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Sarah Brown Actress

Sarah Brown

The newcomer joined the cast of CBS's soap opera "As The World Turns", in August 2004, Brown plays "Julia Lerebee". Many may remember Sarah from her 5-year stint as Carly Benson on General Hospital, which earned her three Daytime Emmy Awards. Brown began her acting career at the Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts. Soon after she landed her first role on the children’s adventure show VR Troopers. Brown has appeared on a number of popular television shows including CBS’s Without a Trace, Lyon’s Den with Rob Lowe, and Lifetime’s For the People. She recently appeared in the controversial USA movie Perfect Husband opposite Dean Cain. Sarah Joy Brown was born on February 18, 1975, in Eureka, California, USA. She has three siblings; Elijah, Hannah, and Stive. Sarah has been acting since sixth grade. By the time she was in high school, she was taking part in community theatre in Los Angeles. She's directed plays as well. She studied martial arts to prepare for her role in VR Troopers, and is a great gymnast. Some of her other favorite sports are fencing, horseback riding, and skating (ice, roller, and roller blade). Sarah is engaged to the love of her life, and she had a baby girl Jordan Alexandra Judith on July 20, 1998. She also has two dogs, Wolfgang( lab mix, rescued from shelter) and Jellie (Rhodesian ridge back/ lab mix). In her spare time Brown enjoys painting, playing piano and guitar, cooking, and hiking.

"My character is scrappy, tenacious and quick-thinking," explains actress Sarah Brown. "But all of Carly's energies are put to use to cover her deeply rooted fear of being hurt by the people she meets." This role is one Sarah feels destined to play. TV Guide commented that Sarah's portrayal ranks her as one of the "finest young actors of '96." In May, 1998, Sarah won her second consecutive Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, and was nominated for the third time in that category in May, 1999.

She also received an award as Outstanding Younger Actress at the nationally televised Soap Opera Awards in February, 1998. Her first airdate on General Hospital was April 8, 1996. Born in Eureka, California, Sarah had an eclectic, nomadic upbringing, living -- in various combinations -- with her mother, father and two siblings in cities throughout California. "I went to 13 different schools before I graduated from high school. It was the best education possible," Sarah confides.
In Los Angeles, Sarah was a student at Santa Monica College when she was chosen as a series regular for the popular V.R. Troopers children's series. "I got the job on my 19th birthday. What a gift!," she enthuses. Other television credits include Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The New Power Rangers Zeo, Lifeguard and Sweet Valley High.

Theatrically, Sarah has recently been seen in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Antigone, and a new drama titled Desperate Land. In feature films, Sarah starred in The Heist, Permanent Solution and Merely Players.

Active in many endeavors, Sarah spends her free time reading, writing, playing guitar, painting and directing. She is also active in raising funds for AIDS awareness and support.
Most recently Sarah co-starred in the torn from the headlines USA television movie '' Perfect Husband''. The film examines the controversial case of alleged killer Scott Peteson. The film aired in February 2004 and boasted the highest ratings the network has ever had for a Movie of the Week. Currently she be seen on the CBS daytime drama, ''As the World Turns'' playing the character of ''Julia Larrabee''.

Sarah Brown's memorable guotes:

"I was nervous about going back to daytime, to be honest. My first week of the show I was a mess. I couldn't get it. I'm like, 'Wait a minute. This is too fast. Can we rehearse this just for fun?'" — SOAP OPERA WEEKLY, 9/14/04

"You can't play somebody for five years and not expect to see it seep into your personality. What I created on GENERAL HOSPITAL came from who I am as a woman." — WEEKLY, 8/21/01

"You feel gross if you have six tons of some pancake makeup on and look like Benny Hill. I'd look at it at go, 'This makeup is passe. It's not hip. It's not hot.'" — WEEKLY, 5/10/00

"I don't have a big ego. I mean, I do, yes, but not in terms of how good I am. Not at all. I mean ego in terms of what I think I'm capable of. And what I expect from myself." — WEEKLY, 1/23/99


Who Is Sarah Brown?

