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Andre Ward Net Worth in 2021

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Mixed martial art or Boxing is so exciting. You can see the real fighting and arrogance of famous Champions or fighters. Though this act has a life risk, it needs lots of passion and dedication to be a front boxer.

Andre Ward is one of them. If you have just two minutes, stay with us. Because at the end of this article, you will know about Ward’s latest net worth and an initial idea about his personal information like lifestyle, family life, etc.

Andre Ward, A gem in Boxing

Andre Michelle Ward, popularly known as Andre Ward, is a former professional boxer in America.

This 36 years old guy has an undefeated record in Boxing. He played in Super middleweight and light heavyweight class. He is known as the world’s best boxer.

Andre retired in 2017 with lots of awards for his eye-dazzling performance. He has the award of WBA, WBC, WBO, etc.

Andre S-O-G Ward andreward Twitter

Andre’s Bio at a glance

NameAndre Michelle Ward
Celebrity nameAndre Ward
Date of BirthFebruary 23, 1984  
Birthplace  San Francisco, California, USA
Zodiac signPisces
Age36 years
Height1.85 m
Weight76 kg
EducationHayward High School
ParentsFrank Ward( Father) Madeline Arvie Taylor( mother)
SiblingsJonathan Ward ( Brother)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseTiffing Ward
ChildrenFour children  
Net worth$10 million
Last updatedOctober 2020  

Andre Ward Net Worth

Andre played till the last day of his career, and the spontaneous boxer earned a considerable amount of money from his matches. He took $5 million per match, and now he has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

He earned a fixed amount from two or three films. All of them were based on Sportsman biography. The name of his debut film is ‘Rocky’ and ‘Stuntman.’

The career of Andre Ward

Frank Ward, Andre’s father, groomed up his son from his childhood. He started his career with Karate. His father took him to the Karate School at the age of 9, and the school was a boxing gym.

Andre is a left-handed boxer who uses an orthodox stance. And most of his punching comes from the left side to

After his father, another kind-hearted man, Virgil Hunter, became the trainer of Andre. He helped to complete the course.

Virgil taught him to balance speed and ring intelligence to fix length and capacity. Additionally, He completed training to learn the counter punching and high punching.

In 1994, Ward started Boxing, and after eight years, in 2002, he won the first championship of the Under 19 National Championship. He is also two times national champion of US National boxing.

This middleweight player has a record of 115 wins and five losses. In 2004 he made a debut by defeating Chris Molina in the second round of TKO

After one year,2005, he fought against Kenny Lost in the second round of the match. Though it was his second fight, he managed the match with a professional hand.

This fighter won his next three arches through a knockout and unanimous decision. Again in 2007, he remains undefeated against Roger Central in the fifth round of the game.

In 2008 he met with the biggest challenge in his career. He went for the fight against American famous puncher Allen Green. But due to some allegations, the match called off and arranged in 2009.

In 2008 he defeated Rubin William and Jarsomn Ravelo and won the Navo Super Middleweight boxer title.

Edison Miranda was his next opponent in 2009, and there he won the match by unanimous decision.

Career from 2010

In early 2010, Green again challenged Ward at the Super Six classic boxing tournament, and Green, as usual, lost the march. On the contrary, Ward successfully his WBA title.

Next in 2011, Wards’ opponent was Arthur Abraham, a 10th ranked player in the super middleweight class. They faced each other in the semi-final round in California. Despite being a hard hitter, Arthur lost the game.

According to Ring magazine, another high profile player is Froch, who is listed as #2 boxer. Ward shared the stage with him in 2011.

In seven matches, ward outboxed Foch and won the Super Six World Boxing Classic Tournament by Unanimous decision

In 2012, he played with a light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson. The fight ended with a knockout decision, and the decision went in favor of Ward.

He fought with Kelly Pavlik in 2013 and had a severe injury from This match. And he remained inactive for a long time.

After recovering the injury, he came back with another high profile match with Rodriguez. Despite the injury, he remains undefeated against Edwin. Rodriguez, according to a definite unanimous decision.

The star player remained active in 2014, for the year-round. And in 2015, Ward announced his coming back with ring magazine, and it was his first ROC nation banner against a British. Her, he won Against Paul Smith with 35-5 20kos.

He retired in 2017 via a social media post. He completed the contract with HBO and ROC during his career. Ward claimed that his body is not supporting to continue the sport, and that’s why he is leaving at the age of 33.

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