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Sarah Jessica Parker Actress

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah is sexy in a friendly and adorable way. Her popularity boomed during the running of the HBO series "Sex & The City", where she played "Carrie Bradshaw." Sarah Jessica Parker was born March 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio, to parents Stephen Parker and Barbra Forste (who remarried Paul Forste after divorcing Sarah's father). After her mother wed Forste, Sarah, her two brothers and her sister, joined Forste's four children. Trained in singing and ballet, Sarah was cast in the Broadway production of The Innocents, which prompted her family to relocate to New Jersey. Already a professional performer (she studied at the American Ballet School and the Professional Children's School), Sarah was cast in The Sound of Music (along with four of her siblings), and landed the lead in the Broadway run of Annie. After a year as the free-spirited orphan, Sarah attended Dwight Morrow High School, while continuing to add more credits to her acting resume. She landed a role in the made-for-TV movie My Body, My Child, before being cast as one of the lead roles in the 1982 sitcom Square Pegs, as high-schooler Patty Green. Once a graduate, Sarah decided to pursue a full-time acting career rather than further her education. Since Square Pegs didn't last more than a year, Sarah moved on to supporting film roles in movies such as Somewhere Tomorrow, Footloose, First Born, and the lead role in the teenage film Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Sarah was having lots of fun, although she had yet to land a star-turning role. After more television appearances in series and made-for-TV movies including A Year in the Life, The Room Upstairs, Dadah is Death, and Equal Justice, Sarah finally landed the role of Steve Martin's bubbly lover in the 1991 comedy L.A. Story.

More substantial film roles soon followed, starting with a role opposite Nicolas Cage in 1992's Honeymoon in Vegas (which foreshadowed her comedic talent), Hocus Pocus (1993), opposite Bruce Willis in Striking Distance (1993), and Ed Wood (1994). A big Woody Allen fan, she starred opposite the renowned filmmaker in the TV movie The Sunshine Boys in 1995, and that same year, she landed a starring role in Miami Rhapsody.

1996 was a film intensive year with roles in The First Wives' Clubs, If Lucy Fell, Extreme Measures, and Mars Attacks!. All the while making a name for herself in film, Sarah was gaining respect as a theater actress, with her lead role as a dog (hard to imagine, but true) in the off-Broadway Sylvia, and her Broadway roles in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (starring her present husband, Matthew Broderick), and the Tony-Award nominated Once Upon a Mattress. But Sarah's star has shot up since her portrayal of Manhattan sex-columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO series Sex and the City. Sarah's Golden Globe Best Actress victory in 2000 only underscores the fact that she plays the role of Carrie as though it were literally written for her. She may portray the role of the single, man-hunting Carrie in the Emmy-nominated Sex and the City, but Sarah has been happily married to fellow actor Matthew Broderick for quite a while now. She has had her share of lovers though, including Robert Downey Jr. (who she also lived with), and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. When not serving as lead actress and oft-producer of Sex and the City, Sarah is a member of Hollywood's Women's Political Committee, and is UNICEF's representative for the Performing Arts. She can next be seen in the upcoming film State and Main and is currently working on a movie entitled Life Without Dick (don't get the wrong idea).

Sarah Jessica Parker: 40, but Sporting a $38 Million Figure

Let me be the first to wish Sarah Jessica Parker happy birthday. The actress, who became a television icon playing sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City," turns 40 on Friday. Somebody send her a bunch of red balloons, a la Mr. Big, to mark the occasion.

Her milestone birthday might have passed relatively unnoticed but for the unceremonious dumping by the Gap, which announced Monday that Parker is being replaced by 17-year-old British singer Joss Stone as the clothing company's celebrity spokesmodel.
Let me also be the first to predict that indignant equal-opportunists will fling their Manolo Blahniks across the room and loudly decry yet another example of the sexism/ageism/injustice that afflicts the modern woman. Middle-aged actresses will sigh dramatically on "The View," dime-store feminists will offer the "how little society has really changed" exegeses and Gap executives will join Harvard President Larry Summers in the politically incorrect woodshed. Cue the violins and pour the cosmos.

Time out for a reality check.

