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Tracy Bregman

Tracy Bregman

Bregman has played the role of "Lauren Fenmore" on CBS's sopa opera "The Young And The Restless"from 1983-1995, and she reclaimed the role in 2001. She also crossed over to play the same character on the daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful from 1995-1998 and again in 2004. Bregman received a Daytime Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Younger Leading Actress" for her role on Y&R in 1985. She was the first recipient to be awarded in this category. Born in Munich, Germany, Bregman lived in London, England until the age of 10 before settling in Southern California. She studied acting with Francis Lederer at American National Academy of Theater Arts and at the Lee Strasberg Institute, and now studies with Gene Bua and John Homma. Bregman began her acting career with the role of Donna Temple Craig on the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. Her other television credits include the after-school special The Girl with E.S.P., and the telefilms Three on a Date and Sex and Mrs. X. She was a series regular on Second Family Tree with Ann Archer and James Spader, and guest-starred in the series The Fall Guy, Gavilan, Fame and The Love Boat, as well as the Canadian series The Littlest Hobo. This year, Bregman will host the series Tales from the Soulful Earth, a spiritual reality show. In addition, she has recently become the spokesperson for Axe deodorant. Her feature film credits include roles in Happy Birthday to Me, The Concrete Jungle, The Funny Farm and Blue Devil, and will soon begin work on the film Chat Room. In addition to her acting credits, Bregman is a singer and songwriter. She wrote the themes for both The Funny Farm and The Concrete Jungle. A health-and-fitness-conscious vegetarian, she recently launched her own line of yoga/athletic-inspired clothing called "Bountiful Buddha." She has committed a portion of her profits to the Women's Cancer Research fund, as well as the charity One Family, which meets the immediate and long-term needs of victims of terrorism and their families.

Bregman lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ron Recht, and her two sons, Austin and Landon. She was born on May 29, 1963 in Munich, Germany.

More fun facts about Tracy Bregman

Birth Name: Tracey Elizabeth Bregman

Also credited as: Tracey Bregman Recht, Tracey E. Bregman, Tracey E. Bregman Recht

Tracey has been nominated for the following awards:
1981 - Best Young Actress - Daytime TV Series (Young Artist Award)
1986 - Outstanding Young Leading Actress on a Daytime Serial (Soap Opera Digest Award)
1993 - Hottest Female Star (Soap Opera Digest Award)
1998 - Outstanding Female Scene Stealer (Soap Opera Digest Award)

Tracey has won the following awards:
1980 - Best Juvenile Actress in a Daytime Series (Young Artist Award)
1984 - Best Young Actress in a Daytime Soap (Young Artist Award)
1985 - Outstanding Ingenue/Woman in a Drama Series (Daytime Emmy)

Meet Tracy Bregman

The daughter of Suzanne Lloyd and Buddy Bregman, Tracey was born in Munich, Germany, and raised in London until she was 10. At the age of 13, Tracey and her family moved to Southern California, where she began studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute and with Francis Lederer at ANTA. She began her career with what was supposed to be only a three-day role on NBC's Days of our Lives (she eventually left to film the horror movie Happy Birthday to Me), and although she has done a few movies and guest appearances, the soaps are where she has truly shone.

Tracey married her husband Ron Recht on December 5, 1987, and they have two children: son Austin (b. 1991), who appeared on The Young and the Restless as a baby playing his real-life mother's on-screen son Dylan (1991-1992, minor guest role), and Landon (b. 18 October 1996). She and Ron cemented their commitment to each other with a renewal of their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary. As of 2005, the two currently live with their sons in Los Angeles.

An accomplished singer and song writer, Tracey often performed on-air on The Young and the Restless with Michael Damian, who played her on-screen friend and sometimes lover Danny Romalotti. She also wrote the theme songs for the films The Funny Farm and The Concrete Jungle. She maintains her fabulous figure by sticking to a strict vegetarian diet and working out on a regular basis.

In 2004, Tracey became a spokeswoman for Axe deodorant, appearing nation-wide in commercials.

Tracy Bregman's Soap Roles

On Days of our Lives, the role of Donna Temple Craig was originally only for three days, but it ended up lasting nearly three years. It was her first major role.

On The Young and the Restless, the role of Lauren Fenmore was brought back on a recurring basis in 2001 and Lauren continues to appear, although she has not been placed on contract status and does not appear in the cast of characters. Tracey originally played the character of Lauren Fenmore from the early eighties through to the mid-nineties before taking her character to The Bold and the Beautiful.

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Tracey made numerous guest appearances between 1992 and 1995, then joined the show in a contract capacity in 1995 until September of 1998 when she was sent to recurring status, then she was placed back on contract in November 1998 until April of 1999. She was supposed to appear in a May 2003 walk-on role, but when shooting conflicted with The Young and the Restless, Tracey was not able to appear. She did later appear as Lauren in 2004.