If you're a GENERAL HOSPITAL fan, that probably sounds like a silly question, but AS THE WORLD TURNS fans, who are just getting to know Sarah Brown as Julia, may wonder why she's such a big deal. Here's the quick rundown: Hired as GH's Carly in 1996, Brown quickly became an overnight sensation, appearing on 19 covers of SOAP OPERA DIGEST, winning three Emmys (out of four nominations, for Outstanding Younger Actress, 1997, 1998, and Outstanding Supporting Actress, 2000) and two DIGEST Awards (out of three nominations, for Outstanding Younger Leading Actress, 1998, and Favorite Actress, 2000), while also helping launch the Sonny/Carly romance that still has enormous rooting value today. That's a pretty big deal. For the record, this California native has always dreamed of directing and has a 6-year-old daughter, Jordan. Find out more about Brown on her official Web site, www.sarahbrown.net, but in the meantime, here's what she had to say about starting from scratch at a new soap on a new coast.
SOAP OPERA DIGEST: Had you seen ATWT before?
Brown: I had seen glimpses. Sometimes when you're on daytime, you're at the studio a lot during the daytime with some down time, if that makes any sense [laughs]. I would peruse the other soaps once in a while if I had a chance, but I never got to watch much. But I definitely had seen Maura [West, Carly] enough so that I was very familiar with her work and very impressed and certainly watching her whenever I could, because I think she's a tremendous actress. But before I came on, I was sent a couple of tapes so I could get familiar with Jack and Carly's story and also see some of the things that the other Julia had done to Jack. [Annie Parisse, ex-Julia] is a tremendous actress.

DIGEST: How does working at ATWT compare with working at GH?
Brown: They're polar opposites. It's not the same thing at all for me. It's been very, very different &mdash: two weeks of shock therapy. They operate totally differently. There's nothing that I could say was similar other than the fact that it's a soap opera and there's a certain amount of pages per show and you have to remember them every day — just the basic things. But in terms of how the place actually functions day-to-day, they function completely differently. Everything technical — how they work out rehearsals and taping and shooting — it has been the opposite of the way they did it at GENERAL HOSPITAL. So, it's been a lot of learning and trying to catch up and running to and fro for me, trying to find my way around and figure out what studio is studio two. I was really wandering about the halls, "Where am I? What's my name?" It was 2 o'clock in the morning for me, L.A. time, when I was waking up, so I was taping at 4 a.m. my time. So, I was out of it anyway, and I wasn't used to it. But it's very efficient at the same time. So, I can see the benefits of both ways.
DIGEST: How did you get along with Michael Park (Jack)?
Brown: Michael Park is my saving grace. Because again, I was so lost the first two weeks, and he was my North, my anchor, my lighthouse. He was right there with me from day one, excited to have me working with him, excited about the story that we were about to do, and couldn't be funnier and nicer and more charming. I couldn't ask for anything more. I got really lucky with Michael. He's just a wonderful human being and a tremendous actor. So, we developed a really wonderful rapport very quickly. He did everything he could to show me which way to go. He was great to me. I adore Michael, and I think the chemistry is good between us. He makes it really fun to go to work. He makes me laugh all day.

DIGEST: What about Maura — have you worked with her yet?
Brown: I had a tiny little interaction with her on-camera. I never thought I would ever get a chance to work with Maura in daytime. When she was Carly and I was Carly, I would see her work and think, "God, I'd love to get this Carly with that Carly." But she was CBS and I was ABC, and I didn't see how it was ever going to happen. I can't wait for it to kick in and we can go head-to-head. That will be fun.


The Sarah Brown-low

Can't get enough of Sarah Brown (Julia, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL)? You're in luck. Here is more from SOAP OPERA WEEKLY's interview with the popular Emmy-winning actress.

