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Terri Colombino Actress

Terri Colombino

Terri Colombino has been playing "Katie Frasier" on CBS's soap opera "As The World Turns" since September 1998. Terri was a series regular on the syndicated program Breaker High and has guest-starred on Seventh Heaven, Step by Step, Brotherly Love, Profiler, Malibu Shores and The Young and the Restless. She has also appeared in the films Spitfire, Hong Kong 97, and Assumption. In addition, Terri performed in regional productions of ‘Night Mother, and Of Mice and Men. Colombino was born on January 28, 1975. She is sometimes known as Terr Conn. Terri ( birth name Theresa Celeste Conn) is the only child of a real-estate-agent mother and a (now-retired) Air Force officer father. The family moved often during her childhood, but eventually settled in Albuquerque, NM. Having forsaken acting for cheerleading in high school, Colombino was in her junior year as a communications major at University of San Diego when she went to Florence, Italy — and had an epiphany. Realizing that she really wanted to be an actress, Colombino made a deal with her parents: She would move to L.A. for the summer to pursue her dream, but would return to finish her senior year. Soon after, she landed a part on the syndicated teen show BREAKER HIGH, then auditioned for ATWT in 1998, partly because it would take her to New York and away from industry-obsessed L.A. Stuck in a teen storyline for her first year, Colombino truly blossomed (along with Katie) when her scheming, high-strung character was paired with Paul Leyden's Simon. Colombino was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2001 and for Outstanding Supporting Actress at the SOAP OPERA DIGEST Awards that same year.

Terri's Memorable Quotes:
"The first year I was on the show, I don't think they knew what to do with me, and I didn't know what to do with the character. I was always trying to give her some backstory, and then something would happen on the show that would totally negate what I had in my mind. I was really lost, and frankly, I wouldn't have been too upset if I'd been let go because I wasn't that happy."

"The 20s are hard, I think. It's like a weird mixture of losing that naivete and having this immense pressure to know what you want to do, settle down and do all these things that you're supposed to do on time."

She married actor Arthur "Artie" Colombino in New York City on September 7, 2001. Her daughter Julia Catherine was born June 2004.

Rumors Say Terri Colombino Won't Return

There is rampant speculation that new mom Terri Colombino (Katie Frasier) will not return to As the World Turns after her maternity leave.

olombino - then Terri Conn -- joined the cast of As the World Turns in September 1998. Three years later, the actress received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Younger Actress category.

Terri and husband Arthur welcomed the arrival of daughter, Julia Catherine on July 8th. The little one measured in at 19 inches and weighed 6 lbs, 5 oz.

A show spokesperson declined to comment, citing a policy not to comment on rumors. Meanwhile, one setside source hints that it almost certain that Colombino will return to the show.

Colombino's contract with As the World Turns is up for renewal this month.

Terri Colombino: Copy This Look, Extra!

Terri Colombino (Katie, AS THE WORLD TURNS) knows what looks good on her, stylewise. "You work with what you got," she stresses. "That is why I wear a lot of the low-slung pants and show a little tummy. One of the features that I like is my flat stomach."

Not that Colombino hasn't made some mistakes along the way. "What I'm learning to do now is buy outfits all together," she reveals. "Because I'd see a top like that and I'd love it and I'd buy it, but then I didn't have anything to wear it with."

Here are Colombino's thoughts on some of her outfits:

1: "I love that top. The pants are great, but not with that top and not with those shoes. That top would look great with slimming black pants or jeans. The pants are from Jeffrey, which is in the meat-packing district [in New York]. It's a designer store that's very expensive but I got these on sale. They were a couple sizes too big, but I love to wear things on the hips so I took them up on the bottom, which I have to do anyway because I'm so short."
2: "This was from my first months on the show. I got this outfit in L.A. There are things you can get there that you can't here [in New York] that are a little more skin-baring. I would walk around New York wearing my L.A. clothes when I first moved here and people would just stare at me. I think they are both Parallel, which is a designer I really like. I still have both of those. It's a nice simple white skirt. I wore the shirt the other day and Artie (Colombino's husband) said, 'Is that new?'
3: "This was a movie premiere. Those pants were lined with satin, so they felt like pajama bottoms. I got them at Betsey Johnson. I went to a different store and got a nice, fitted, black shirt to go with them. I still have that top. The necklace has an antique pendant on it."