Tracy Bregman then and now

It’s hard to believe that TRACEY BREGMAN brought Lauren Fenmore to Genoa City twenty-one years ago. Also a character on B&B, Lauren has had her fair share of drama, and it’s great to see her rekindling her old romance with Paul and in the midst of a major storyline involving Kevin Fisher. CBS.com chatted with Bregman, who has been married for sixteen years and has two sons who are 7 and turning 13 (“one of my babies was a Y&R baby, and my second baby was a Bold and the Beautiful baby”) about her latest ventures on-screen and off.

CBS.com: We get letters from fans all the time asking about you, and they’re really excited to see you involved in this new storyline. How do you feel about it?
TRACEY BREGMAN: I’m thrilled, thrilled to not only have story but to work with such talented actors.

CBS.com: Were you happy to see Paul and Lauren rekindle their romance?
TRACEY BREGMAN: Extremely happy because I’ve always thought that relationship really worked, and was fun and interesting. Paul always, I think, had a soft spot for Lauren and Lauren, I don’t think, has ever stopped loving Paul. He’s always had a piece of her heart. So it’s nice to see that rekindled.

CBS.com: Not to mention that it gives you fun stuff to play with his ex-wife and mother!
TRACEY BREGMAN: Yeah. There’s a lot of history. I think the fans that have been watching for a long time really love it. I’ve even seen on [online] message boards, “Oh, remember when they did this? Remember when they did that?” It’s really cute.

CBS.com: What prompts Lauren to want to become involved in the Kevin Fisher investigation?
TRACEY BREGMAN: Well, I think she feels that [Paul and J.T.] been working on this investigation for a very long time and nothing is happening. She feels that she has the power to kind of get it going. This kid has really taken a shine to her, and she feels that all she has to do is be nice to him and he’ll trust her and tell her everything. That’s how she goes into it.

CBS.com: As the story goes on, do you think she starts to develop genuine feelings for him?
TRACEY BREGMAN: Well, there’s something about him…I mean, he’s too old, obviously, to be her son, but there’s part of her that relates to this young man who was not really raised with a lot of a love [or] with his parents. [She wonders], "Oh, my God, could my son be this?

CBS.com: How do you like working with Greg Rikaart [Kevin]?
TRACEY BREGMAN: Oh, my God, he’s sensational. We became buds so fast! We had a couple of lunches together and we’re buddies.

CBS.com: It’s amazing that with all the bad things Kevin has done, he’s still around.
TRACEY BREGMAN: Well, that’s a testament to his acting and his talent because you do care about him. There’s always been a fine line between hating a character and loving to hate a character. And I think he kind of falls into that love to hate category.

CBS.com: Which is a lot like the Michael Baldwin character was in the past.

CBS.com: That was some twist when Kevin turned out to be Michael’s half-brother.
TRACEY BREGMAN: It’s so funny. I guess I hadn’t worked for a week or so, and I was watching an air show and they found out they’re brothers. And I remember sitting there going, “Oh, my God, they’re brothers!?” [Laughs]

CBS.com: We’ve also gotten letters saying Lauren should hook up with Bobby Marsino.
TRACEY BREGMAN: That’s so funny. I hear that all the time.

CBS.com: Have you had any scenes with John Enos?
TRACEY BREGMAN: We had one where I was having a catfight with Lauren Woodland [Brittany] and he kind of stopped her from hitting me. That was it. I think it could be a very interesting friendship/relationship because it would be something very different than she’s ever been used to, and I don’t think he’d know what to do with her once she got going! [Laughs] He’s probably never been with a woman who’d give it right back to him, although Brittany’s character does, but I mean someone more age-level that would be a total power equal.

CBS.com: How long has it been since you debuted on Y&R?
TRACEY BREGMAN: Well, January 21 I celebrated 21 years.

CBS.com: Wow!
TRACEY BREGMAN: I can’t believe it myself.

CBS.com: Jeanne Cooper [Katherine] just celebrated 30 years and it’s amazing that 30 years later she’s still in this major storyline. The same thing with you; you’ve been with the show a long time and yet you’re in the thick of things again.
TRACEY BREGMAN: And believe me, we’re very grateful!

CBS.com: Do you keep up with B&B and do you ever think about going back? TRACEY BREGMAN: I, unfortunately, do not keep up with them. I keep up with the people. I’m still extremely close with Susan Flannery [Stephanie], but I don’t keep up on the show. You know, I don’t think we’ve ever ruled out crossing over again to go back and forth. If they ever need me, they know they've got me.

CBS.com: What are some of your hobbies?
TRACEY BREGMAN: I do power yoga and Pilates and I’m a speed walker. I guess a lot of my hobbies are watching my kids do sports: tennis and basketball. I’m just learning how to play paddle tennis, which I’ve had a little too much ballet for, but I’m really enjoying it. But I’m a knitter, and I love to read. I’m part of a book club. I’m coming out in the next two weeks with a line of yoga clothing/casual wear called Bountiful Buddha. The website bountifulbuddha.com [should be up soon].

