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Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster stars as " Vernonica Harold" on CBS's Dr.Vegas.The Young Blonde was born on February 12, 1980, in Overland Park, Kansas. Sarah began acting when she was in her early teens. At the age of 13 she made her TV debut, appearing on Saved By The Bell : The New Class as "Rachel Myers", a role which she ended up staying in until 1997, when she was 17. "I didn't know how to hit a mark; I didn't know anything about cameras. I didn't know how to act, either, but you'd smile, then they'd line you up like six ducks." Sarah also appeared on numerous other TV shows at around that time, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Pacific Blue, and in also appeared in the TV movie Michael Landon - The Father I Knew, (also known as A Father's Son) in which she portrayed Michael Landon's daughter, Leslie. This film seems to be shown on Sky Movies on an almost daily basis. Slash-flick Lover's Lane featured Sarah as "Chloe Grefe". In the UK, this film is known as I'm Still Waiting For You. In the same year she played as Liz on MTV's Undressed. In 2002, a 22 year-old Lancaster played a small part in the Leonardo di Caprio / Tom Hanks yarn Catch Me If You Can, where she is credited as "River Bend Woman". She asks di Caprio whether she should open another case of champagne. Also this year, Sarah landed a regular role in TV's Everwood, in which she played the part of Madison Kellner. Her character was involved in a controversial romance with a teenage boy called Ephram. Controversial not only because of his ridiculous name, but also because of his age. This role raised Sarah's profile, and will hopefully send her to ever greater career heights.

Sarah stars as "Veronica" in Dr Vegas alongside Rob Lowe (who was brilliant in The Specials). Lowe plays Dr. Billy Grant, a doctor who "took the gamble of his life when he leaves behind the world of emergency medicine to become the in-house doctor of a high-end Las Vegas casino, where he attends to the round-the-clock medical needs of guests, employees and their families amid the lures of Sin City."

Sarah Lancaster is tall, blonde, beautiful, tanned and very much in demand. She stars opposite Rob Lowe, Joe Pantaliano and Tom Sizemore in CBS’s new series Dr. Vegas. In fact, a few sexy scenes of her in the pilot for the show are so striking that she’s endured a little teasing and lots of questions about the outfit her character, Veronica, wears. It’s racy for her but tame by casino standards.

Sarah ended last season’s acclaimed WB drama Everwood by announcing that the rock-band singer she plays, who has had an ongoing older-woman/younger-guy affair with Ephram (played by Gregory Smith), is pregnant with the teenager’s child. Audiences will expect her back on that show to resolve the cliffhanger, but in a cliffhanger of her own, Sarah won’t say if her gig on Dr. Vegas will permit her to go back to Everwood.

Lancaster was put on Entertainment Weekly’s "2004 Must List." For Vegas she looks as if she’s earning that "must" title. She has the looks and stature.

Sarah Lancaster is a good girl from Kansas

Growing up in Overland Park, Kansas, Sarah Lancaster never thought all those hours she spent babysitting her younger brother would pay off. That is, until this past summer, when the former star of Saved By The Bell: The New Class (she played Rachel) nabbed her biggest TV role yet. Nowadays, as Everwood's Madison, Sarah's got her work cut out for her watching over Delia and grappling with Ephram's growing attraction to her. Of course, this statuesque blonde, who started acting at the wee age of eight, is hardly complaining. "I feel at home on The WB," admits Sarah. "I've already run the gamut of guest spots on [the network]. I've been on everything from Dawson's Creek to 7th Heaven. It's nice to be back."
My character, Madison: "Is definitely going to shake things up. I really like Madison because she's strong and she's confident and she also has this really sort of dry wit to her. I think she's going to bring a whole new kind of energy to the Browns' house." In real life: "I am quite the skilled babysitter. Just ask my younger brother. There is a nine-year difference between us so, my parents had a built-in sitter with me in the house."
Making out with Ephram: "Is inevitable. There's obviously some kind of love triangle in the works for us. I wouldn't say I am looking forward to it. I mean, don't get me wrong, Gregory [Smith] is a cute guy, but if you only knew how weird it is to have to kiss someone with 30 people standing there, staring at you. It's not exactly romantic."
One of the coolest things about Everwood is: "The location! We shoot in Utah and I'm a real outdoorsy kind of person. I'm going to fit right in." Playing the good girl: "Is something I am getting used to, at least on TV. I guess I get these roles because, down deep, I really am a good girl from Kansas."

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