4: "This is another Christmas party. The shoes were wrong. I had some shoes to go with it but it was so snowy or rainy that I ended up wearing my boots with the skirt. I like the look, I just would now wear different shoes and definitely not the choker because it cuts me off. Hello -- roots need to be done real bad. The top is a Victoria's Secret bustier and the skirt I got three sizes too big so it would fit on my hips and then I got it shortened."

Meet Trent Dawson and Terri Colombino as Henry Coleman and Katie Perretti, As the World Turns

As the World Turns' Henry Coleman got a surprise this Valentine's Day: He married the object of his affection, his best friend Katie Perretti. Now Trent Dawson and Terri Colombino — who play Henry and Katie respectively — are basking in the afterglow as their characters evolve from friends to lovers. They're getting more screen time (Trent's on contract!) and a very real opportunity to become Oakdale's next big supercouple. — Delaina Dixon

Trent, how long has Henry been in love with Katie?
Trent Dawson: Probably longer than he realizes. It's been building and building. He's been in denial about it for a long time, but he finally told Jennifer, "I'm in love with Katie," and described what they've been through over the past five years. Maybe he's been in love with her since the beginning, unbeknownst even to him.

And Terri, how long has Katie known Henry was in love with her?
Terri Colombino: I've been trying to figure that one out. I really don't think she knew for quite a long time. But there have been moments... I think subconsciously Katie chose not go there because she never thought of him in that way. She loves him so much as a friend, if [their romance] was not going to be forever, it would ruin the friendship.

Is Henry ready to be a husband and fix things around the house and take out the garbage?
Dawson: Fix things? He went to an island with this broad. He's lied for her and gone to jail for her — I don't think taking care of the garbage is going to be an issue. He's ready for the whole domestic situation.

Henry is the type of guy a girl could overlook. What would he need to do to finally win Katie over?
Dawson: How did he become that guy? When Henry started off, he was the worst. Terri, answer the question so it can help me out in my own personal life! [Chuckles] I'm not a nice guy, I'm a dark and serious man.
Colombino: Katie needs to feel like she's going to lose him and realize what she took for granted.

Is it weird that people now perceive Henry as "the nice guy" when he started off so rotten?
Dawson: It's funny that there's sympathy out there for Henry. I haven't really adjusted to it yet. I still think of him as kind of snarky. I don't want him to lose too much of his dastardly edge. He needs to blackmail someone soon.

A lot of the fans have been pushing for a Katie-Henry pairing. Are you ready for your characters to go from great platonic friends to great lovers?
Colombino: I think it's a natural progression, though I never really pictured it that way. But now that it's there, it does make sense because they have such a rich history.
Dawson: What resonated with the fans, and with us too, is that it's great to see an adult male and female be friends, but it's even more interesting to see a relationship grow out of that, especially one that has so much depth to it.

Terri, you've done several love scenes, but this would be new territory for you, Trent. Are you ready for a bare butt shot in the shower?
Colombino: Would you be willing to do that, Trent? He's got the best butt on the show.
Dawson: I'm ready for it, but I don't think Henry and Katie will be getting these great sex montages. It will be more like they just made love, and at the end of a scene will go off to make more, which would say we're good at it.
Colombino: Janet [Jackson] ruined it for us!

As their relationship moves forward, will we get to learn more about Henry's past?
Dawson: I've been asking for it. I've always wanted to know who his mother is, because who created this guy? He has mentioned that he has a sister and things of that nature, but it's usually in the middle of him lying about something, so I don't know how much of it is true.

