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Rose Mcgowan Charmed

Rose Mcgowan

Charmed's "Paige" or, Rose Mcgowan was born on Septmber 5, 1973, in Florence, Italy, as one of six children of a French mother and Irish father. A chance trip to Los Angeles resulted in her being cast in the film The Doom Generation. Her performance in Gregg Araki's dark and stylish road movie earned her a nomination for Best Newcomer at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards. Also in 1996, Rose appeared in Wes Craven's smash hit Scream as Sydney's (Neve Campbell) doomed best friend who met with an unseemly death under a garage door. Since this auspicious debut, McGowan has worked non-stop. In 1997, she had the distinction of starring in four films appearing at the Sundance Film Festival: Going All the Way, Louis & Clark & George, Nowhere and the short film Seed. In 1998, Rose starred with Ben Affleck and Peter O'Toole in the feature thriller Phantoms and in the independent film Southie, which won Best Picture at the 2000 Seattle Film Festival. Recent starring roles include the 1999 dark comedy Jawbreaker, about three high school girls who conspire to cover up the accidental murder of their friend. In addition to her roles in Scream and The Doom Generation, McGowan was also seen in Monkeybone, co-starring Brendan Fraser. She recently finished production on the independent film Vacuums which was co-written and directed by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, the duo that created the Broadway hit Stomp. McGowan currently lives in Los Angeles.

Rose McGowan: Turning Over a New Paige

She’s that gorgeous red-head, uh now brunette witchy sister Paige on “Charmed”, now entering it’s seventh season on the WB. Perky, flirty Rose McGowan joined the show when the oldest Halliwell sis Prue, played by Shannen Doherty, left…uh died and she’s been a welcomed addition as she “orbs” in and out of trouble and tries to make a go of the local Magic School.

A true rolling stone with a European childhood that saw the actress traveling almost non-stop, Rose landed in Seattle for high school and started an unexpected film career where you might have first seen her as one of the kids freaked out in the original Scream. After cutting the 150th episode cake at a celebration on the Paramount lot, Rose curled up in a big lounge chair on the Halliwell house attic set to chat with us about changes in her life (she both welcomes and hates them), joining the show mid-stream and her fave episode. Picture a dark ponytail and a little vest over jeans.
TeenTelevision: Does it feel like your first day was yesterday or years ago?

Rose: Both. It feels like my tired side says 5,000 years ago, and my fun side says it feels like the blink of an eye.

TeenTelevision: There’s a chance that the show could end this May. How do you feel about that?

Rose: Well, I’m pretty ok with it if it ends this year, because I’ve always done movies and I have kind of a gypsy thing that I love doing in life and I miss that greatly. But at the same time I’ve really, really grown accustomed to being with these people. I’ve never been around the same people for this long ever in my life, including my family. So it’s been a very bizarre but really cool experience. It’s taught me a lot of discipline actually.
TeenTelevision: How has the show changed your life on a personal level?

Rose:It’s made me feel old, old before my time. No. It’s probably caused more personal growth than I would of thought. And when I say it’s given me discipline, I’m an extremely undisciplined person. I mean if I didn’t like something I would move. If I didn’t like a city I would just leave. (Doing the show), I suppose in a way is really more adult. It’s more like my sister, she would do her homework on time, I just wouldn’t. Now with different interpersonal relationships, knowing that if you don’t get along with someone you’re still there the next day to work it out. Don’t take anything from that. I’m talking about people from the prop department or something like that.

TeenTelevision: Would you want to move back to Europe?
Rose: You can still like America and not be here. Ideally I’d love to spend time in both. And it’s funny when I was little in Italy the only thing I’d said I wanted to be was a Contadina which is basically an overweight older woman that dressed all in black and had chin hairs and was kind of a peasant. I don’t know about that but it would be lovely for me to relearn Italian really, really well. I spoke three different dialects, and I think it tends to come back to me pretty quickly, and I could do some Italian films, that’d be an amazing life.

TeenTelevision: Are you the kind of person who likes to move from project to project?

Rose:I’m absolutely that person. When I was in regular school growing up I still managed to go to ten different schools in eleven years, even if it was like for two weeks or a month, whatever it was. My family, if there was a problem, we’d just leave.
TeenTelevision: So you thrive on change?

