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What’s Lauren Sanchez net worth now after the relationship with Jeff Bezos?

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After Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie divorce, the world’s richest man is now in a relationship with a lucky lady – Lauren Sanchez.

The media was exploding with various rumors and talks after the it became official that Jeff Bezos and his wife were going for a divorce at the start of 2019. It was quite intriguing to know who will be next in the life of the successful billionaire. The businessman՛s choice was another well known personality, whose life has also been in the public eye. Most importantly, she has now the share of Bezos’ properties and Lauren Sanchez net worth has apparently skyrocketed after the American news anchor started her affair with Jeff.

Early Life of Lauren Sanchez

 lauren sanchez net worthLauren Sanchez in the public 

Lauren Sanchez in the public                                                                                                    Source: Depositphotos

Before looking into the total of Lauren Sanchez net worth, it is important to have some info about her background. Jeff’s beloved one had her career started as a journalist while she was at the university. Her studies were in Southern California and her job was in Los Angeles station Channel 13. Since the start of her career, Lauren has worked as a news host. The longest she has stayed at Fox 11, where she was a correspondent for “Extra” and “Good Day LA”.

Later in her life Lauren Sanchez dedicated enough time exploring the world of aviation and finally got a pilot’s license after 5 years in this industry. Her flights started even earlier – in 2011. This passion about the flights was with Lauren since her younger ages. Lauren’s father used to restore planes. At the same time, he was a flight instructor. In an interview given to The Hollywood Reporter, she stated:

“I was always in the hangar growing up but knew nothing about flying.”

More than that, the aviation was also the sphere of her next big step into the business. Lauren Sanchez started the  Black Ops Aviation company in 2016. It was a filming company that concentrated on aerial scenes and collaborated with moviemaking giants, such as Amazon, Fox and Netflix.

Even with a busy graphic with her career in the television and aviation, Lauren Sanchez has managed to act in some movies with her real-life position role i.e. news reporter. She has been in movies like “Fight Club” and “The Fantastic Four”.

Before her second child, Lauren was included in the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”. She hosted it for one season and left.

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Lauren Sanchez Net Worth in 2006

Lauren Sanchez

Source: Depositphotos

Lauren Sanchez net worth was mere 2 million dollars while she was in relationship with Patrick Whitesell. Patrick’s first years as a Hollywood agent were humble, but now his net worth is around 450 million dollars. Well, that is quite reasonable, as now the 56 year old millionaire’s salary is close to 10 million dollars.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth

jeff bezos – What's Lauren Sanchez net worth now after the relationship with Jeff Bezos?

Source: Depositphotos

Now as we know Lauren Sanchez net worth, its time to have an update about the man himself- Jeff Bezos. It is important to note, that at the beginning of summer, the American billionaire lost its number one spot as the richest man in the world to LVMH head Bernard Arnault. Now it is 193,5 billion dollars – a number that is just too unreal to imagine. Earlier in Spring the race was between Musk and Bezos, where the former had an instant success for a short period of time thanks to its Tesla Motors. Because of the pandemic, Bezos net worth has gone up with a whopping 80,5 billion dollars. It is believed that the majority of his wealth comes from his Amazon shares.

There has been some controversy going about Jeff’s tax payments prior to the time when his net worth was near a hundred billion dollars, but these stories seem to be long forgotten. At least he has paid near one billion dollars, which is something people fail to achieve even within a lifetime.

So, the changes in net worth of these world-known celebrities often are caused by important factors regarding  both global events and the personal life.



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