Your characters are best friends on screen. What's your real-life relationship?
Dawson: I disgust her.
Colombino: And he hates me. [Laughs]No, we're good friends.
Dawson: She just gave me a wonderful birthday present and card.
Colombino: Now that I don't live in the city, I'm not much of a partyer, but we've had several nights of drunken fun.

Who's more likely to screw up lines in a scene first?
Colombino: Me.
Dawson: Oh, Terri. For me, it's usually blocking that goes before lines. I forget to make a move, and she'll gesture to me. I act like that cross to a new spot came back into my mind all on my own.
Colombino: And he'll use a prop to remind me of my next line. That happened at the wedding. Henry was bringing Snickers as a surprise. I was supposed to look at the rabbit, but I forgot and was looking at Trent, so he held Snickers up.

Trent, you've just been put on contract. Did Henry's blossoming romance with Katie sway the execs to make you a series regular?
Dawson: I'm not sure what came first, chicken-and-egg-wise. It was a very nice surprise, and once I got things straightened out I said, "This would be a good idea." It's a little more job security, and I'm glad to be a part of the team.

How are you celebrating your new status?
Dawson: My upstairs neighbors told me they can hear everything that happens on my couch, so I bought an area rug so my voice doesn't bounce around the apartment. I went and bought it like it was nothing. That's what being a series regular does for you.

Do you think that Katie and Henry can become a lasting supercouple?
Dawson: I do hope so.
Colombino: We could be the most unlikely supercouple ever.
Dawson: Couldn't we?

In The Spotlight: Terri Colombino (Katie )

