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Scott Bailey Actor

Scott Bailey

Scott has been starring as "Sandy Foster" on CBS's soap opera "Guiding Light" since August 2003. Foster, the mysterious radio personality whose voice had been intriguing both Springfield residents and viewers alike since early March 2003. Originally from Florissant, MO, Bailey has also lived in Mt. Vernon, IL; Augsburg, Germany; Albuquerque, NM and Los Angeles. After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University, Bailey worked as a mechanical engineer for the Department of Energy. While studying to receive his doctorate degree from UCLA, Bailey decided to postpone his studies in order to pursue another interest – acting. While pursuing television roles, Bailey also worked at Universal Studios as the star of both live action shows "Terminator 2: 3D" as well as "Spiderman." On television, Bailey has appeared in Walker Texas Ranger, Chicken Soup For The Soul, MTV’s Undressed and most recently, in a Lifetime Television movie called Just Ask My Children. Bailey currently resides in New York . Scott is ambidextrous, plays piano, sings, and is fluent in German, Spanish, and sign language. His hobbies include Martial Arts, writing, watching films, working out, yoga and boxing.He enjoys a good cup of coffee and is a voracious reader. Scott celebrates his birthday on December 16.

Scott Bailey's dream job

Scott Bailey's (Sandy, GUIDING LIGHT) well-thought-out F.Y.I. couldn't run in its entirety in the Feb. 3 issue of SOAP OPERA WEEKLY, so here's what you missed.

Greatest fear: Nothing but boring answers. Kidding! Actually, playing it safe, in my personal life, in my career, in a scene. I figure it's not worth playing if you're going to play it safe.
Favorite TV show: I rarely watch TV. I used to watch FRIENDS -- it was like I knew these characters and enjoyed their journey. Now my fave is Guiding Light because I do know the actors and I get a kick out of seeing what they bring to their characters and the show.
Film or theatrical role for the opposite sex I would most like to play: I know it's not a movie but I would love to play the Jennifer Garner role on ALIAS. You get to morph your character into different disguises and speak different languages every week, not to mention you have some great family drama and get to kick ass every week.
If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be: Well, I only use two appliances, my refrigerator and microwave. Who wouldn't answer refrigerator?
Nobody knows I can: Integrate like no other.
If I couldn't be an actor, I'd be: A writer, and critique bad acting performances. Kidding! Actually, I'd love to write a novel, screenplays, television series. I'd also have a garage where I could be an inventor when I wasn't writing. Eventually I'd write a screenplay about an inventor and then become an actor so I could star in it.
Magical power I'd most like to have: ESP. Maybe then I could understand why people are so crazy and illogical and neurotic. Myself included.
If I could be in a TV show as a character for one month, I'd choose: FRIENDS. I could be Joey's cousin, the writer, and he could convince me to write a television series for him, which I do and then it gets bought by a huge studio and we move to L.A. to become huge successes: on the show and in the real-life FRIENDS spin-off.
Cause I most believe in: Every cause seeking to improve the human condition.
First thing I do when I wake up in the morning: Begin planning my route to get coffee.
Last thing I do before I go to bed: Usually I read. The retention rate is higher when you read before sleeping. I also like to think of what problems need to be solved in my life so my brain can work on them while I sleep. This works. I often have dreams about them or wake up with an answer.
Biggest regret: Regretting is useless. I would really regret wasting a lot of time regretting things.
What I dislike most about my appearance: The fact that I actually think about it.
Smartest thing I ever did: Stop studying, start living.
Greatest love: I love the unexpected: the unexpected kiss, the unexpected personal connection with someone, the unexpected love in your life.
Person I would choose to play me in a movie about my life: Me! I know I've got a job, but I could squeeze it in. Or, maybe Tom Cruise or Sean Penn.
In the event of a fire, aside from human beings and animals, the one possession I would save: My computer. It contains priceless stuff: friends' e-mail and info, screenplays, the answers to these questions.
What I would title my autobiography: For Both of our Sakes, I'll Make This Brief.