Rose: No, actually the funniest part is I’m terrified of change but I love it at the same time. I’m terrified of heights, but I’ve jumped out of a plane three times, and I go on roller coasters although I hate them. I also hate being scared of something. It pisses me off. So I try to master that, even if I’m terrified and it’s kind of the same approach to life. But with that said, the last three years I’ve moved and sold houses three times. It’s the only thing I can change so I’ve moved all around the city.

TeenTelevision: What’s the smallest sort of thing that would get you to pick up and move your life?

Rose: Fights with neighbors, no. I don’t know, it’s totally personal. I get kind of a strange feeling like ‘Okay I’m done’. But what’s been great about this show is that I think to a pretty major extent, it's taken a lot of that out of me. Other than buying and selling houses.

TeenTelevision: What was it like when you first came on the show. Was it difficult back then?
Rose:Well, you know, my sisters and I had four, and three brothers are my best friends. So what I’ve brought to this part mostly is just a fierce protectiveness. To me it was a just another job and I didn’t even actually give it much thought. I realized later that it was a lot harder for the other people, even for the crew, it was a lot stranger and not really knowing what to expect. So in that way it was kind of a slower road to hoe so to speak. Just kind of quietly growing a friendship instead of an immediate attachment, and that’s been really interesting.
TeenTelevision: Do you have a favorite episode?

Rose: think the film Noir episode, which we did not long ago, is absolutely my favorite. I think everything kind of came together. We had a great director, a great script. The director had done a lot of movies with kind of these gangster characters, the great faces that you see in movies. He called them in and we had Joe Kennedy Senior’s limousine where he used to have affairs with Gloria Swanson in the backseat, and things like that. It was great being shot in black and white, I loved that. That was my favorite.
TeenTelevision: Are you very image conscious?

Rose: It’s funny. People will say, if I have a pimple “Oh don’t worry. It won’t show on camera.” I don’t care about camera. I care about real life. I hate looking bad in real life. I do work out a lot but it’s not some maniacal thing. I basically had to wean myself off peanut butter. I was up to a jar every three days.

TeenTelevision: If you were really a witch, what powers would you want?

Rose: I would have the exact power that I have, which is orbing. I mean reappearing and disappearing, I could go to Zurich and take all the money out of the bank vaults, although I think it’s probably all in computers. I could travel anywhere and seriously go to Paris for lunch and that would be I think the ultimate power ever.

TeenTelevision: Do you have input with the producers when you don’t like something written for Paige?

Rose: Oh, I’ve hated things, and I’ve been very vocal I’m ‘are you serious that I have to be a wood nymph and dance around a tree? I will kill you’. So what I do is I just put my hair over my face and just scowl all the way through it, which they can’t see. There’s some things where definitely I’m mortified, but other things are super fun and ridiculous. So it all kind of balances out.
TeenTelevision: What kinds of things are super fun and ridiculous?

Rose:I liked playing Snow White. Although I’m terrified of being in a closed space and I was in a glass coffin. I didn’t like that, and the air was running out. You know just fantastical things, working on wires, spinning round in the air. It’s not in your daily job description for most people. For a while I was like “Okay, no more ridiculous outfits, I just can’t take it.’ But now sometimes I kind of miss them.

TeenTelevision: What’s the weirdest fan experience you’ve ever had?

Rose: Weirdest? Probably a 65-year-old cab driver stopping the car and turning around to hug me in New York.

TeenTelevision: When the show does end, how would you like to see the story wind up for your character?
Rose: (frowning) I don’t know how I’d want the story to end for my character because that kind of makes me sad actually. I’m sure there would have to be a scene where we’d be crying, which I don’t think would be hard to do. It makes me very sad to think about.

TeenTelevision: What scares you about the possible end of the series?

Rose: Change. It’s just weird, but then I’d be real happy in about a week because I’d get to sleep in. Any job I’ve ever had, even if I hated it, it would be like ‘Oh my god, I have two weeks left!’ When I was done I would always have a weeklong depression, where you’re all sad about it. Granted this one’s probably gonna last longer.

TeenTelevision: You’re in a TV movie about Elvis. Tell us about it.
Rose: I’m excited about that. I get to go to New Orleans, the end of February. It’s with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who’s dreamy and a really good actor, Randy Quaid, who’s great and Cameron Manheim, she’s playing Gladys; she’s a kind of genius. It’s wonderful because I get to be Ann- Margret and I have red hair, blue eyes and a tan, so you really couldn’t get farther away from Paige, which is excellent.
TeenTelevision: Have you met the real Ann-Margret?