Dear Terri,
How did you feel when you found out they weren't going to write your pregnancy into the storyline?
Dear Krista,
I was pretty relieved. I didn't want Katie to have a baby, so I'm glad about that. The only thing was that it did become difficult to hide it after a while.
Dear Terri,
Do you prefer playing the nice, sweet, domesticated Katie or the fun, sexy, adventurous Katie?
Dear Beverly,
Well, it's always more of a challenge to play the more adventurous character and still keep her grounded. So I think the more adventurous, sexy — and any time you can be sexy, of course!
Dear Terri,
What are the similarities and differences between you and Katie?
Dear Carl,
Well, I'd like to think I'm a little bit more mature than she is. And luckily, I haven't had to go through all of the disappointments that she has. But I am pretty ambitious like she is and I think positively about things. I don't really see the negative sides or aspects of trying to go for something that I want.
Dear Terri,
Who do you wish you could have more scenes with?
Dear Kristina,
Really, everyone that I don't work with. I mean, now that I've been on the show for so long, there's actually a lot of people that I don't get to work with that I would love to. Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda), I got to work with a little bit when I first started, but I haven't been able to work with her in forever, and she's great and so fun and spontaneous. Let's see, who else? I would really like to work with Michael Park (Jack) and Maura [West, Carly] because they're both so good and Michael always makes it fun and hilarious. Everyone for different reasons, I guess.
Dear Terri,
I know you were on a TV show called BREAKER HIGH, and I love that show. I was wondering if you still talk to some of the cast?
Dear Lara,
I do. I still talk to Wendi [Kenya] and Rachel [Wilson]. They're both doing really well and still acting. Rachel's actually doing a new show called SHOW ME YOURS on the Oxygen network. And every once in a while, I speak to Ryan [Gosling] and Tyler [Labine] and Scott [Vickaryous]. But I've stayed in touch with the girls much more. We're best friends.
Dear Terri,
Katie's had a lot of jobs over the years: reporter, video worker, playing detective. She just seems to be wasting her many talents at the hospital cleaning bedpans and making beds. If you could choose a new job for Katie, what would you pick?
Dear Bev,
Oh, wow! She has had some crazy jobs that don't all seem to go together. Well, I want her to do something really substantial, instead of just these little jobs that help her out at the time. I want her to find a passion instead of having it be about men. So what would she be good at? Definitely something creative, and that has to do with people. Well, maybe something with reporting again. I think she was good at that. Maybe be a little more serious about it and not have to poison people to get the job.
Dear Terri,
I am 14 and want to be an actress when I get older. Do you have any tips that could help me reach my goal?
Dear Kayla,
Yes, let's see... Well, it's a good idea to get into maybe a local or regional theater company or take some classes in school, just to get your feet wet. But definitely stay in school and study as much as you can, as many different things as you can, because I always say that helps any actor. The more that you know about everything will help you in your career. And just believe in yourself. It's a really tough, tough business. You get a lot of criticism. "She's too short. She's too blonde. She's too this or that." It's always going to be something. You have to have faith in yourself and have a positive attitude and study as much as you can.
Dear Terri,
What's the most challenging scene you've ever had to act out on AS THE WORLD TURNS and why?
Dear Kailin,
Probably when I first started, they touched on the storyline that Margo was the one who pulled the plug on Casey, Katie's dad. I hadn't really had a lot of time to get to know Katie as a character and get to know Margo and the history. It's an emotional, sad story, and I really was scared that I wouldn't give it its proper depth because I didn't really know a lot about the characters yet. So I was really nervous about that, and I wished they would have waited a little bit longer to touch on that.
Dear Terri,
You probably know Katie better than anyone. My question is, if Paul Leyden as Simon could come back to ATWT forever, and not just for a few episodes, who do you think Katie would truly choose to be with, Simon or Mike?
Dear Shelli,
Oh, that's a tough one. I'd have to say Simon. They probably would never have even introduced the Mike storyline if he'd have stayed, so it would be different. Also, because Simon's character changed a little bit. But, I think ultimately, he's her soulmate.
Dear Terri,
Whenever I see pictures of you in soap magazines, I always love the outfits you're wearing. I was wondering where you go clothes shopping.
Dear Nicole,
Well, usually we have stylists for the shoots. Thank God, because I'm not that good at picking out clothes on my own. That always makes it fun. And, in fact, I end up buying the clothes most of the time. I myself have not been shopping in probably about a year because I was pregnant. I mean, I went shopping for maternity clothes, but I haven't been shopping for real clothes. So I'm looking forward to doing that again. I love Anthropologie, and there's a lot of little boutiques around where I live that I love, too. Bloomingdale's is always great because they have all the designers.
Dear Terri,
What kind of music do you listen to?
Dear Wyman,
[My husband,] Artie Colombino. (Laughs.) I listen to a lot of different music. Who do I love right now? John Mayer. I'm a big Dave Matthews fan, and I love metal like Metallica and Guns N' Roses, that kind of stuff. And all the '80s music. I'm an '80s child.
Dear Terri,
If you could not be an actress, what else would you like to do for a living?
Dear Christi,
I was actually thinking of this the other day. I would either like to be a teacher or maybe do something with interior design. Or produce, although I just don't know if I could do the difficult stuff like fire people and deal with controversy. The things that go along with that job.

Terri Colombino shares her personal psychic experience

Long before moving to New York and landing the role of Katie on AS THE WORLD TURNS, struggling actress Terri Colombino found herself attending a performance by noted psychic James Van Praagh. "I didn't even mean to," she confesses. "I went with friends. I didn't even know what it was at the time."

Seeing Things
Colombino was skeptical going in, but as Van Praagh began "reading" the audience, he had a vision of a stomach with a scar or hole above the bellybutton. "I was like, 'That's me! That's me!'" Colombino recalls. "I used to have my belly-button pierced, and at the time, there was a hole there, almost as big as my belly-button. And he proceeded to say all these things... "
One of the psychic's predictions was that the young actress would be moving far away for a job that would change her life, and that she would be living on the water. "And two months later," she reveals, "when I got a job on BREAKER HIGH, I moved to Vancouver, which is not overseas, but still very far. And I was sitting on my balcony one day, and I was living on the water!"
Colombino was stunned to find many of Van Praagh's predictions coming true in one way or another. "I moved, I got a big job, everything," she says, shaking her head in amazement. "The guy I was with at the time, he said, 'You're going to break up.' And we did."

