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Samaire Armstrong Actress

Samaire Armstrong

Fox's drama "The O.C." brings some of the hottest new faces, and Samaire was one of them, as she guest starred as "Anna Stern" for about a dozen episodes in 2004. Her other acting credentials include the 2003 movie "Dark Wolf" and 2001 movie "Not Another Teen Movie." Samaire Rhys Armstrong was born on October 31, 1980, in Tokyo, Japan. She lived in Japan for several years, and then moved to Hawaii and Arizona where she spent most of her youth and attended Sedona Red Rock Highschool. She was involved in Volleyball in her first 2 years, but then became more involved in Drama where she was cast in almost all productions. After high school Samaire went on to attend the University of Arizona for a year but since freshman aren't allowed to act in any of the productions, she headed to L.A. and never went back. Samaire has done quite a few television appearances including a recurring role as "Laurie" on the short lived "Freaks and Geeks" as well as guest appearances on "Judging Amy", "Party of Five", "ER" and the "X-Files". She has also had roles in the movies 'Not Another Teen Movie', 'Dark Wolf' and the upcoming 'Would I Lie to You?' Shortly after the pilot for "Trash", a television series with Samaire in a lead role, she wasn't picked up, Samaire was cast as Anna Stern in the Hit Fox series "The O.C." Samaire also has dog named Charlie, another dog and a cat.

More fun stuff about Samaire Armstrong

Nickname Sasa

Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)

Graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School;

Was cast in almost all of her high school productions after she got into acting.

Enrolled at the University of Arizona for a year to major in costume design and theater but left after a year.

Dated Aaron Paul.

Her name is pronounced Sah-mee-rah

Her parents initially pronounced her name "Sam-air" for 3 months until they were taught how to pronounce it in its proper Gaelic form

Loves beauty products with candy scents and flavors

When she was growing up,her family would go out for doughnuts and croissants on Sundays.They called it "doughnut Sunday."

She is a fan of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

Lived in Japan for a period in her life, and practice sword fighting with her father.

She also knows Karate

She is in the music video for the song "Penny and Me" by Hanson

Samaire was on the cover of Ellegirl in May of 2004

Has dyed her hair brown

Meet Samaire Armstrong

You may recognize Samaire from films such as Darkwolf, Not Another Teen Movie, and TV’s Judging Amy.

“Life is good! My lease is up. I’m out of my place, and I got a new car.”

“Actually, I don’t drink because I get superdrunk.”

“Do you want to date some pretty person with nothing inside?”

“I save my craziness for a New Year’s or Fourth of July and everyone is in anticipation because they know what’s about to happen. The end of the night is the worst. I always end up by the toilet.”

“Then I was like, “You know what? Screw this,” and I ordered a mudslide.”

Don’t recognize this beautiful actress from her TV and movie roles? You must be watching TV shows and movies that she isn’t in!

Samaire Armstrong: One on One

STUFF: So, what is up?
SAMAIRE: What’s up? Life is good! My lease is up. I’m out of my place, and I got a new car.

So you’re stuck as designated driver?
Actually, I don’t drink because I get superdrunk. The last time I was in Las Vegas, I was being the dry girl. Then I was like, “You know what? Screw this,” and I ordered a mudslide. It knocked me over. We had a photo shoot with my friends—just crazy, at the pool in bikinis.

Do you usually lose control like that?
Definitely. That’s the problem. I save my craziness for a New Year’s or a Fourth of July and everyone is in anticipation because they know what’s about to happen. The end of the night is the worst. I always end up by the toilet.

What does a guy need to do to win you over, besides hold back your hair?
Get me to laugh. Do you want to just date some pretty person with nothing inside?

Would you date a disfigured comedian?
Like in Mask? One of those guys? I don’t think…I can’t…I don’t know. I don’t know.

What does the family think of your racy films, like Not Another Teen Movie?
I prepare them. It was like, “Guys, it’s really raunchy. I don’t know if Grandma wants to watch it.” At one point, when the older woman is kissing Mia Kirshner, my dad looked over at me and was like, “This is really gross.” I kind of felt bad for him, but he liked it.

You were on Judging Amy. Did Tyne Daly let anyone else near the catering truck?
Oh, no! Actually, I didn’t work with her. I did watch one of her scenes. She’s a great lady.

You never spied her standing outside of the truck clutching a turkey leg and growling at whoever came near her?
No! I never saw her eating once.