Rose: No, but interestingly enough Billy Zane, who’s guest starring now on “Charmed”, is going right after this, I think next week to do a movie with her. I told him to say Hi for me, but she hates seeing herself on screen. She’s never seen herself on screen, she’s never watched any of her movies. So I don’t know how she will react to someone playing her, I would find it strange, but maybe in a car wreck sort of way. Now I’m even more nervous.
TeenTelevision: Do you have to sing and dance for this movie?

Rose: I don’t know if I have to sing, but I do have to dance which will be great. It’s like pieces of “Viva Las Vegas”, which is kind of hot. Except for she had this horrible tendency for wearing turtlenecks and tights, just tights. Like could she have a skirt? No skirt. So that will be embarrassing. I’ll feel a little bit like I’m missing something.

TeenTelevision: Do you have a best or worst Valentine’s story?

Rose: I was proposed to on Valentine’s Day so I suppose that would be the best, and I suppose dumping someone on Valentines Day. I don’t know if that would be their worst or my worst but I felt badly.

Rose McGowan: Charmed, she's sure

It takes a brave soul to fill Shannen Doherty's shoes--just ask Tiffani Thiessen.

But when the fourth season of the WB's Charmed kicks off September 27 with a special two-hour episode, Doherty will vanish--poof!--and Rose McGowan will swoop in as long-lost half sister Paige, keeping the show's "power of three" intact.

Paige won't possess the same magical mind power as Doherty's Prue, but she's sure to have a few bewitching tricks up her sleeve--and a bad-boy love interest to send pulses racing.

Wondering how McGowan will handle prime-time fame? Well, after being engaged to Marilyn Manson and attending the MTV Video Awards in a dress that could put J. Lo to shame, the 28-year-old knows all about life in the public eye.

Which is why she may just have what it takes to fill Doherty's sexy stilettos.

What made you want to do the show?
I never really thought of doing a television series, but the writing is really good on Charmed, and it's a big hit, so at least I'm not making my TV debut in a pilot that could fail.

Did you have to audition?
No. They offered it to me when I was doing a movie in Romania. I actually found out through the Internet. I was surfing around, and I thought it was a joke when I found this story saying I was going to replace Shannen. Then they called me, and I realized it was true.

So, you're the long-lost sister. How do you get discovered by the girls?
I can't tell you how it happens, but at least it's not all a dream--like in Dallas or something.

What can you tell us about Paige?
I can't tell you anything! I think Mr. Spelling wants to keep it a secret, and he carries a big stick. Actually, I'm kidding. He's so sweet--but he does like to keep secrets.

Fair enough. Can you tell us if you're anything like her?
It's funny...I was reading a book a long time ago, when I was about 11, and I kept coming across this word, chutzpah, describing a character who was feisty and a go-getter. I thought, I think I have that. I definitely would say I still do. So, I'm attracted to female characters with chutzpah.

When you were growing up, was there a particular character you really identified with?
The only time I really wanted to be somebody, so to speak, was when I watched Dynasty when I was really little. I just wanted to be Alexis more than anything. Ironically, that was produced by Aaron Spelling, too. So, now, I'm at least getting to be in one of his series.

This fall we'll also see you in the Showtime drama The Killing Yard, based on the bloody riot at Attica prison 30 years ago. Sounds like an intense project.
It was absolutely surprising and shocking and upsetting. I'd heard of Attica, but all I knew is that it was a prison. I remember watching Al Pacino yelling, "Attica!" in Dog Day Afternoon. I kept wondering, What's he so upset about? Now, I know.

Back at the WB, a lot attention will be focused on you to help deliver big ratings. Does that scare you at all?
Gee, I never thought about it until you mentioned it. Thanks a lot. [Laughs.] All you can do is the best you can and show up and do your work and leave the rest to fate. I've done pretty well flying by the seat of my pants so far.

Rose McGowan's charmed life

Rose McGowan can't believe it. Four years after “orbing” onto Charmed to fill the void left by Shannen Doherty’s contentious departure, McGowan continues to entertain audiences with her quirky, funny and sexy portrayal of Paige Matthews.