What's In A Name?
But there was one special revelation that startled the actress beyond all others. When Van Praagh asked if the name Katherine meant anything to her, Colombino replied that it was her mother's name. But the medium insisted that it was a grandmother he was sensing, and that the person in question was deceased.
"I was like, 'It can't be, because they're both alive,'" Colombino relates. "And I went home to tell my mom about the experience, and she's like, 'Your great-grandmother's name is Katherine. I didn't even know! It was so crazy! So I do believe in it."

What's next for Terri Colombino's Katie

After mourning over her presumed dead husband, Katie finally found happiness with Mike – for about five minutes! In true soap opera fashion, her life was turned upside down by the return of Simon, who was very much alive! What’s next for Katie? CBS.com caught up with TERRI COLOMBINO to find out!

CBS.com: Tell me about Katie’s dilemma when Simon returns and she’s faced with having to choose between two men that she loves so much.
TERRI COLOMBINO: It’s a rough day for Katie because she gets Simon’s death certificate in the morning, and I think she’s definitely been holding on to some hope that he wasn’t really gone, but that’s her reality check. She’s thinking that luckily she has Mike, who calls right afterwards to meet him at the Lakeview. Then he ends up proposing to her, which she immediately says yes to, and then about an hour later, Simon shows up alive! [Laughs] So, she’s pretty much in shock at first. It definitely wasn’t expected. She didn’t mean to get involved with Mike, [and] had she known Simon was still out there, she wouldn’t have. But [Mike] has been so good to her. She’s created this life with him, which is what she dreamed of having - a house and having nice romantic dinners and maybe starting a family. Then Simon comes back and although she loves him more than anything, it’s that life of danger and running and I don’t think she’s really that into anymore. But, just the fact that Simon’s back, those are a lot of feelings to deal with. You know, sometimes that love overrides any kind of lifestyle plan you had anyway. So, that’s her dilemma!

CBS.com: Are you surprised at how popular Mike and Katie have become, given the fact that Simon and Katie were so incredibly popular and fans were resistant to see Katie involved romantically with anyone else?
TERRI COLOMBINO: I was really surprised, actually. And it did happen pretty quickly. I mean, they have taken their time with [Mike and Katie’s] relationship, which I’m glad about. That was a nice gift to the Simon and Katie fans, and to the Mike and Katie fans.
CBS.com: What has been it been like working with Paul Leyden [Simon] again?
TERRI COLOMBINO: It’s been so great to have Paul back. We have such a fun working relationship, and everyone on the set loves him because he always keeps it so light and fun. And, of course, Trent [Dawson, Henry], too, is hilarious and they work so well together. So, it was fun. Those couple of days were great because it was all of us together again. It’s nice that they add a little comedy, too, because it can’t be all angst. People get sick of that fast.

CBS.com: Fans wrote in that they were really happy about those scenes airing at the same time as the whole revelation about Rose’s murderer came to light, which was very dramatic.
TERRI COLOMBINO: That’s what Hogan [Sheffer, ATWT Head Writer] is so good about. He realizes that you have to have the humor in there. You can’t get too depressed for too long. None of us want to do that. Comedy comes from truth – it’s us being able to laugh at ourselves instead of cry. I love that he can take a situation that’s so serious and find the humor in it. But that didn’t last for too long! [Laughs] More angst to come!