The timing of the announcement was unfortunate, given that the Gap just unrolled its spring commercials with the khaki-clad Parker trilling "I Enjoy Being a Girl." It's tempting to assume the plotline of this particular celebrity breakup is "great older woman loses out once again to younger replacement." But remember, what "Sex and the City" did so brilliantly for six years was to slice through the stereotypes of modern sexual politics and teach that the easy explanation wasn't always the correct one.

A quick review: The last season of "Sex" wrapped up in February 2004, and shortly thereafter the Gap announced it had signed Parker to promote its casual wear. It was the first multi-season contract in the company's history, and the glamorous fashion icon was paid a reported $38 million to star in ad campaigns that started in fall 2004 and were to end this spring.

Let me repeat that: $38 MILLION. Assuming she started work on the project a year ago, that comes to roughly $3 million a month, or $104,109 a day -- not that she worked every day. (I'd give you the exact figure, but you know how tough math is for women.) This is in addition to her new HBO deal, her perfume deal, her closet full of amazing clothes, shoes and handbags . . . but I digress.

Gap was desperate for housewives, singles and anyone else to punch up sluggish sales. "I think they felt the need for an iconic but contemporary face to represent Gap. . . . I think they were perhaps feeling a little insecure, a little in need of some high luster around the brand," said Wendy Liebmann, president of WSL Strategic Retail. Parker, worshiped for her quirky urban chic, was supposed to draw in millions of women who wanted to look just like her. Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, a New York market-research firm, calls it " 'Field of Dreams' branding" -- except in this case they didn't come.

So now the retailer is opting for professional models to sell "our product story of white denim" for the summer season, with the teenaged Stone and her music featured in television commercials, according to the company's statement Monday. It added that the company has "no future plans" to sign any more multi-season deals.

Substituting a 17-year-old celebrity for a 39-year-old celebrity could be another bonehead choice by Gap executives, but it's a free market and they are within their rights not to renew Parker's contract. Officially, Parker says the split is mutual, although the tabloids are already buzzing that she's really humiliated -- not because she's been replaced by a younger woman, but a virtual unknown.

Numbers are catnip for those who like to divide the world into the Favored and the Forgotten. But for the record: Forty is not the "new 30" no matter how cute you are, and most teenagers don't want to look like any 39-year-old, no matter how chic. The reality is that 40 is still 40, even with Botox and really cute khakis. The eyes still go, the knees aren't quite as flexible, and sometimes older and wiser is not a fair trade for crow's feet or alimony. The question is not if we age but how gracefully we do it.

Are ageism and sexism real problems? Yes. Are they the problem in this case? Impossible to know for sure, but to label it as such trivializes real cases of discrimination for qualified people desperately fighting to hold onto their jobs.

Please, please, please. Pay me $38 million for a year's work, then drop me faster than one of George Clooney's girlfriends. I'll live. Trust me.

And Sarah Jessica? Girl, go buy yourself a 40-carat diamond and laugh all the way to the bank. You earned it.

Sarah Jessica Parker in New Gap Campaign

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has signed a new advertising deal with clothing company Gap.

The former Sex and the city star is to represent the brand for the third time for their Spring 2005 range.
Jeff Jones executive Vice President of Gap marketing said that the company had an amazing response from the previous campaigns.

He added that it was Parker’s “iconic sense of individuality and style” that appealed to their customer base.

While the creative details of the campaign have not been revealed the print advertising will start in mid Feb and television advertising in early March.

The 37 year old Sarah Jessica Parker said, ”Gap is terrifically creative and inspired. Women will love the clothes for spring.”

In the last campaign Parker appeared with rock star Lenny Kravitz and R&B singer Mary J Blige.

Sarah's mark on the Gap

The burning question for any lover of Jeans is "How do you wear them?" and this is what GAp has asked its customers for many years. Well in their Autumn advretising campaign in the states, Sarah Jessica Parker has all the answers

In one Ad, she immitates formal trousers by sewing a velvet ribon down the side of each leg, In another, she goes short and decorates the above knee hemline with ribbons showing that the most Basic of Jeans can be customised to suit any seasons fashion.