Practically from the time she could express herself SAMAIRE ARMSTRONG knew what she wanted to do with her life. Born in Japan, Armstrong's mother still has the video of her at three years old saying that she wanted to be an actress. While Samaire spent her childhood in Hawaii and Arizona, she didn't pursue acting professionally until a few years ago. While studying at the University of Arizona, Samaire packed up her things and moved to Los Angeles where she was soon cast in a recurring role on the critically acclaimed NBC series, "Freaks and Geeks." That role was followed shortly thereafter by guest-starring roles on, "Judging Amy," "Party of Five," "That's Life, "ER," and pivotal role in a particularly creepy episode of the "X-Files."

Before starring as Emily, Ari Gold's assistant and Eric's love-interest, on "Entourage" for HBO, Armstrong was recently seen co-starring on the hit Fox series, "The O.C." Some of her other credits include a starring role in the Fox thriller "Darkwolf" and putting her comedy chops on display in Not Another Teen Movie.

When not busy working, Armstrong spends some of her spare time designing a line of clothing, "NARU," which has been admired by other members of "Young Hollywood" and featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, W, Elle Girl, YM, Cosmogirl and InStyle and is currently being sold at an exclusive resort in Hawaii.

'YES' talks to Samaire Armstrong

Even though The O.C.'s Anna Stern went back to Pittsburgh early last month, Samaire Armstrong, the actress who plays her, is still one of our favorites.

She's utterly stylish, she just finished filming Would I Lie to You?, a remake of The Importance of Being Ernest, and she graduated from high school in Sedona.

Armstrong, 23, was born in Japan and lived there for several years (learning judo in the process) before moving to Hawaii and later Arizona. She now lives on her own in Studio City, Calif.
Just as her character is style conscious, Armstrong has always had a passion for fashion. Her mom taught her to sew when she was little, and ever since she has made her own clothes. She now has developed her own line, which is sold at Show Pony in Los Angeles and has been featured in Vogue, W, Elle Girl, YM and InStyle.

Armstrong graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School and spent a summer in New York City at the Parsons School of Design. She enrolled at the University of Arizona to major in costume design and theater but left during her first year.

Then what happened? "I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress. I was living in LA, sewing tops and skirts, keeping myself busy while going to auditions. I'm still sewing; I made what I wore to the People's Choice Awards."

What are your favorite things to do in Sedona? "I go home to visit my parents and little brother on holidays, birthdays and stuff, and we always end up going to see (the band) Liquid Theory at the Highway Cafe. And I shop at Girls Ranch (Girls Ranch of Arizona Thrift Shop) in uptown, a secondhand store. And we go to Wheeler's (Gordon Wheeler's Trading Post). It's all Native American jewelry and artifacts. We go there every year and spend hundreds on Christmas presents."

What's the difference between your style and that of your character, Anna Stern? "Anna wears more pleated skirts, sweaters and tights. She has a thoughtful, funky look. She's a careful dresser. I probably wear just as many layers, but not as thoughtfully."

Do you have a stylist? "No, I'm my own. But I do borrow clothes when going to fashion shows. But for red-carpet events, I usually just dress myself. I typically make something or buy something and fix it up. I really like to spend my money on accessories like bags, shoes, belts. I don't really spend on things I can make. But whenever I look in magazines and I'm on the 'Worst Dressed' list, it's usually something I got somewhere, and when it's something I've made myself, I'm almost always on the 'Best Dressed.' "

What are your favorite jeans? "I like Chip & Peppe , Hudson and Blue Cult ." (Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom have Chip & Pepper, about $150-$170, and Blue Cult, about $130-$170.)

What are your favorite makeup items? "Paula Dorf Cheek Color in Ballet, Pout's blush stick (Flush Blush) . Oh, and Shu Uemura eyelash curler, $16.50 at Sephora ."

What are your favorite beauty products? "For exfoliating, I use Lendan Preventy Exfoliating Gel. It's amazing. And for face wash I use Lendan Preventy Cleansing Bi-Phase. You don't use water; just put it on a cotton pad and it takes everything off. And you cannot live without Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (LINK). Every woman must own it. Your pimple goes away in a day. It's amazing."

What's your favorite perfume? "Sugar Cookie by Demeter and Nanette Lepore Parfum .

What are your favorite recent fashion buys? "I've been wanting the plastic Chloé asymmetrical glasses for years. They're impossible to find, but I finally found them on eBay for $130. I'm so excited. I just got my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, purple with a fuchsia leather spider web over them. I did buy Gucci beaver-fur boots, which are like Uggs, but with fur."

Samaire Armstrong: Not Another Teen Actress

Playing a waitress in a B-rated horror flick or a modern-day Juliet living in a trailer park might not seem like plum roles to most up-and-coming leading ladies. But Samaire Armstrong jumped at the chance.