CBS.com: Katie has a painful decision to make.
TERRI COLOMBINO: She tries to make a decision, but then the decision is made for her, which she doesn’t end up being too happy about. She doesn’t want to hurt either one of them, and she’s really thinking more about that than herself. But in reality if you’re making a choice about the rest of your life, you do have to think about yourself because you’re the one that has to live it. So, she really struggles with that, but doesn’t have that much time to. I think this all happens in one Oakdale day, although it airs over a couple of weeks. I was kind of sick of wearing that outfit! But it’s really exciting. You think that Mike’s out of the picture, but then he comes back into the picture. I really hope that the audience goes through the struggle that Katie goes through. Like you said, there are a lot of Mike and Katie fans. I was surprised about that because nobody wanted Katie with anyone but Simon ever, and that’s a good testament to Mark [Collier, Mike] and what he’s done with his character and with Katie. It’s hard to follow up a popular couple, and I think the audience pretty much is split down the middle, from what I’ve seen [on online message boards]. It’ll be interesting for the audience to see what happens and see how they feel about it.

CBS.com: How do you think Katie’s changed since Simon has been gone?
TERRI COLOMBINO: I think sorrow changes anyone. Unfortunately, it forces you to grow up a little bit and face reality. It took away part of her spark, but I think that she’s getting it back again learning to love again. She’s also changed the kind of lifestyle she wants to lead. She’s become comfortable in Oakdale, and she’s never been comfortable anywhere because of her childhood, always flying around with her mom going to these different places. For the first time, she does. That’s a big thing to say for her.

CBS.com: What does Katie do now as far as her career?
TERRI COLOMBINO: She’s a nurse’s aide, which I don’t even know exactly what that means or why they still employ me because I left for months to go to Montana, then I left for months to go to Australia. They just keep letting me work whenever I want to work! [Laughs]

CBS.com: Katie has gone through a few career changes.
TERRI COLOMBINO: I know. I always wonder what she will end up doing, and I don’t think it’s in the hospital. Who knows? She’s a smart girl. I don’t know what she’ll do. She just needed money, so it was like, who will hire me? I don’t really think she has any ambition right now. She’s a very ambitious person, but that’s the least of her worries and has been for a while. So, I think it’s like, let me have this job where I make enough to live.

CBS.com: Being at the hospital has given Katie a chance to develop her friendship with Alison.
TERRI COLOMBINO: Yeah. It’s always good as a character to work at one of those big places like the hospital or the police station because it helps you interact with other characters [and] brings you into different stories, which is always fun. I always thought that if she was friends with anyone it would be Lucy because they’re related. I felt like she was kind of a traitor to Lucy for a while being so close to Alison. But she’s older than them and it’s not like she’s taking sides or anything. Alison’s there and they have a good time. I think Katie sees a lot of herself when she was younger in Alison.

CBS.com: It would be fun to see Katie and Henry come up with a new business venture.
TERRI COLOMBINO: I know, I love working with Trent. Well, we live together now, so that’s cool. That keeps up close. His character’s changed, too. I think he loves Katie unconditionally and I love that about that character.

CBS.com: Katie hasn’t had much interaction with Craig lately.
TERRI COLOMBINO: No. He’s kind of a creep to her. I mean, he’s never there when she needs him. Margo’s always there. I love the scenes between Katie and Margo; I really feel them as sisters. I love having scenes with Hunt [Block, Craig]. I think he’s just so caught up in what he’s going through there’s just no place for Katie or Margo in his life right now. When he needs us, we’ll be coming around!

CBS.com: What do you think the future holds for Katie now?
TERRI COLOMBINO: Gosh, I really don’t know. I mean, we do the same thing as the audience in trying to guess what’s going to happen next. I always have this huge theory and I’m always wrong. The writers continue to surprise me, which keeps me in this job. I love that. I love that you can’t read the end of the script and find out what happens. But hopefully she will do something for herself after all of this. She needs to focus on herself for a while, so it would be nice to have some cool new career. And, hopefully, settle up things in the love department as well! [Laughs]


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