Paige, for those not leading Charmed lives, is the half-sister of Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs), and together the trio of good witches defends Earth from evildoers.

“I thought I’d be here about a year,” McGowan says as she slips onto a chair in her trailer. “It’s shocking to me that I’m still here.

“Thank God, it’s gotten much easier,” says McGowan, who is all porcelain skin and wide brown eyes, her petite body poured into an ultrashort miniskirt and matching tank top.

“The schedule was totally out of control for a while. We still work incredibly long hours, but they’ve found a way to speed up the process and maximize our time.

McGowan knew a little something about cult stardom long before Charmed came into her life, thanks to such films as Scream, Jawbreaker and Monkeybone, not to mention her press-friendly romance with shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.

Nonetheless, she professes to be amazed at the fervour of the fans who regularly visit Charmed websites to post or read episode spoilers, fan fiction and up-to-the-minute news about their favourite leading ladies.

“Believe me, I love that there are fans and I appreciate that they’re there,” McGowan says.

“But it’s true — people do feel, if you’re in their living room, that you’re their friend. That’s why, when I run into people, so often they’ll say that I’m so different from Paige, because they expect me to be like her. And I just say, ‘I’m only like that if I’m being paid, sorry.’

“I have a friend who’s always travelling,” she says, “and he calls me from all these different places. He called recently, and he was in Yemen.

He says, ‘OK, I walk into my hotel room and the first thing I do is turn on my television. And there you are, on the television, dubbed in Yemeni. That’s hot!’

“And other friends of mine just went on their honeymoon in Bangkok,” the actress continues.

“The first thing they did was turn on the television, and there I was. So it’s so interesting, the worldwide aspect of it. Charmed is huge in America, but it’s really huge abroad, and huge in places you’d never expect.”

The question is, why? What is it that fans love so much about the show, which is now into its seventh season?

“I think the thing people like about it is the bond between the sisters,” McGowan says. “And certainly they like all the bizarre situations we find ourselves in.

“I thought the broadest section of fans would be 11-year-olds,” she adds, “and it’s not that at all. People come up to me all the time, and they’re 60-year-old cab drivers, 50-year-old women. A lot of great queeny gay guys and nonqueeny gay guys are into it. Female African-Americans love Charmed.

“It’s so broad, and that’s what I love about it.

“No pun intended, but that's the charm of the show.”

Rose McGowan will be happy in the end

Paige me: "Being on the show has changed my life in the sense that I have no life. The hours are scary because we shoot at night. I get home when most people are going to work. I'm the kind of girl who used to be big on getting out of bed in the morning at say, 10 a.m."

A Charmed Life: "Was it scary being the new girl? Gawd no! I'm completely used to it. I went to so many different schools growing up I was perennially the new girl. The way I dealt with it was by telling myself that what other people think of me is not my business. I know I am kind and I have fun and if I sat there and worried about what everybody else thought of me my brain would be very crowded."

My motto: You might not be happy in the moment but if you stay true to yourself you will be happy in the end.

Phat Chance: "I eat a lot more now because I need to have a lot more energy. The good news is you eat more and you gain weight and then you get made fun of by millions of people on TV. That's the good news. Can you tell I am trying really hard right now to make you feel sorry for me? It's quite ridiculous because I love this job. It's one of the best things that's happened to me."

Winging It: "When I first came here from Italy I fell in love with this boy across the street. I think I was about 9 years old. I gave him the wings that they give you on the airplane to signify my love and he threw them in his pool. I swore off love for at least a year. I'm not big on professing love now unless it's a sure thing."

One in the same: "Paige [my character] is fierce, feisty, fun and fabulous! She can disappear and reappear and draw things to her - like men."

Dynasty's child: "I used to watch Dynasty when I was really little. I just wanted to be Alexis more than anything."

Eight is enough: "My [eight] siblings couldn't be less impressed with me. I say, 'Hey, I'm on a TV show now,' and they're like, 'You want to know what I'm doing tomorrow night?'"

Sweet gig: "Twinkies used to be my fee for babysitting. A packet of Twinkies per hour. We didn't have a lot of money and nobody would buy me candy because my parents were full-on carob chip people. So, I had to, whenever I was out of the house, make the most of it."

Favorite flick: "I love Sixteen Candles. Love! I saw it for the first time when I was 13. And even today, after seeing it who knows how many times, I can't resist watching it when it comes on TV."

