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Wesley Jonathan Actor

Wesley Jonathan

Wesley currently stars on WB's comedy series "What I Like About You". He is best knwon for his role as "Jamal" on "City Guys". Jonathan was 4 years old when his family moved to Germany. By the time the family returned to the U.S. three years later, his mother knew Jonathan was determined to pursue his dream of being a performer. After signing with an agent, Jonathan booked his first job at age 7 in a Melissa Manchester music video and by age 8 made a guest appearance on the series 21 Jump Street. From that point on, he has worked consistently and has made appearances on several television series including Boston Public, Felicity and NYPD Blue. Though most comfortable on the small screen, Jonathan has appeared on the big screen in the comedy High School High, the crime-thriller Unlawful Entry and Panther, which was directed by Mario Van Peebles. Jonathan reunited with Van Peebles in the feature Gettin' The Man's Foot Out... released this year, along with the crime drama The United States of Leland, co-starring Kevin Spacey and Don Cheadle. Jonathan will next star alongside Nick Cannon and Bow Wow on the big screen in Roll Bounce, directed by Malcolm Lee. When he is not working, Jonathan enjoys working on personal music projects and donating his time to a variety of children's charities. He currently resides in Los Angeles. Wesley was born on October 18, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan spent four years living in Germany as a youth and still speaks some German. He stoods at six feet. He is the middle of three children that includes two sisters. He went to public school until his Senior year and had to finish the year being home schooled. The teachers didn't like him doing a tv series and school at the same time. He first became interested in show business when his co.sin Crystal took him with her on her acting auditions. At age nine, he asked his cousin to take him to auditions, and within six months got his first role, a small part in the television series "21 Jump Street." In addition to landing the role, he was also flown out to Vancouver, Canada, where the show was being filmed.

Wesley enjoys basketball, volleyball and swimming. He has also performed as a singer, rapper and hip-hop dancer with a group he formed with his friends.

Wesley appeared on Boston Public in 2000 and played Tyronn, a gang banger that killed a boy. He tells a teacher and the teacher is trapped between telling the truth or protecting Tyronn. Fox thought so high of him and the storyline that they sent his two episode stint to members of the Emmy board to consider the two parter for an Emmy nomination. He was also a member of the Hollywood Knights basketball team from 1998-2000. Weslay was a Model in the 4th Annual Celebrity Fashion Show on 9-12-02 and he has his own sunglasses line. Good friends with Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys and even sings wiht him in a group called Third Story.

Wesley Jonathan plays an innocent boy

In What I Like About You, Wesley Jonathan's character Gary is crushing so hard on Valerie (Jennie Garth) it almost hurts to watch him fumble for her attention. But don't be fooled into thinking Wesley is anything like his small screen persona. Sure, he's a romantic, but Wesley is not about to lose his cool over a girl. "I've never been a fanatic when it comes to love," he says. "I might like you, but I'm not going to be screaming and hollering."

Best way to describe my character is: "A young, innocent boy. He's not dumb, he's just innocent. But he's very likable."

First met his cast mates: I was surprised when the cast got together and we did our table reading...odd ensemble at first... but we worked it out.

My character mistakenly thinks that: "He is competing with Jeff [Simon Rex] for Valerie's [Jennie Garth] attention. But the truth is, there is no competition. Jeff already has the girl." Watch

My relationship with Holly (Amanda Bynes) is: "Totally platonic. As for what happens down the line, I don't know. He's still infatuated with Valerie at the moment."

Jennie Garth doesn't know this but: "I had the biggest crush on her, over all the other girls on 90210. She was my favorite - the white girl who dated Dylan."

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