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Ronn Moss Actor

Ronn Moss

Moss has developed his image as "Ridge Forrester" on CBS's soap opera "The Bold And The Beautiful". He has been contributing significantly to the storylines and development of the show since its debut in 1987. A native of Los Angeles, Ronn was originally attracted to the rock & roll music field, where beginning at the age of eleven years old, he started learning first the drums, then guitar and electric bass. Even before he was old enough to legally be in clubs and bars, he was singing and playing bass guitar in bands he formed to entertain in hundreds of seedy establishments thoughout the city. In 1976, Ronn joined creative forces with three fellow musicians to form the musical group "Player." In a spider and cockroach-infested garage in the Hollywood hills, they wrote and rehearsed their music that would soon attract the attention of music impressario Robert Stigwood, who signed them to his RSO Records where they produced the albums "Player" and "Danger Zone." Later, under the Casablanca Records label, they produced the album "Room With A View." Tours followed the release of these albums with such groups as Gino Vanelli, Boz Scaggs, Eric Clapton, Heart and The Little River Band, as well as their own headlining concerts. In the first three weeks of 1978, their single "Baby Come Back" occupied the #1 position on the national pop charts and "Player" was voted to Billboard's honor roll of best new singles artist of 1978. Ronn has presently teamed up with another original member of "Player," Peter Beckett, and the two have produced their fifth CD as "Player" entitled "Lost in Reality," through River North Records. Peter and Ronn are presently working on their sixth CD. "Lost in Reality" and a compilation "Best of Player" are available through their Web site, PlayerTheBand.com.Ron Moss was born on March 4, 1954. Ronn lives in Hollywood, California with his wife, actress/writer Shari and their two daughters, Creason Carbo born 1994 and Calee Maudine born 1998. His favorite actors are Charles Langhton, Peter O`Toole, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and his favorite actress are Katharine Hepburn. His favorite films are ''The Lion in Winter'', '' Chariots of Fire'', and his favorite TV-shows are Fraiser, Seinfeld, Remember WENN. Ron's favorite hobby is Photography. Most emotional scene on B&B: When Caroline was dying.

Ron Moss and his wife separate after 12 years of marriage

Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) and wife Sharri Shattuck (ex Ashley Abbott, The Young and the Restless) have separated after 12 years of marriage.

The couple met in 1987 while filming for the HBO movie Hot Child in the City. The paired married in January 1st, 1990. In 1992, the two appeared briefly on-screen together as Shattuck appeared on B&B as a model who helped Ridge plot to get Eric and Brooke together.

Moss and Shattuck have two daughters: ten-year-old Creason and six -year-old Calee.

The International Popularity of ''The Bold and The Beautiful''

What makes an American daytime soap opera called The Bold and The Beautiful so popular in so many countries? There are at least three overall categories that can offer some explanation because it can not be just the continuing drama or story lines that make a show popular, these generally follow the same predictable soap story line formula we have all seen before. One category is the small factors in each episode, like the beautiful faces, bizarre or unusual, but memorable, character names, and the way characters interact, and these can make a show popular of course. Another category is the external supporting factors, provided by magazines and Web sites, news groups, and message boards on the Internet, and these can heighten a show's popularity. Another category is the socioeconomic background of viewers and their psychological needs, and these can explain why viewers tune in regularly. The following analysis looks at the above aspects of each category of explanation, although it is but one fan's perception s mind you. Almost one sixth of the world's population tune in daily to each episode of The Bold and The Beautiful (also called Top Models and Glamour in Europe) or Bold as it will be called here. This audience is solely responsible, some believe, for this Bold phenomenon breaking traditional barriers to soaps, which will also be discussed here. Of course there are numerous other reasons that could provide an explanation for the show's popularity but the above (some perhaps, silly reasons) are the main ones that this author has thought for years were the best, and hopefully you the reader will agree.

