and Stockard Channing in The Lion in Winter on Broadway

"When it comes to creating a character for a soap opera, they have to go with an archetype, one that's recognizable. The one they created with Todd [and Kent] is that he's privileged and very rich. My upbringing was not like that at all. Status is really important to the characters I seem to be playing. To me, Roger, I don't think it's that important.... I have no idea [why I'm often cast as a bad guy]. I would never want to come in now and play a nice guy for three months. That would be dreadfully boring. This suits me fine. It's just as easy to pretend I'm a bad guy as it is to pretend I'm a good guy."— SOAP OPERA WEEKLY, 8/10/93

"When Todd Manning got rich and became Todd Lord, he changed from the dangerous, maniacal, homicidal, serial rapist into someone else. This new person was erotically charged. It's very clear in my mind that rape is a violent crime — not a sexual crime of passion.... I decided not to do a lot of press. When the Todd story was about an evil man perpetrating violence, it was a good thing because it brought the idea of rape to the forefront of people's psyches. But I couldn't, in good conscience, promote the story of Todd Lord, who'd become a likable character. People have come up to me and said, 'My 7-year-old loves you.' What do I say to that? I'm not going to tell them, 'Don't let your 7-year-old watch TV.' But I have to say, it's disturbing."— DIGEST, 10/24/95


ATWT Nabs 11 Daytime Emmy Nominations (March 2005)

The nominees for the 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced on Wednesday, March 2 live from the Guiding Light studios in New York City. ATWT nabbed 11 nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team, as well as an Outstanding Lead Actress nomination for MARTHA BYRNE (Lily) and an Outstanding Lead Actor nod for ROGER HOWARTH (Paul), both previous Emmy winners.

Roger Howarth is the Greatest Paul on ATWT

"I began watching ATWT July 7th for Roger Howarth. I have everything he's ever done. From OLTL, to "Prey", hell he even got me to watch "Dawson's Creek". His acting is amazing and I've already become hooked on ATWT. For those of you who haven't watched OLTL and haven't seen Roger playing Todd Manning the difference in characters is literally remarkable.

Todd was quick to anger and always out for himself. Impatient and rude his love was only given when earned. His eyes were usually dark and he hated showing any emotion equivelant to sadness because he didnt' want pity and he hated showing weaknesses. When someone would hug him he'd often back away or if he happened to fall into it for a moment when he realized how open he was being he'd back away as if to say "I've been tricked..THIS IS NOT WHO I AM..." Todd Manning was one of the best characters ever written and probably the best character ever portrayed.....until now.

From the first day Roger was showing the differences between Paul and Todd. Paul is much more patient. On the first day when speaking to the operator Todd would have been rolling his eyes, tapping his foot and then would make some snide remark to the operator. Paul was patient showing no signs of anger. Todd would have needed NO encouragment to seek revenge, Paul's motivation isn't revenge it's too protect his younger sister. Paul isn't proprietory like Todd. Instead of cutting her off while she was speaking, stuttering excessively to make his point, trying his best and quickest to figure out ways to get what he wanted, Paul listened to his sister, EVEN understood where she was coming from, he was warm and easy with her, he made his point and allowed her time to make hers, and when he did not WIN, instead of complaining he walked away.

Roger has never failed to amaze me in his acting ability. He has played so many different characters and each one had such range and diversity within themselves that ONE just had to watch. From the tone in his voice to the way he can show totally contrasting emotions simultaniously without a word. I loved when he was hiding and listening to Barbara and his sister. Throughout the entire episode he didn't say a word, yet thru his silent solilique to the audience we were able to understand exactly what Paul was feeling. From betrayal of his mother to love for his sister, to anger and confusion to understanding and pain. Roger has so much presence and I am so happy that ATWT is utilizing his incredible abilities instead of trying to write for TODD. I loved TODD. I loved and love watching every moment Roger played him, but I also love watching Roger play a softer, saner character.

Okay...so I've gone on and on and on about Roger...so I think it's only right to say that the rest of the show is pretty good too...I haven't really watched all that much other than him, but Barbara is fantastic. I don't want Paul with Rose though.. I want a trashy twenty-something hottie to come to town with high heeled red boots and a black mini leather skirt..and I want Paul to marry her just to get under Barb's, Rose's, Lili's and Dusty's skin..I want everyone in town to hate this chick, but Paul to eventually love her.. I think it would be a fun relationship where Paul could stand up for her as everyone called her WHITE TRASH and skanky... I think it would be fun to see that relationship on screen... Barb actually agreeing with Rose....and I want Roger to be paired with someone younger than him..aside from a character called Rebecca Lewis when he was Todd and a very short two episode flirtation with a chick named Shawna all of Roger's on screen ladies have been older than him...GIVE HIM A BABE....A HOT TICKET WITH LUST IN HER EYES....I don't care if he still doesn't do love scenes... Roger doesn't have to do love scenes..his eyes say it all..

Wait..wasn't I suppose to be talking about the other people on the show..yeah...okay..How about that blonde, that is that chick doctor's daughter...not the young one..but the one all freaked out because she thinks her mother is dating a killer..that one..she could be with Paul...

or how about the nurse chick who used to go out with a guy named Jeff? I think that was his name..she's blonde and was talking about the 18 year old about being a virgin...she could be with Paul... but preferably bring in a new chick..someone with pink lipstick and a hard rock look...TRASHY!!! "

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