Scott Bailey, a nice face behind the voice of Sandy

For months, viewers have been hearing the antics of Sandy and the Mole on Springfield radio. Now, there’s a face behind the voice of Sandy! Meet SCOTT BAILEY, the former mechanical engineer who is shaking things up on the airwaves of Springfield.

CBS.com: It’s been your voice all along viewers have been hearing as Sandy of Sandy and the Mole.
SCOTT BAILEY: Yes. I was hired a long time ago for this show. The voiceover thing was a surprise to me. It seemingly would be a dream job. I’ve been working for months now and I go in once a week and do some voice work in a little studio. I’m out of there in a half an hour and the other actors still have to do hair and makeup and tape all day. Except I’m not the kind of guy who likes to sit on the bench; I want to get in the game. So, I love it that I’m actually working a lot [now].

CBS.com: Have you ever worked on the radio or had ambitions to do so?
SCOTT BAILEY: I have done a little bit just for kicks in school. Interestingly enough, I have an agent who [sends me out for] commercials, and they found out that I did voiceovers on the show so they started sending me out for voiceovers. So, I found a whole new career! I booked my very first voiceover audition, but I guess it was [thanks to] the training at Guiding Light.

CBS.com: How would you describe Sandy?
SCOTT BAILEY: If you would have asked me that once a month for the last five months or so, I would have had a different answer every month. So, what I will say to you to be honest is that he’s kind of enigmatic. He’s got a lot of things going on that even I don’t know about yet. [Laughs] He’s very secretive.

CBS.com: How do you like working with Lindsey McKeon [Marah]?
SCOTT BAILEY: Oh, I love it. I guess that’s the standard answer, but it’s true! When I first met her, I wasn’t sure how she was going to be. Then when I started actually hanging out with her and working with her, not only is she that beautiful - and it’s not just the makeup, she is that beautiful - but she’s really funny. She keeps me in stitches. I couldn’t believe it. We have more fun before the actual taping, just rehearsing. They could tape us rehearsing and make it like a sitcom. That would be gold!

CBS.com: Do you think Marah and Sandy are heading towards a romance?
SCOTT BAILEY: Number one, I don’t know if I can comment, and number two, I don’t even know if I know! It’s a big, fat, secretive, enigmatic question mark.

CBS.com: Who else have you had scenes with?
SCOTT BAILEY: Robert Newman [Josh]. That guy’s a class act. I just try to morph into a sponge when I’m around him. He has so much experience and knowledge. He radiates this sort of regal personality that I try to sponge up. I just sit and ask him questions. When we rehearse, he teaches me all kinds of things and educates me.

CBS.com: Who would you like to see Sandy become involved with?
SCOTT BAILEY: Oh, man. You know what? There are so many fantastic actors on this show. I would like to see Sandy meet them all and see what happens. Actually, that was the frustrating thing about doing the voices, because I met all these fantastic people and I watched them do some great acting, and then I go in a booth by myself. I would love to work with many of them. Kim Zimmer [Reva] - she’s such a hoot. Just watching her work is entertaining. Aubrey [Dollar, Marina] - she’s a fantastic actress. She’s been really doing some great work. There’s Marty [West, Shayne]. I actually auditioned at the same time Marty did, so I’m looking forward to maybe doing some scenes with him. We met each other on the plane [coming out] to test for the show! For some reason, we just sort of knew that we were both actors auditioning for the same show. So, we split the cab [into the city] because we were unemployed actors. We took an early flight home because it was so cold! I would have given $100 for a pair of gloves. So, we were like, we have to get back to L.A.! It was kind of weird because we had become sort of friends in a [short] amount of time and we both just tested for what we thought was the same role. It was kind of weird talking about that, but we thought we’d just discuss it. I was like, “I think I did really well. But if they don’t hire me, they should hire you!” And he felt the same way. Then they hired us both! He started working earlier [than I did]. When I flew out here my first night, he was at my hotel [saying], “Let’s go out, man!”