WEEKLY: Did ATWT tell you about Jack's past with the other Julia (played by Annie Parisse)?
Sarah Brown: They did. I also asked them to send me some tapes of the stuff so in the event that I would have to portray the same character that I would sort of know what track I was on and to moreover get a sense of Michael Park and Maura West (Jack and Carly) and this other character.
WEEKLY: Do you keep in touch with any of your former GH co-stars?
Brown: Just Maurice (Benard, Sonny). I talk to (writer) Elizabeth Korte sometimes. And also Wendy Riche, the former executive producer; Julie Carruthers, who was one of our producers (and is now ALL MY CHILDREN's executive producer); Barbara Bloom, who is the president now of CBS daytime, was one of our producers over there. I've had contact with Vanessa (Marcil, ex-Brenda) and Real (Andrews; ex-Taggert, GH; ex-Walker, ATWT), who is on my show. But I haven't run into him yet.

WEEKLY: Are you dating anybody special?
Brown: Josh Groban, am I in love or what? If he's single, let's put it out there. I just got his CD. I'm in the dark ages, I guess. He's an amazing singer. I randomly grabbed his CD (at the store) and threw it in (the listening station). I was like, "Oh, this is amazing." I bought it and I took it home and I listened to it three times that night.

WEEKLY: Your daughter Jordan is 6. Do you hope to have more kids someday?
Brown: With Josh Groban, I definitely do (laughs).

WEEKLY: How does Jordan feel about her mom dating?
Brown: Mom doesn't date. I don't bring my daughter into my personal life at all. It's not healthy. Until I find the person in my life that I want to settle down with and make a commitment to, I don't want my daughter to have any kind of attachments to them. I don't think that it's good for her. It's incredibly difficult to balance your career and being a single mom and dating and trying to find the love of your life at the same time that you don't want to damage your child. I have friends that have kids that have too many times brought people into their lives and it didn't end up working out and it leaves a scar on the child. I'm trying to do the best I can by her. That is more important than anything.

WEEKLY: How do you like being a mom?
Brown: I love being a mom! Snowboarding, acting and being a mom are my three favorite things in life.

WEEKLY: Snowboarding?
Brown: Snowboarding is my new favorite thing in the world. I'm crazy about it. It's the most fun I've ever had standing up. When I find a man who can do for me what snowboarding does for me I'm going to marry him. I cracked my tailbone about three years ago and I was disappointed because I had to stop for the season. I was really hurt. I couldn't walk for a month.

WEEKLY: You played Kate in PERFECT HUSBAND: THE LACI PETERSON STORY. Why did you do that film and have you been following Scott Peterson's trial?
Brown: At the time it was surreal. I was coming off the set and going home and watching Greta Van Sustren on [TV] literally talk play by play of what had happened at the preliminary hearing that day. Everybody in my life said, "Keep a journal because this will probably never happen again in your career."

When I signed on to do the film there was one script that I read that had my mom and I bawling our eyes out and we were like, "I have to do this movie." Unfortunately, once I had already signed on, the film was changed to reflect the truth. So a lot of the scenes that I read didn't actually happen. They wrote them in there and they would have made any person or actor with any integrity stand up and say, "Yeah, I'm going to do this movie and I'm going to do a great job because this family and this woman and these people deserve that." When I finally got the script and all that stuff had been cut and I realized it never happened, I was a little shocked. I had some trepidation about picking a story that's in the news but the man has not been convicted. I had some very conflicting feelings, but at the same time I felt in my heart like what I was doing was just trying to tell the story that we were telling and tell it the most truthfully that I could. That was my job. It's unfortunate that the family didn't support the movie because I would never want to inflict any kind of pain or sorrow or hurt onto a family that has already had more than their share for a lifetime.

WEEKLY: Was it hard because you weren't playing an actual person, but a composite character?
Brown: No. We had the liberty to say and do and feel what we wanted. Everyone was devastated about what happened to this woman, so I didn't have to pull very hard. It was right there for me. It was devastating to go through it.