CBS.com: How did you get started on that?
TRACEY BREGMAN: It’s the craziest thing. I was in yoga, and I looked across the room and I thought I saw this woman wearing this thing, and there was someone working out in front of her, and when she moved, I realized it wasn’t what I had thought. It’s kind of a take off of something very serious in yoga but it’s actually very funny. A percentage of the proceeds goes to two charities: breast cancer research and a charity that helps to rebuild families and families’ lives who’ve been affected by terrorism in Israel. I’ve been involved in the breast cancer research, my grandmother died of it, so in honor of her, I’m doing that. And one of my good friends is head of this other charity. I just thought it was so amazing given what’s going on in our world. You know, we don’t see everyday about the kids who are homeless and the families who lose everything because of terrorism. They literally will retro fit houses and bring clothing and computers and whatever this family needs to get back on their feet. I wanted to be able to do both. So for me, it’s not a moneymaking thing, it’s more about having fun and the greater good and giving back.

CBS.com: So, you’ve actually designed this clothing?

CBS.com: That’s something Lauren has been involved in, but is it something you have done before?
TRACEY BREGMAN: I’ve always been involved with fashion and I’ve always enjoyed it. When I’ve worked with other designers to design clothes with me, I’ve always worked very close with, but this is not something I ever thought [I would do]. And if you had asked me the day before I had this sort of vision, I would have told you there’s no way I would ever do something like that. So, this is just a kind of silly, fun project that I can’t believe I’m doing.

CBS.com: Can you tell us what’s coming up in Lauren’s story?
TRACEY BREGMAN: I think when you think the storyline with Lauren and Kevin is over, just know it’s not.

Tracy Bregman stars in 'The Concrete Jungle'

Classic women-in-cages starring Tracy Bregman as a ski bunny who gets busted for coke when her wimp boyfriend plants illegal snow in her skis. Checking her into the Crossbar Hotel is warden Jill St. John, who has her hair all piled up on top of her head, and she's almost as evil as the prison's queen bee, Barbara Luna, who looks so mean she could stare laser beams through a Levi vest. Tracy says "Maam" and "Excuse me" and tries to make friends with the Black Muslim sisters, but Barbara, as The Cat, tells her her prison name will be "Cherry" and if she doesn't like it, she'll be abused and, of course, hosed down. Includes all the elements: one lesbo sex scene, two visits to The Hole, one old hag who gets offed with a hypo injection, one bimbo raped by a guard (Peter Brown plays the creepola hulk), one catfight with blades in the bathroom, one hair-pulling brawl in the lunchroom, one scene where a girl gets it in the stomach with a rat-tail comb, a great electrocution scene, and, of course, the muddy-field hose-down. Twelve and a half breasts. Three dead bodies. Some Kung Fu. One pint blood. With June Barrett as the gonzo white-faced hopped-up punk woman who slimes around the prison doing Cat's dirty tricks. Directed by Tom de Simone.

Tracy Bregman: The Concrete Jungle

This 1982 Women In Prison flick reads like a textbook of how to make a WIP movie. A fresh fish is thrown in the slammer for a crime she didn't commit. The warden, played by Jill St. John, is corrupt and is in cahoots with the queen bee. The female overseer of the women's prison system in the territory suspects that Jill is corrupt, but can't prove it. Our fresh fish gets on the wrong side of the queen bee and abuse upon abuse is heaped upon her. She has to defend herself in numerous fights. She is thrown into the "hole" a number of times. Once, one of the nasty guards pays a visit to her in the hole and rapes her. When some of the fish's friends are killed by the queen bee, our fish has finally had enough, and starts looking like a female Rambo, out to make the Queen Bee pay. Not only does she make the Queen Bee pay, she works with the overseer of the prison system to bring down the corrupt regime. The end.

This is a good overall WIP movie. The fresh fish, played by Tracy Bregman, is very appealing as the innocent girl pushed too far. Jill is quite nasty. You have an effective queen bee, guards raping women, a big prison yard brawl, ending with the women being hosed down, which leads to what looks like the world's largest female mud wrestling tournament, catfights, murders, drug addiction, and even a child birth. One thing that is missing is a community shower. The fish takes a shower when she first enters the prison, but there's nothing like a good old fashioned gang shower. Also missing are any overt lesbian scenes. The nudity content is much lower than you'd expect for a movie of this type. The lead actress never actually shows her physical characteristics, which is a shame, because it seems like she has a lot to be proud of. There is some nudity during one rape scene and during the prison yard brawl/mud bath.

While this movie is a solid effort, it could have been improved with the missing components mentioned above. This movie deserves some slack, though. Even though 1982 was after the rebirth of the Women In Prison movie, it was made before Chained Heat, and other American movies that upped the ante in the lurid department. I'll give it a 3.


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