Sarah jessic Parker is known as a Fashoin Diva both on and off screen, her style is most definately all her own. She has been known to wear both the most exclusive designer labels and the grungiest retro sportswear, often at the same time, yet sha manages to pull every look off nicely.

Her sense of style is so dynamic, Gap says that she is perfect for the advertising campaign.

Jeans are easy, fun, Stylish and affordable. To the burning question, How do you wear them" the answer has got to be "however you want"

Sarah Jessica Parker quit 'Sex in the City' to have babies !

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker quit Sex And The City in order to concentrate on raising a family with husband Matthew Broderick.

Parker is planning her second child with Broderick now that she is free from the hit TV show, in which she played urban writer Carrie Bradshaw.

"Sex And The City was one of my greatest experiences, but we couldn't do it forever and it's time to think of something new. Like maybe having another baby. I always wanted children, but we were so busy. I come from a big family - I'm the fourth of eight kids - and I've always loved children" , Femalefirst quoted her as saying.

More Romantic Roles for Sarah Jessica Parker

Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker best known for portraying sex columnist Carry Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” is planning to act in two romantic comedies and has signed up to perform for the drama “Love Walked In” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The eponymous novel was written by Marisa de los Santos and is due to be released in December.

The film centers on a lady who falls in love with the man of her dreams, but finds herself confused and challenged when she befriends an 11-year-old, who happens to be the daughter he abandoned when she was two.

Parker and Michael London will start working on the movie after they finish shooting the romantic comedy "Family Stone," which also features Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams. The actress has also signed up to star in "Failure to Launch" together with Matthew McConaughey.

Parker has also appeared in Footloose, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, L.A. Story, Honeymoon in Vegas, Ed Wood, The First Wives Club, Mars Attacks!, Dudley Do-Right and State and Main, but no matter what she does she’ll always remain Carrie to us and especially to all New Yorkers.

“Love Walked In” will be the first movie role Sarah Jessica Parker has taken since “Sex and the City” ended a year ago.

Michael London also produced "Sideways," which is nominated for a best motion picture Oscar.

Sarah Jessica Parker and HBO Rekindle Their Relationship

HBO is getting back in business with Sarah Jessica Parker.

The former "Sex and the City" star and executive producer has signed a development deal with the premium cable channel for any series or longform programing from her new banner, Pretty Matches Prods. The deal, which hasn't yielded a specific project yet, is exclusive to television.

"We are thrilled to be partnering once again with Sarah Jessica Parker, whose great talents and unique sensibilities will guide a new generation of cutting-edge programing for HBO," said Carolyn Strauss, president of HBO Entertainment.

"I'm overjoyed to be able to officially call HBO my creative home," Parker said in a statement. "And I'm excited to continue one of the most rewarding and inspiring collaborations I've had the privilege to experience."

Several other "Sex" alumni have made HBO a hard habit to break: Executive producer Michael Patrick King already is working with Lisa Kudrow on "Comeback," a new HBO series premiering in the summer, and "Sex" writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky have a deal in place to create and develop new HBO series.

Parker currently is filming the comedy "The Family Stone" for Fox 2000 Pictures.

'Love' in air for Parker, London, Par

Paramount Pictures has acquired poet Marisa de los Santos' first novel, "Love Walked In." Sarah Jessica Parker is attached to star.

Michael London Prods., which recently inked an overall deal at Paramount, will produce with Parker, who brought the property to London. The duo is currently at work on "Family Stone," previously known as "Hating Her," and starts shooting next week for Fox 2000.
"Love" is the story of a sophisticated thirtysomething woman who thinks she has found the man of her dreams, but he has an 11-year-old daughter he left when the girl was 2. When the child shows up one day, a relationship develops between the child and the woman.

Due at the end of December, "Love" is being published by Dutton Adult.

Parker this month signed on to star in another Paramount project, "Failure to Launch," which Scott Rudin is producing.

London is coming off the success of "Sideways," which has swept a flurry of major awards this season. London is also in preproduction on "The Illusionist," which Bob Yari is financing.

Parker is repped by CAA. The book and author were represented by Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency.

Sarah Jessica Parker's new film ''Failure''

Sex & The City star Sarah Jessica Parker will star opposite Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy Failure To Launch. The movie will be directed by Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon) and concerns a man who lives with his parents to scare away women.