Make Love, Not War : "I'm glad my character is finally starting to get some action. She's got a bit of a revolving door going with men. Now, I just need to make sure the guys are cute. Perhaps I should ask for casting approval?"

Killing Him Softly: "Killing Cole wasn't difficult. I had the support of my family. They wanted me to. And besides, I had to do it for the good of mankind."

Truth Or Dare? "I'm always up for a challenge. I like taking chances. I have jumped out of a plane. That was fun. I was the only one in the group who landed perfectly so I don't want to do it again. I don't want to tempt fate. Next I'd like to climb the pyramids."

On A Wing And A Prayer: "If I could have special powers, I would definitely want to have the ability to fly. I can entertain myself walking down the street, but flying down the street, now that would be fun!"

Seeing Red: "I don't know how much longer I'm going to keep this hair color. It granted me some anonymity for a while but that's over. The problem is, I am easily bored. I don't like looking at myself everyday."

Four Letter Words and Other Faux Pas: "I am notorious for being the retarded one on the set. I mess up constantly. I cuss too much and I am always calling myself Phoebe or Piper by mistake. I like to think I add some levity to the work situation."

Rose McGowan's obsession is very weird

Just how quirky and bizarre is Rose McGowan? Check out. . You won't be sorry.
I am completely obsessed with:
Bug, my dog. I could watch her all day long. It's quite unnatural. Poor Fester, that's my other dog - he doesn't get nearly the same amount of attention. Bug is very weird, really weird. She can mimic the way I cry. I would like to cryogenically freeze her when that time comes. For now, I will stay up until 2 in the morning putting wigs on her. I tuck the wigs under her collar so it looks like she has a mullet.

My current pet peeve is:
People who are obsessed with their dogs. It is so boring!

The three words that best describe me are:
Tenacious, warm, and - rats, I can only use three? Okay, then, quick.

I hope I am remembered for:
Being tenacious, warm and quick.

I never leave home without my:
Log. Actually it's my bag, but my friends all call it "the log." It's this green Louis Vuitton bag. The first night the show aired, I used the log in one of my scenes and instead of getting congratulatory calls from friends about the performance, I got calls about the log.

People would be shocked to discover that I am:
A big klutz. I am always tripping, falling up stairs, getting my hand stuck in car doors - it's pretty constant. My body is always moving and oftentimes my brain is left behind.

When I die I want:
To be buried under a tree.

Rose McGowan's boyfriend David Zinchenko is the ''it'' editor right now

This week, the Magazine Publishers of America's annual conference in Boca Raton, Fla., underscored the buzz surrounding him. Men's Health, which he has helmed for four years, has a circulation of 1.7 million and the Rodale Inc. monthly exhibits a flair for reaching the most coveted audience in the world, the affluent, young males on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.

This year, Men's Health finished an impressive third in Advertising Age's rankings of the magazine of the year (up from ninth in 2003). And as a sign of recognition of the 34-year-old Zinczenko's increasingly high profile, no less of a magazine authority as Time Inc. Editorial Director John Huey strode over to him during a slack moment at the conference. Huey shook Zinczenko's hand, smiled and said, "Congratulations."

Also during the conference, Kate White, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, told the 550 conference attendees, "I keep a binder of Men's Health" back copies. White gushed about the magazine's "no-nonsense" articles and its aura of "testosterone." The tall and slim Zinczenko, a native of Allentown, Pa., who sounds uncannily like Christian Slater (and looks a little bit like the actor as well) insists that Men's Health still has a long way to go.

"It feels like we're not even breathing hard yet," he said casually (so much for Kate White's image of the Men's Health staff grunting and devouring chunks of raw meat at staff meetings). "We're far away from reaching the full potential of the brand," Zinczenko said. It's hard to imagine what the resourceful journalist could do for an encore. He's also the editorial director of Men's Health Books and the promising new magazine Best Life.

Further, Zinczenko wrote the best-seller "The Abs Diet," which appeared near the top of some best-seller lists and now has 250,000 copies in print. Zinczenko's personal profile extends beyond the business section of a newspaper, since his girlfriend is the sexy actress Rose McGowan. She has played Paige Matthews on the popular television program "Charmed" since 2001 and starred in such movies as "Scream," "Jawbreakers" and "Devil in the Flesh."