CBS.com: So, you’ve lived in many different places. How do you like living in New York?
SCOTT BAILEY: New York is very different from anywhere I’ve ever lived. There’s always the random blackout block party. It’s interesting that in the absence of electronic media, people just go downstairs, hang out with their neighbors and drink. I guess in a Western you would go to the saloon and drink. That’s what Manhattan did [the night of the blackout in the Northeast]! I like it; there’s a whole lot of walking. Everyday I meet new people, which has been such an enriching experience. When you’re in L.A. and you’re driving in a car, you don’t really talk to very many people. But in New York you’re walking and you see them and you talk to them. And they’re actually very nice. It’s such an unjustified stigma that New Yorkers are rude and obnoxious. I like it; I could see myself living here. I walk to work; I walk everywhere.

CBS.com: You also lived in Germany at one point.
SCOTT BAILEY: Yeah, I did. I spent seven years in Germany. I’ve sort of lived the army brat lifestyle. I was always moving, so I was constantly the new guy. I think it really helps you out as a person to have to constantly move and introduce yourself, because you sort of learn to just be yourself really fast. And be okay with eating lunch by yourself, because you have no choice! [Laughs] We moved to Europe because my mom was a nurse on an Army base, but [my parents] wanted to live out in the German countryside. So, not only did I have to meet people, I had to learn to speak German to them. It was a real interesting experience. Now that I look back, I want to go back again. I really appreciate all the things that happened. I just wanted to play football as a kid, but instead my parents were carting us off every other weekend to Vienna or Spain or France. I would go to summer camp in Holland. Now that I look back on that I go, “Wow! That was pretty cool.” I wish I could do that now!

CBS.com: Do you have any siblings?
SCOTT BAILEY: I have a sister who’s due to make me an uncle any day now. I have one niece, but another is on the way. My sister lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My parents right now live in Savannah, Georgia. And the rest of my relatives live in Illinois. Nothing is simple in my life. If I was to go visit them all, I would need like ten plane tickets! If I get another extended period of time off, I’m just going to rent a car and drive across country and see everyone. I think that would be fun. Or maybe just buy a really reliable car like a Honda – an electric Honda, a hybrid Honda, great efficiency because I don’t want to ruin the planet on my trip.

CBS.com: Are you close with your sister?
SCOTT BAILEY: I see her every once in a while; not as much as I’d like, darn it. I’ve always been on sort of my own journey and I don’t get to visit them as much as I’d like to. I guess it’s the army brat lifestyle. I grew up and that’s the lifestyle I live. But I would like to see her soon – I would like to see my new niece. When I did my very first TV show, they had taped it. My sister called me and told me that my niece had to watch it every night before she went to bed. I could have just melted right there. So maybe they’ll be watching Sandy.

CBS.com: Have you watched yourself at all on the show?
SCOTT BAILEY: I have actually. Even though it’s really tough for me to watch myself. I don’t know. I think we’re built in to look at ourselves in a very critical way, but I just tried to look at how it looked in the show and if it was natural and just to see how it comes out. Because I know what we did and I wanted to see what it looks like. I can’t judge myself because I’m critical, but I was pretty natural and I think I’m pretty good at what I do. If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s this. [Laughs] But it’s also very nerve-wracking.

CBS.com: Do you get online at all?
SCOTT BAILEY: I do. That’s the first thing I did with my first check, I bought myself a Mac laptop and I use it everyday now. It’s crazy.

CBS.com: It must be a great way to keep in touch with your family since they’re so spread out.
SCOTT BAILEY: That’s it! E-mails every day. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