McConaughey worked with Parker previously on Sex & The City, playing himself in an episode where Carrie meets movie execs in LA.

Parker smells success with new scent

Sex and the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker inked a deal with Coty Inc.'s Lancaster Group to create her own signature fragrance line, E! Online reported.

Parker's first scent, intended to reflect the talent, style and confidence of which she has become a symbol, is due to launch in the fall. Perfume maker Lancaster also star-powered scents backed by Jennifer Lopez, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Parker, known as a fashion icon, recently signed an extension on to be a Gap spokesmodel for a third season. She also appeared last month in the Sundance film, Strangers with Candy, based on the Comedy Central show, and signed on for an upcoming comedy, Failure to Launch.

“Sex and the City” Star Sarah Jessica Parker Awarded a “Fashion Icon” Status

The Council of Fashion designers of America last night bestowed its award on Sarah Jessica Parker. At the gala event known as the fashion Oscars, the former “Sex And The City” star was crowned a “fashion icon.” “Sarah Jessica has an innate sense of style and, in what she has chosen to wear on and off screen has gone to extraordinary lengths to champion American fashion,” says executive director of the CDFA Peter Arnold. “No matter what she wears, you always notice her first.”

In addition to Parker, the CDFA presented a Lifetime Achievement statuette to Donna Karan. The gala, hosted by New York Public Library, was attended by more than 400 influential designers, editors and retailers, including celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Susan Sarandon and Idina Menzel.

Nominees for top womenswear, menswear, and accessory included Kors, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Sean Combs, named by CDFA the top menswear designer of the year. Carolina Herrera was honored as the best womenswear designer of the year, and Reed Krakoff was picked as the top accessories designer.

"American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino was to perform at the event.

Sarah Jessica Parker to launch fragrance

Sarah Jessica Parker is putting the sweet smell of her success in a bottle. Parker, who starred in HBO's hit "Sex and the City," has signed a deal with Coty Inc. to develop a line of fragrances, the company announced Tuesday.

The brand name and the exact perfume scent are still works in progress, but Parker said the first perfume will be "fresh."

"It'll be intentionally quiet, not a very aggressive scent," Parker told The Associated Press. "It's not a scent you'll smell before a person walks in a room. I don't want it to not have social skills!"

Fragrance is something that has been important since her childhood, the 39-year-old actress explained, and she has fond memories of her mother wearing Estee Lauder's White Linen.

When she went to the hospital to give birth to her son, James, two years ago, Parker said she brought her perfume because it's an important part of her daily routine.

"Fragrance is a necessity on days you don't have time to shower," she said with a laugh.

Parker said she'd been hesitant about launching a perfume because she didn't want her fans to think she was just selling her name to a product. She went ahead, though, hoping people would remember her work ethic and integrity.

"This is a part of my life I want to share with others. ... I really, really thought about it. I've been invited into women's lives and I take that seriously," said Parker, who described her relationship with Coty as a true collaboration.

The fragrance should be in stores this fall.

Parker, Broderick and Baby!

All that sex in the city comes to this: Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick are playing parents to a new baby boy.

The Parker-Broderick joint made his debut early Monday morning in Manhattan, according to the actress' publicist, Ina Treciokas.

The rep says the child checked in at six pounds, eight ounces and measured 19 and a half inches. Mom, dad and tyke are all said to be doing well.

Treciokas, however, disputes a New York Post report that the child was named David Perkins Broderick. The Post claimed a placard placed outside the couple's Lenox Hill Hospital room announced the moniker; Treciokas says the boy is still nameless.

According to the newspaper, the baby was born around 3 a.m., and, according to unnamed hospital sources, Parker's labor was remarkably smooth--the baby arrived after only an hour of pushing.

The Post also says the couple came to the hospital "with two cars full of security guards in tow" and was taken to a "heavily guarded" private room on the sixth floor.

Aside from Broderick, who was in the delivery room, the Post reports, Parker's Sex and the City pal Cynthia Nixon managed to make it past security and briefly visited the newbie parents on Monday. Nixon is also preggers and is due later this year.

