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Sharon Case

Sharon Case

The gorgeous blonde actress has been playing the role of "Sharon Newman" on CBS's soap opera "The Young And The Restless" since 1994. Sharon received Daytime Emmy Award nominations in 1996 and 1997 as "Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series." In 1998, Case was the recipient of a Soap Opera Award for "Hottest Female in a Daytime Drama." In 1999, she won a Daytime Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series." She was nominated for the same award in 2000 and 2004. Prior to joining the series, Case portrayed Debbie on the CBS drama As the World Turns, Dawn on General Hospital and Anne on Valley of the Dolls. She also starred in the HBO Production Breast Men with David Schwimmer. Her additional television credits include guest-starring roles in Cheers, Beverly Hills, 90210, Silk Stalkings, Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Doogie Howser, M.D. Case starred in the feature film Diplomatic Immunities. Her theater credits include lead roles in "Grease," "The Wizard" and "The Nutcracker." As a child, Case moved to Chatsworth, California. During her free time, she enjoys shopping, reading and traveling. Sharon was born on February 9, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan.


New Attitude: Sharon Case alters her outlook

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Sharon Case (Sharon) has mellowed. Fans can see the changes in her appearance, as she playfully alters the cut and color of her hair with some frequency. And her admirers even can sense the shift in her in the way that she answers questions about her love life. (Whereas she once was very guarded about her romances, she now admits, "I broke up with my boyfriend, but it was good for both of us.")
In fact, she seems so content now to take life one day at a time that she even allows her highly prized Emmy to be out of her sight. When she first won it in 1999, she told Soaps In Depth that she planned to keep it at her desk, where it would be "the first thing she saw each morning and the last thing she saw" before diving under the duvet. "It travels [these days] — it’s at my friend’s house," she jokes. "We even have a schedule."

Actually, the golden statuette is moving around because Case currently is remodeling her home. "I didn’t want to put the Emmy — or my paintings — in storage. So my friends are hanging onto them. Of course, we rotate when people tire of the baby-sitting!"

Home Improvement
Case’s house is almost finished — even as she decides on a different design element mid-construction. "I see things as they’re building, and they’re not what I envisioned, so I make a change. Like the lighting in my master bath… I ended up opening the ceiling, which of course set us back. But I want the house to be right."

As any homeowner eventually discovers, remodeling is an all-consuming task. "It is a full-time job, which means I have way more on my plate than I need to be dealing with. But it will get finished."

Career Conflicts
Largely, it is Case’s new, let-it-come attitude that is getting her through life. Last year, she had to bow out of one movie and say no to another because her schedule just wouldn’t accommodate filming — but the Michigan native took it all in stride. "I couldn’t get it to work. My Y&R schedule got so busy that I lost both films by May. On one, I was finishing negotiations while I was in New York [for the Emmys], and it just fell through.

"I came back to this hectic schedule, so I decided against doing anything else. I was working four and five days a week, and just realized trying to squeeze in a movie wasn’t going to work."

Life Plans
Case opted to stop looking for other roles until things settled down. At this point, she notes, "I’ve had a break, so I can see getting back out there and getting more work."

Looking for a good film doesn’t mean she’s planning to exit Y&R, though. "I don’t know that I could come to terms with leaving Y&R. Not that I visualize myself as this soap opera diva, someone who will be on the show all my life. It’s just that I can’t leave these people.

"Really, it’s not about my career," she concludes. "Wanting to stay is about my life, because it feels like family here."

Sharon Case speaks about her crazy role in Y&R

After a shocking revelation, Sharon finally knew she wasn't going crazy -- she didn't murder Cameron after all! But how will this drastic turn of events change her life? CBS.com sat down with Sharon Case to talk about her character's crazy life and what Sharon would like to see happen in the future.

CBS.com: I heard that you went to the Tony Awards in New York this year.
SHARON CASE: Yes. I don't generally like award shows but this is different. The Tonys are different. It's really the most entertaining of the award shows.

CBS.com: Do you have an interest in doing theater?
SHARON CASE: Oh, love theater. I haven't thought about it seriously, but I love going to the theater.

CBS.com: And you went with Heather Tom [ex-Victoria], so obviously you guys keep in touch.
SHARON CASE: Oh yeah. [At this year's Emmys] we hung out quite a lot. We saw some shows together and [had some] dinners, all kinds of things.

CBS.com: Sounds fun. Let's talk story. Your character has had an emotional year, how has it been to portray?
SHARON CASE: It's been a lot of work. I like having a good storyline.

CBS.com: It seems like Sharon is always on the emotional edge. Are there any tricks into getting to that point as an actor?
SHARON CASE: I don't know. I guess just years of practice. Sharon's always been on the emotional edge so I've had a lot of work at it.