As the show's title would suggest, you are going to see beautiful people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and Bold has the most beautiful cast of (some unusual and bizarrely named) characters. It is not only the extremely beautiful faces that people watch this show for but also the hot bodies, that can be seen strutting across the TV screen, that make viewers do a double take. Perhaps soap watchers are perverts as some might say but perhaps they are inspired, by the healthy people they see, to look the best and healthiest they can. This is obviously one reason for the popularity of this show but then there are the bizarre and unusual character names that people like also. We would rarely encounter names like Ridge or Storm or Thorne or Ganz for example, in most western countries. If you were named so in the real world you might get laughed at (by the more immature types at least), bashed (by those who think you are a homosexual type) or you might scare people off (if they think your name suggests tha t you have a violent personality). Soap viewers can handle such names because it is fiction and more importantly it is what makes a character more memorable. Who would have remembered Rocco or Ganz from the early seasons if it were not for their unusual names? This is another reason for the popularity of this show, perhaps because the names live on in the viewer's memory more than the drama. Then there is the, often funny, way the characters interact with each other.

More than the drama perhaps, the character interaction can be far more entertaining sometimes. The viewer knows when a commercial break is coming when a character asks another a question and the person just stands there looking and pulling silly faces, instead of answering the question. In most countries this is considered to be rude but Bold viewers know that it is all part of the episode taping process. Some characters, more than others, have quite a habit of turning their back on the people talking to them, or just walking away completely. Again, in some countries this habit is considered to be quite rude but viewers know that the show would be boring if the characters just stood there all the time. In fiction these habits can be a little funny but in reality people would freak out, if they were trying to say something important and the people they were conversing with did these. Then there are the declarations from characters that they are going to do something, or something will happen, 'tonight', often when there is a good chance that it will not. In reality we would ensure that these scenarios are actually going to occur before making such declarations. In fiction the viewers are amused that the characters hearing these declarations actually believe them - is there no skepticism we think? Perhaps Bold viewers would like to do all of these things to their protagonists in reality but know that they can not really, so they live it out through the show possibly. This is all a bit of a silly reason but a possible reason nevertheless that Bold is so popular. So all discussed thus far relates directly to the episodes viewers see, now there is the supporting entertainment, which is discussed next.

Some Bold viewers take their love for the show to a whole new level and this can provide entertainment equal to what the show provides, further heightening its popularity. Some viewers buy all the soap magazines out there (to be discussed shortly) and some do that and own their own Web site on the Internet, if they are not busy with the news groups and message boards where Bold issues can be discussed. The result is a Bold information service where one can find out all manner of facts and fiction from all different angles about the show, episodes, and its cast. If you are reading this on the author's Web site (Insomnia) then you already have an idea about what Bold information is available in this medium. If you also lurk in the appropriate news groups and message boards you will see that there is a massive community of friends that are friends of the show (it brings people together in a way we never imagined at its premiere in 1987). There is often also a cross over between the Internet and print media, lik e the soap magazines. Bold Web sites are given some publicity here and readers that are 'wired up' will go online and check them out. They will discover that a whole other world exists that they can inform others about. It is all a lot of free publicity for the show and a financial value could not be placed on this publicity. Of course the magazines provide a lot of information about the show that the Internet sometimes can not provide. As a result of Bold's popularity boom in recent years there are now more magazines providing information about the show. In Australia for example there were only a few monthly soap magazines plus a quarterly up until 1997. Since the Australian TV network that screens the show moved it from the 1pm to 4:30pm time slot a few years ago a much younger audience is home from school to see the younger characters on Bold. Magazine publishers have taken advantage of this and there are now no less than four monthly soap magazines on offer (plus the American magazines), with up to 40% o f their pages presenting something about the show. Australian soap magazines are widely regarded as being among, if not, the best in the world and there is a direct correlation, most believe, between the boom they have experienced and the boom in the popularity of Bold. Even various general TV magazines in Australia, who rarely considered soaps in their pages, now have a page or two about soap operas, which is something that has been introduced only in recent years - one of the barriers being broken (these barriers will be discussed soon). An example of Bold's popularity with such TV magazines is seen in the cover photo below. You know that your soap opera is breaking new ground when Ronn Moss appears on the cover of a newspaper's TV magazine insert, which circulates in a small city of only one million people. This has never happened before because usually only movie stars and prime time television stars appear on the cover. Even Aussie newspaper writers are exploring the daytime soap genre now, which was ra rely, if ever, done before and they use Bold as a prime example for the popularity of soaps. This free publicity and photos like Ronn's cover shot below are also directly attributable for an increase in viewer numbers, and this is occurring worldwide not just in Australia. So the Internet and magazines, and even newspapers now are all supporting factors for the show's booming popularity. There are also the socioeconomic and psychological reasons for his also.