This is the first baby for the 37-year-old Parker and her 40-year-old husband. The twosome celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in May.

Parker is facing a few months of diaper duty before resuming her Sex and the City chores. The show's fifth season was split in two after producers decided not to incorporate Parker's surprise pregnancy in the plot, with the second portion to begin shooting in February.

Broderick, late of Broadway's The Producers, will next be seen in the ABC TV movie version of the classic musical The Music Man, slated for a February sweeps airdate.

The Producers: Parker and Broderick Expecting

So this is how actors celebrate the end of a run on Broadway. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick, fresh off his mega-successful stint with The Producers, have been busy with some producing of their own: They're expecting their first child this fall, columnist Liz Smith reported Friday.

Parker, 37, and Broderick, 40, will celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary in May.
The big baby news will certainly put a crimp HBO's production plans for Sex and the City. The cable network announced Friday it will suspend production on the Emmy-winning series April 10 "in order for HBO to evaluate its production schedule in light of [Parker's] recently announced pregnancy."

Work was completed on about 95 percent of the first two episodes of the fifth season, and producers are hoping to resume work in three to four weeks. But the season premiere, originally set for June, has now been tentatively pushed back to July. There's also no word yet on whether Parker's advice-dishing alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, will end up going through a pregnancy of her own on the series.

Meanwhile, Friday's news ought to silence (well, at least temporarily) recent tabloid reports claiming all was not well between Parker and her husband. The gossipy chatter escalated in January, when Parker neglected to thank Broderick when she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy.

Parker and Broderick later insisted to Barbara Walters that their bond is strong. "Come see me in 25 or 30 years when I'm still married to the same man," she said.

For his part, Broderick is finally getting some rest after his yearlong stint starring in Mel Brooks' Tony Award-winning stage version of The Producers. He and costar Nathan Lane gave their last performance in March.

Broderick's next gig is starring in a TV movie version of The Music Man to air on ABC next season.

That, and Lamaze classes.


The Sex queen Sarah Jessica Parker on peeping paparazzi, the F-word and her gosh-darn no-nudity policy

Sarah Jessica Parker has come a long, long way from her Square Pegs days. Now infinitely more hip than square, the sexy fashionista is hard to imagine as the awkward, bespectacled misfit of an '80s sitcom--or worse, the goofy sidekick in '80s bebop flicks like Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. What a difference a few decades make.

This summer, the curly maned New Yorker is hotter than ever, as she gears up for the return of her HBO smash hit, Sex and the City, and her gig hosting the MTV Music Awards June 8.

Despite her cosmo-swilling, chain-smoking character on Sex and her MTV commercials requesting "nipple clips and G-strings" at the awards show, Parker remains surprisingly down-to-earth, modest--even a tad prudish. She stands by her rule of no nude scenes and limits the use of four-letter words in the SATC scripts.

Though in some ways she relates to the cynical hipster she portrays in the HBO series, Parker stresses that her life is much different. Like, even if she weren't happily married to Matthew Broderick, she would never cruise for men in graveyards. And that's just for starters...

Do you use the F-word in real life?
I don't use it, no.

You're a nonswearer?
I use the S-word.

Yes. In fact, I hesitate to tell you, but I think when I was stunned to hear I had won the Golden Globe, the first words out of my mouth--strangely enough for someone who doesn't use foul language--may have been, "Oh, shit."
I was so shocked, and I could not believe what had happened. I just lost all sense and then said that. It's just so odd, because I don't tend to use unladylike language.

You came into the show with a rule that you wouldn't do any nudity. Are you going to loosen that this season?
No, I've never done nudity in my whole career. I certainly don't think now is the time to start. I don't think it's necessary for anything I've done, although I have absolutely no opinions against anyone who feels comfortable doing it.

You've said you don't relate to the women in Sex and the City. Why is that?
When I was single, my life was very different. It wasn't nearly as colorful, and it certainly wasn't as busy. I think my character [Carrie] has had a long career of dating. I didn't have that. I was in relationships for a long time, and that was it.

It was a very different way of socializing. Though I know a lot of those people, and I see it, and I live in a city that is social, it's never something I did.