More Fun Stuff about Sarah Brown

Her favorite movie : '' The Godfather'', ''Sophie's Choice'', Austin Powers

Favorite TV show: The Sopranos

Favorite actors: Edward Norton, Anthony Hopkins, Marlon Brando

Favorite actresses: Dame Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman

If Sarah couldn't be an actor, she'd be a director/editor.f

Favorite foods : Italian, middle Eastern and Sushi

If Sarah could live anywhere, it would be New York, Israel, South France

Things that make Sarah see red are racism and child abuse.

Cause she believes in most : protecting children, animals, and the elderly; Education

Something you mught be surprised to know about Sarah: She's Jewish

Greatest Achievement so far: Raising a sweet, gentle,well adjusted little girl

Sarah Brown joins the cast of ''As the World Turns''

Three-time Emmy Award winner Sarah Brown will join the cast of As the World Turns this summer in a newly created role.

The announcement comes with a bit of irony, as it was made just a week after As the World Turns Emmy winner Lesli Kay (Molly McKinnon) announced that she would be jumping ship to General Hospital.

Brown is best known for her work as Carly Benson Corinthos on the ABC soap General Hospital. She joined the show in April 1996 before exiting the role five years later. Her work as Carly won her three Daytime Emmy Awards: two Outstanding Younger Actress trophies n 1997 and 1998 and one Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2000.

"I want other things right now and I hope to move into directing in the next 10 years, full time," Brown said in announcing her GH exit. "I'll be working again soon, hopefully for the same network, just in another time slot."

Indeed Brown did find work in other timeslots following her departure from daytime. Brown made several guest appearances in various primetime dramas, including "Crossing Jordan," "Without a Trace" and "Mysterious Ways."

Earlier this year, Brown auditioned for the role of Dinah Marler on As the World Turns’ sister soap, Guiding Light. That role eventually went to former One Life to Live star Gina Tognoni.

At As the World Turns, Brown will be reunited with former General Hospital co-star Real Andrews (Walker Daniels; ex-Marcus Taggert, GH) as well as a legion of former ABC soap stars.

Brown first airs on August 6th. According to a setside source, Brown's run is tenatively scheduled to last only a few months.


Sarah Brown Leaving ATWT Amid "Hate Mail"

When three-time Emmy winner Sarah Brown (Julia Larrabee) signed on for a short-term engagement with CBS's As the World Turns last summer, she probably never anticipated the amount of fan ire that her new role would generate.

Brown, who won three consecutive Daytime Emmys in 1997, 1998 and 1999 for her work as Carly Corinthos on ABC's General Hospital, stunned daytime viewers by announcing in 2001 that she was leaving the world of daytime television. Since that time, the actress has found limited success in primetime television despite landing numerous guest appearances on some of the top-rated nighttime dramas.

So when Brown announced that she would return to daytime television in May 2004, many fans of her work on General Hospital were anxious to see her back on the small screen. Brown's new role, however, angered many As the World Turns loyalists. The first bit of confusion for fans - perhaps intentional on the part of the show's execs - was the name of Brown's character: Julia. As the World Turns already had a character named Julia, but Brown's character would turn out to simply share the same name - not DNA - with the other Julia. But the two Julia's did have something else in common: both wanted to come between Jack Snyder and his love interest, Carly Tenney.

According to published reports, some As the World Turns fans wrote threatening letters to Brown, warning her to stay away from "Jack." Regrettably, it appeared that these fans had blurred the line between reality and fiction. SoapCentral.com has also received a substantial volume of email expressing fan displeasure in the one-time Jack and Julia pairing.

Word circulated in November and December that Brown would stay beyond her initially agreed upon six-month stay. However, Brown quickly dispelled the rumors, saying that she had no intention of sticking around in Oakdale. Due to the show's taping schedule, Brown is expected to air through February and possibly early March.

Now, however, Brown has another batch of rumors to deal with - her supposed return to General Hospital.

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