Zinczenko met McGowan in a scene that would have had Men's Health readers drooling. Two years ago, they were standing in a concession line at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Las Vegas. McGowan asked him if he could lend her a few bucks so she could buy a bottle of water and a bag of peanuts. No fool, he immediately handed over the pocket change. As his (good) luck would have it, the two ran into one another again later during an after-the-concert party back at the Hard Rock Hotel. After an hour of chatting, he recalled, she said to him, "I've got to ask you something. 'You're a good-looking guy and you dress well. Are you gay?'" "I pondered that for a second or two," he said, grinning at the still-vivid memory. "Then I just kissed her." The story has a happy ending, too. "We've been together ever since," he said.

You have to know how to brand a magazine," Zinczenko says. Men's Health is sold in 39 countries -- and George Bush talks about an international coalition," he laughs.

Rose Mcgowan's movie ''Monkeybone Special Edition'' DVD on sale now

While "Monkeybone" is a film that most people won't remember, the title may be somewhat familiar to some people. This movie was in and out of theaters so fast that if you blinked you missed it. Heck I missed it and I miss very few films. With a reported budget of 75 million and a box office gross of just over 5 million "Monkeybone" wasn't the smash Fox was looking for. However you now get a second chance to experience this dark comedic tale as 20th Century Fox releases the "Monkeybone Special Edition" DVD.

"Monkeybone" is the story of cartoonist Stu Miley (Brendan Fraser) who has created a cheeky smart alec character named "Monkeybone" whose personality couldn't be farther from his own. Stu is reserved, guarded and a bit afraid of achieving success where as "Monkeybone" is zany and off the wall. Stu's comic book has just been turned into an animated series with a 6 episode commitment. His friend Herb (Dave Foley) is trying to merchandise the heck out of "Monkeybone" but Stu doesn't want to exploit his character. Stu also has a girlfriend named Julie (Bridget Fonda) who works in a sleep disorder clinic where they met. Stu has set up an elaborate way to propose to Julie but before they get home from a party to celebrate the TV Series launch Stu is the victim of a terrible accident. The accident leaves Stu in a coma and Stu suddenly finds himself in a dark hellish world called Down-Town. In Down-Town Stu finds himself faced with a fully alive version of his character "Monkeybone" (voice of John Tuturro).

Stu finds out that he is about to be removed from life support so it's now clear that Stu stop this from happening so he can get back and be with Julie. The only problem is there are only two ways to get back. You are either given a reprieve which comes in the form of a golden exit pass ticket or you die. In true movie form just seconds before the life support is pulled he manages to make it back or does it. Instead of Stu making it back it seems that "Monkeybone" made it back instead.

"Monkeybone" is not a great motion picture by any stretch but it does have it strong points. The visual effects are simply amazing and the story is anything but predictable. Sure you can predict the ending but the events that get you to the ending are anyone's best guess. All the technical aspects of this film are done extremely well but the story could have used a little more work. Once "Monkeybone" takes over Stu's body in the real world the story really falls apart and it's all bathroom humour. Not intelligent toilet humour like in "Scary Movie" but really dumb almost moronic humour.

The performances are quite strong in the movie. Brendan Fraser who I personally hated in "The Mummy Returns" is in fine form here in the dual roles of Stu/Monkeybone. He's shy and reserved as Stu but when he's "Monkeybone" you better watch out. Rose McGowan is given a bit role as Kitty a lovely pussy cat who helps Stu get out of Down-Town. I've always liked Rose McGowan since I saw her in "Scream" and wish she'd be given more roles in movies. Bridget Fonda's talent seems to be wasted here but she does give off a feeling of warmth as Julie.

Director Henry Selick hasn't been one of my favourites directors. I never really understood or liked his earlier work "The Nightmare Before Christmas". It was just a tad dark for me at the time. Like that film "Monkeybone" is a dark somewhat disturbing tale that was rated PG-13 and marketed at kids when it's more an adult type film. It's not really a mainstream movie. The film is based on a graphic novel called "Dark Town" by Kaja Buckley which came out around the time I was into comics but never interested me.

"Monkeybone" isn't a terrible film it has a lot of flaws. It's also not a film with mainstream appeal written all over it. If you like Selick's other work or dark tales then it maybe for you but it wasn't my cup of tea.

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