Your single life wasn't colorful? What about dating JFK Jr., Nicolas Cage and Robert Downey Jr.?
I guess it was from the outside, but I think when I was dating any of those people, it wasn't public, really. I've never been someone who attends a lot of parties, goes to a lot of premieres--an extrovert of sorts. So, although they were public people, there are obviously different degrees of being public people, some by choice and some by birth.
They were more quiet relationships than they might appear. I think with any of those men I had the great pleasure of keeping company with, their desire also was for everything in their private life to be private, and I respected that.

Is that why you and Matthew had a secret wedding ceremony?
Yeah, we really didn't want it to be about strangers. We both come from pretty large families and we wanted our wedding to be for them. It just didn't feel appropriate to invite a photographer or any press to something that meant so much to us.

Do you think you would have been swamped by media and paparazzi if they had known?
Well, they did find out. It was a pretty raucous weekend prior to our wedding. Matthew and I had to move out of our house. We had to spend the night at a friend's house.

There were people calling two days prior. They were trailing Matthew's friends--his friends who are civilians, not actors or people in the business at all. My family was reached by phone 48 hours prior to the wedding. And I got many, many phone calls from people with British accents telling me congratulations.

There were people looking through our garbage. When we went to dinner, Matthew met me and said, "There are people in our garbage." So, it was out. There had been speculation. We don't flatter ourselves that we're that interesting; it must have been a slow news week.

Are you anxious to have children?
Not specifically, but I'm not uninterested, either. We just have to figure out a time when both of us are at home at the same time.

Do you try to stagger work assignments? Is that even possible?
We do, theoretically. We try to do that. But when an opportunity comes along that's very compelling, it's awfully hard to say no just because that's the idea you have in your mind. I try to be around, and I'm often able to go visit Matthew on his sets, and he comes to visit me. It's not a guarantee, but we do try.

Doing the series wouldn't prevent you from getting pregnant, would it?
Well, certainly there's no law that prevents it. But I recognize it wouldn't be great if my character were pregnant. And also, it's a fairly arduous and demanding schedule for me, so it wouldn't be terribly desirable for me to be pregnant while doing this filming.

But I don't rule anything out; there's never a "right" time. It's not in our immediate plans, so we'll just see what happens.

You smoke on the show; do you smoke in real life?
I am not smoking now. I smoke fake cigarettes on the show. They're called Honey Rose--they have no nicotine. They smell funny. They're made of lettuce or something.
How long has it been since you quit smoking cigarettes?
A few months.

Is it Nicorette time?
That's what Matthew used! He loved it. He was afraid he was going to get addicted to the gum. It's hard. I chew gum all the time. This year, I'm chewing gum on the show constantly. I forget to take it out.

Is it part of the plot?
I'm just a gum chewer anyway. But, yes it is, it's part of the plot.

You just renovated a town house.
We moved in about a year ago, so it's been great.

So, you want to stay on the East Coast?
Oh, yes. We'll never leave. We come to Los Angeles a lot for work, and my two best girlfriends live out there, but our families are here and the theater is here--so I think we'll always live here.

Do you and Matthew have any plans to work together?
Nothing imminent, no. Not anything I can think of. But I always hope I'll get to work with him again, because he's really good.

What's he doing now?
He's in a new play on Broadway called Taller than a Dwarf.

Are you happy or sad Sex and the City shoots 18 episodes, as opposed to 22?
It makes me very happy. Working for HBO is very unusual in many good ways, and one of them is that there are no advertisers to answer to. Every year we have a conversation between me and the two executives who cover our show, and we just decide how many we're going to do. It's a mutual decision we make, and it's as many as we feel we can do well.

I like to think of the show as this little event that happens every year, and the minute we get past 18 episodes, it seems terrifying and undoable. [That's] mostly because we film on location in the city of New York, and it's 16 hours a day, and it's just a lot of work. We want to do it really, really well, not in a mediocre fashion. It's six months of hard labor--but it's not manual, so it's all right. I love my job.

Anything in the works besides the show and the MTV Movie Awards?
We shoot Sex till mid August, and then I think I'm going to do a movie over my big hiatus--but I don't know which one yet. I don't know what I'm going to be doing. They just put me in a van in the morning and tell me where to go.

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