Why? The 22-year-old actress was tired of the usual teenybopper fare. So, she dove headfirst into the new Darkwolf, playing the object of lust for an evil werewolf stalking Los Angeles, and an upcoming pilot for the WB called Trash, about two star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the tracks.

This after a supporting role as prom queen in last year's Not Another Teen Movie and the upcoming Would I Lie to You? opposite heartthrob Brad Rowe, due in August. Before that, Armstrong cut her teeth on esteemed shows such as Party of Five and Freaks and Geeks.

Which got us wondering...

Werewolves? Seriously? "Well, you automatically think something about werewolves can't be good. But I knew it was going to be fun and a great experience to do something different. Plus, my birthday is on Halloween, so when I was a little girl, I'd watch every video in the scary section."

Was working on Darkwolf as scary as she'd hoped? "We shot at this obscure old studio in the middle of the night. Someone had died there a long time ago, and supposedly the grounds were haunted. We'd walk around to freak ourselves out. One time, we were walking through the area where they keep the abandoned sets, when the lights went off and the sliding door slammed closed. Someone was probably playing a joke on us, but we were sincerely scared."
Did the trailer-park set for Trash seem like an improvement? "It was actually a great experience. When we started shooting one particular scene that involved a cop car, a resident from the trailer park came out, and he's drinking a beer and smoking a joint and is like, 'It's always been a fantasy of mine to do that in front of the cops, man.' And I'm like, 'Thanks for inspiring us.' "

How did you score that leading role? "I was [at the WB] auditioning for another role, and in the midst of the audition process, I just cut my hair--chopped it into a kind of skater-boy style. I didn't get the project, and my manager freaked out. But I knew something would happen in the three weeks I was supposed to be on that other shoot, and that's when I booked Trash. I had auditioned earlier, and I didn't even get to test for it, but when I came in with my new look and haircut, they said, 'I think we've got her.' "

Can a new haircut really make such a difference? "It's interesting how your look totally dictates what kind of auditions you get or what kind of roles you can play. Since the haircut, I'm getting all these lesbian scripts sent to me. I had really long hair when I first came out here, and I'd always get these really cutesy auditions. I was like, 'I'm not a sorority girl, guys!' "

So, no Greek time in college? ? "No. I went to University of Arizona for one year. In your freshman year there, you are not allowed to act in any of the productions, but they have all these rules to follow, like you have to help the older classmen get dressed and wash their clothes before and after plays--kind of like a fraternity or sorority. I was like, why am I wasting my time here, why don't I just go out and do it? I came out to L.A. for the summer, and I never went back."

Teens, Let Your Voices Be Heard

Final Call to Sign Petition to Save Music Education. February 25 is Last Chance to Join Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey, Amber Tamblyn, Sean Paul, Clay Aiken, and a Host of Others Who Have Signed Nationwide Petition Going to Congress. A national online petition drive to support music in America's schools is coming to a star-studded Congressional presentation next month, but teens everywhere can still participate by visiting http://www.themusicedge.com/ before the February 25 deadline.

On March 9, talented young performers Justin Guarini, Diana DeGarmo and John Stevens from Fox's American Idol and the legendary Commodores will join other artists and education advocates to deliver the tens of thousands of petition signatures personally to members of Congress and visit Capitol Hill to make their case for saving music education in schools. The non-profit effort to let kids tell the world they want music in their lives and in their schools is an initiative of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, its non-profit affiliate the American Music Conference (AMC) and its teen web site, http://themusicedge.com/, along with TEEN PEOPLE and Fanscape, a youth entertainment marketing company.
The petition to Congress on behalf of music education got its start in June 2002, when Justin Timberlake broke the news on MTV's Total Request Live. Since then, TEEN PEOPLE and themusicedge.com have encouraged thousands of young people to add their names alongside celebrities like Clay Aiken, Nick Lachey, Sean Paul, JC Chasez, Nick Cannon, Yellowcard, Amber Tamblyn, Ashlee Simpson, Pharrell Williams, Fefe Dobson, Ben Jelen, Samaire Armstrong and Adam Brody.

"Hundreds of thousands of kids are losing the opportunity to participate in school music programs because of drastic budget cuts in arts programs," says Joe Lamond, President and CEO of NAMM, which promotes the benefits of music, music research and music education. "Music education offers too many benefits to developing minds for this issue to go unnoticed. We need to give kids the opportunity to have a well-rounded education, and we need to empower more of them and their parents to voice their concerns."

The petition's delivery to Congress highlights NAMM's national activities to advance support of music education during the month of March. TEEN PEOPLE, NAMM and AMC urge teens across the country to sign the petition on themusicedge.com before February 25, and help keep school-based music programs alive.

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