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Sasha Alexander Actress

Sasha Alexander

Sasha stars as "Special Agent Kate Todd" on CBS's series "Naval Crimminal Investigative Service"(NCIS). Sasha Alexander began acting by the time she was in seventh grade when she found herself cast as the lead female in her school's production of "Baby". What she didn't know was that her male co-star would chicken out on her only a few hours before opening night. Determined to let the show go on, Sasha used her comedic skills and threw herself into the role. The audience response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and a star was born. Sasha continued acting in high school and college plays, and traveled east to New York from her native Los Angeles to perform in summer stock and Shakespeare Festival productions. It was here that her portrayal of Katherine in "The Taming of the Shrew" earned her the honor of studying in London with Cicely Berry and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Sasha graduated from USC's prestigious School of Cinema & Television, where she studied directing in an effort to hone behind-the-camera skills. All the while, she continued to add to her acting resume with appearances in several critically acclaimed independent films, which premiered at festivals across the country. Besides her acting career, Sasha has also written a variety of productions, including "Lucky 13," a comedy which she co-wrote, produced and stars in with Harland Williams and Lauren Graham. Sasha has currently shifted base from L.A to North Carolina where she co-stars with her friend James Van Der Beek on the TV drama "Dawsons Creek". Sasha was born on May 17, 1975, in Los Angeles, California.

More fun stuff about Sasha Alexander

Birth name: Suzana Drobnjakovic

Sasha Alexander" is the actress' stage name. Her real first name is Suzana (Sasha is a childhood nickname), and her brother's name is Alexander. Her real surname is unknown.

Sascha is of Serbian descent. Her father is Italian, she speaks Serbian and Italian quite well.

Sasha is dating Spencer Smith who was in the british Big Brother 3

Trained for the Olympics in ice-skating; career was cut short by a knee injury at age 13.

You know her as: Pacey’s frisky older sister on teen tearjerker Dawson’s Creek. “There were actually rumors,” Sasha says of her time on the rural North Carolina set, “of alligators in Dawson’s creek.”

New show: Presidio Med, a female-cast-driven scrubs-and-relationships drama that—talk about malpractice—keeps Sasha under a lab coat much of the time. (CBS)

She plays: Authority-bucking plastic surgeon Dr. Jackie Collette. “I think that Jackie’s got a lot more guts than I do,” Sasha says. “She’s very brash. I’m not. I look tough, but I’m really a pussycat.”

Suck that: “In my first scene I’m performing a liposuction. They built a prosthetic butt for this actress that I had to insert a 15-inch catheter into and scrape away,” she recalls. “After five straight hours of shooting, I wanted to vomit.”

If the whole healing thing falls through: “I’d love to play a cop. I would just never have the guts to jump a fence and go into somebody’s yard knowing there’s a killer inside. But it would be really cool to play a tough cop.”

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