With even cast members 'enjoying' a God like status in some countries (even more than what some movie or music stars can achieve) one has to consider the motivation and background of the viewers, in making this phenomenon bigger than 1999's money making, kiddy, rip off fad, Pokemon. Maybe viewers are perverts but maybe it is not to see hot bodies but to know what others are doing in their lives and learn from the mistakes people make. Maybe it provides an escape from a boring job or social life and one can get caught up in the romance and intrigue that is lacking in reality. There is always a psychological void that can be filled through this show but one can learn more also. It is not just mistake avoidance we can learn from but soaps like Bold reflect a cultural change, explore issues, and influence our attitudes and behavior and we learn from this (even if it is just to be more tolerant and caring rather than an interfering sticky beak). These are some motivating factors and these are common no matter who you are, where you live, and what your socioeconomic background is. Viewers of Bold come from all walks of life and many countries. Just look at the guest book of any Bold Web site on the Internet today and you will find every corner of the globe being represented. It is truly staggering just how far this show reaches out from Los Angeles. In these guest books you can find proof of this in the messages from people who live in places like:

The Netherlands
UAE (Dubai)
South Africa
as well as every state and territory of Australia and of course the States. The above list is not even one third of the total number of countries that receive the show, according to some, and if this is true it is a truly staggering effort from the Bell family (the show's creators) to get Bold out to millions. These millions of viewers can be lawyers and doctors (this is a fact), students and housewives/househusbands, factory and fast food joint workers, or mechanics or whatever. They can be living on an income of less than ten grand a year or hundreds of thousands a year. They can all identify with the socioeconomic backgrounds represented on Bold. All these factors are just another category of reasons for the international popularity this show has.

So along with the three categories presented above there are probably far more that can be explored in explanation for the success of Bold but this discussion will conclude with some final thoughts, about the barriers this show is breaking. Stereotypical ideas are changing quite rapidly where soaps are concerned, thanks largely to Bold. People used to be afraid to say they watch soaps, especially young men. This has changed. The guys in the local mechanic's garage will deliberately have their meal breaks, some might notice, when these soaps are on, and they do not seem to be to embarrassed to be seen doing so. A lot of shops and businesses screen soaps for their customers while they wait for service from staff. The newspapers, as previously mentioned, are seeing that TV audiences are boosting the soap ratings, especially Bold's ratings, and are featuring more articles and information about the soaps now. Even general TV magazines are proud to advertise the soap magazines their publishers also happen to publi sh, besides including some information about the soaps within their pages (even if it is just gossip columns sometimes). So these are just some of the minor stereotypes and barriers that are being broken but ultimately everything that has been discussed herein leads to one point. The best soap in the world - The Young and The Restless, another Bell family creation which has been number one for the last decade overall in the States - took many years to reach the top spot (it has been around for many decades). The Bold and The Beautiful however, with its respected cast members and also newer, younger cast members, took less than a decade to reach the number two spot behind its sister soap. It will be the number one daytime American soap in the world, not just in the States, by the end of this decade, if not well and truly by half way through it!

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