CBS.com: Do you think Sharon and Nikki make better enemies or do you like the fact that they are sort of allies now?
SHARON CASE: I like where we're at right now. I like that we're enemies but we're friends -- we're both. We're forced to be friends. We're forced into a situation to help each other, but I don't know if it's deep down we really like each other or deep down we don't. I can't figure out which one it is. But I like the layers in the relationship.

CBS.com: It brings the competitiveness to hers and Nikki's relationship.
SHARON CASE: Yes. That's really fun -- that I've gotten to finally play Sharon where she has her opinions and she speaks up for herself. It's certainly more fun to watch. It's not fun to watch Nikki just push Sharon around and Sharon just take it constantly because you don't have a scene there. You don't have anything interesting to watch when one person constantly pushes the other one down and they take it. That's not entertainment really. In order for the scenes to work, and that relationship to work, Sharon has to fight back.

CBS.com: Do you think that Sharon might have ruined her relationship again after she admitted to the indiscretion with Cameron?
SHARON CASE: I think that Sharon would have ruined it when he found out about Cameron, I thought that would be it, that would be the last straw. I was surprised to learn that he's decided to stand by me.

CBS.com: What can Nick really do to help Sharon get out of this mess now?
SHARON CASE: Well, what he wants to do is be a hero. You know, protect his wife and stand up for her.

CBS.com: After all the obstacles that Sharon and Nick have come across, do you think that it has only made them stronger or that each time it has taken a little away from their bond?
SHARON CASE: No, I think that it makes [their relationship] stronger definitely.

CBS.com: Will we ever see Cassie and Sharon becoming close again?
SHARON CASE: Probably. We're kind of separated by storylines right now, where I have my own and she has her own. I'm sure there will be in the future another mother/daughter storyline or something that at least involves her.

CBS.com: Sharon and Nick are approaching those years where they will be dealing with all the trials that come with having a teenage daughter.
SHARON CASE: Yes. I think that will be a good story and I'm sure that will play out one day.

CBS.com: What makes Sharon hold Victor in such high regard still after all that's happened?
SHARON CASE: I think that she's completely loyal to both [Victor and Nick]. But I think that she thinks that father knows best. And even though she's devoted to both of them, she always thinks Victor's right and she thinks that her husband can be wrong, as we all can be. I think she wishes he would take more time with his father and learn from him and not fight him so much.

CBS.com: What's the best part about portraying Sharon?
SHARON CASE: I just think she's a really interesting character and she has a lot of potential. There's a lot of room for her to grow, her personality to grow and change and things to happen to her because she's really just been a young kid for so long. Only recently has she become more mature. Now that she's reached that level, there's a lot of places she can go from there. I like that about the character because it's not easy to write a character or play one for ten years and then keep going. But I think that even after ten years, I think we've just gotten to a new plateau where there's a lot of places to go with her in her adult life.

CBS.com: Did you even imagine such longevity with this character?
SHARON CASE: No. I mean, I didn't when I first started. I didn't expect that I'd be playing that one character for that long.

CBS.com: Have you had input into the direction that your character takes?
SHARON CASE: We're allowed to make suggestions and sometimes our suggestions are used somehow. I generally don't. I never really have been one to do that, not a lot.

CBS.com: At this point do you feel you know your character so well that you know what decisions she would make in different situations?
SHARON CASE: Oh yeah. I do feel like I know what decisions she would make but I'm still surprised by the storyline sometimes.

CBS.com: Are there still storylines that you haven't played that you'd like to?
SHARON CASE: I think it would be interesting if Sharon one day down the road started working or somehow got involved with some of the other lead characters on the show. I'm not in any big hurry for that. I'm happy with the way Sharon's life is but maybe it's an option for one day.

CBS.com: Would you ever like to see a day when Nick and Sharon go their separate ways and explore other relationships?
SHARON CASE: I don't really want that. I mean, we've both had our affairs and I think that if we played that out again that would be fine. I think that if we were to ever get a divorce, using that as an opportunity as a dramatic storyline and perhaps a custody battle, it would be interesting but I wouldn't want it to last. I'd want somehow the day to be saved in the end, or maybe if we get divorced that it's not for long. Like with Nikki and Victor where you always know they're going to get back together because they're soulmates. That kind of thing will be fine with me because then we're still playing together even if we are divorced our storyline is still together.

CBS.com: Do you think Sharon and Nick's relationship emulates Nikki and Victor's?
SHARON CASE: Yes. I do. I think it does a lot and I like that. I think that part of the story is that Sharon likes that. Sharon wanted to be a part of a family and it meant everything to her and this is an ideal situation being involved with this family. I think she wanted to emulate Nikki from the minute she met her.

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