CBS.com: After going to school and getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering, what made you decide that you wanted to act?
SCOTT BAILEY: I had to answer this question a couple of times. So, I think I figured out the exact moment when I had the inkling. I loved movies and reading books, so I loved storytelling as I grew up and I never realized people actually got paid to do that. Until I was at a college internship in [Washington,] D.C. and some friends dragged me to what’s called “Shakespeare in the Park.” They dragged me there. We were like in the third or fourth row. I saw Harry Hamlin do Henry V. And he was that close and he was so alive and I was so inspired and moved. He was saying, “Once more, into the breach!” And I was ready to jump out of my seat and go into the breach with him. I remember walking out of there going, “Wow, that was pretty amazing. I wonder how he did that, and I wonder if I could do that.” So, when I went back to college, I took an acting class just for kicks because I’m curious. Math, Science and Acting was kind of an anomaly in my course schedule, but it turned out to be my favorite. So, when I started working as an engineer, I would take classes at night just for kicks. Then I was going to school at UCLA [for a doctorate degree] and I got some jobs, I was actually getting paid to do it, so I was flabbergasted myself. There was one time that I got a job at the same time there was midterms. Do you want to go through midterms, or do you want to go to Texas for two weeks and work with Chuck Norris on [an episode of] Walker, Texas Ranger, running and hunting and fighting and all that fun stuff? It really wasn’t a very tough question! [Laughs] I was on that plane in a heartbeat. And I haven’t looked back since. I feel really blessed that I make enough money to live doing what I really enjoy doing.

CBS.com: Do you miss working as an engineer at all?
SCOTT BAILEY: Yeah, I was very interested in how things work. I worked on fusion energy systems. I think that’s the way of the future. I was very, very interested in it. I wanted to save the world with fusion energy, or at least do my part to help. But when I started acting, I actually learned [about] a whole other side of me. It’s like the left [side of the] brain vs. the right [side of the] brain. The analytic vs. the emotional or human side. Going to acting classes and actually reading stories, I started learning about humans and our humanity. I started to understand why the world was worth saving, I guess. And that was infinitely more interesting to me. Like, having conversations with people and learning about them and why they do things. And telling stories and moving people. I’m really passionate about that right now. I don’t know; maybe some day I’ll go and open up a company where I design electric cars or something, but right now I feel very alive and excited and interested in what I do.

CBS.com: What are some of your hobbies?
SCOTT BAILEY: I love reading. I know that’s not the typical, hot, sexy, quotable answer, but I’m a voracious reader. I take all the subjects and all the things I didn’t get to learn like philosophy and ecology. I watch movies and I write stories. Maybe one day I’ll have my Good Will Hunting script polished up and ready to roll. I like martial arts. Lately, my hobby has been walking through Central Park and people watching. In New York, they have the most interesting group of people in the world. One homeless guy is directing traffic in Times Square, and then there’s the silver guy - he’s just all silver. He makes sounds with his mouth when he moves. They’re interesting.

CBS.com: Are you single?
SCOTT BAILEY: Yes. My heart and mind and eyes are open.

CBS.com: Do you go back to L.A. often?
SCOTT BAILEY: Actually, I don’t that much, but I would like to. I’m probably going to go soon because I’ve been [wanting] to get back there. I had so many friends and family there. I moved out here to do the show so I’m all alone. But when I moved out to L.A. to act I was all alone as well. Interestingly enough, that’s like Sandy. In a method acting type of way, I moved out here for the job, and no one ever knew who I was and I hardly ever worked, but I showed up every once in a while. And I felt really alone, you know what I mean? Kind of like the redheaded stepchild or the orphan kid who keeps showing up for dinner and no one knows who he is. [Laughs] I don’t mean to say that in a sad way. But that’s kind of who Sandy is. In the show, he’s all alone really. He doesn’t have anyone. So in a weird way, moving out here made that really easy for me to understand.

CBS.com: What would you like to see happen with Sandy?
SCOTT BAILEY: Wow, that is a good question! Dare I answer that one? Well, Sandy has nothing, right? If I could choose, I would like to see Sandy go through this journey of discovering things until he has, you know what I mean? It’s a really nice story to see someone go from having nothing – no money, no family, no friends – to see them discover all these beautiful things and maybe having a family and friendships and love and maybe an interesting career. I would like to see that story happen for him. I went out and bought him a necklace, for me and him at the same time, because I was unemployed for a while before I got this job, but I envision him as the phoenix. The phoenix, when it burns up, it’s rising from the ashes, and that’s what I sort of see that’s what he’s going to do. I don’t know how long that plays out or all interesting things can happen, but I’d like to see a grown man [go through this journey of] self-discovery and learn and grow.

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